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Logic Operator - Vol 1

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Chapter 1 : Zooming and Managing Workspace

  • image description 6:41

    Zoom with Sliders

    Looks at zooming in and out in the arrange window and other edit windows using the zoom sliders, scroll bars, key commands, mouse wheel plus modifiers, and the playhead.

  • image description 7:07

    Zooming & Sizing

    Looks at different techniques of zooming and sizing in the arrange window and using multiple instances of the same editor in different screensets with different zooms as well as locking screensets.

  • image description 4:07

    Managing the Workspace

    Examines ways to toggle on and off or minimize areas of the arrange window to increase the working view of the Arrange area.

  • image description 5:47

    Zoom to Selection

    Looks at Logic's ways to zoom to selection by using the Zoom tool, regions, events, Marquee tool selection, and locators. It also shows how to take advantage of key commands to assist in zooming in and out.

Chapter 2 : Navigation

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    Navigation with the Playhead

    Shows how to navigate the playhead using the Arrow tool. It also describes the difference between single and double clicking in the ruler and where to click depending on the ruler view, and shows how to drag the playhead in the arrange area.

  • image description 4:41

    Navigation with the Transport Bar

    Looks at using Logic transport bar buttons to navigate the playhead in the project. It also shows how to customize the transport bar and use the playhead position fields to move the playhead.

  • image description 7:25

    Navigation with Cycle Regions

    Looks at using Cycle regions and how to create them in the Ruler from regions, events and markers. Includes tips on navigating within the cycle area and demonstrates the Skip Cycle mode, as well as pertinent key commands.

  • image description 3:07

    Navigation with Markers

    Learn to navigate using option-click to snap to a marker start, use key commands to move from marker to marker and use the Marker list to navigate.

  • image description 4:20

    Navigation with Selections

    Looks at the Marquee tool and the Play From Selection command to to navigate in the Arrange window and MIDI editors.

  • image description 2:51

    Navigation with Stop & Go

    Looks at using two key commands to navigate in Logic. The Stop or Play from Last Position and the Go To Position commands are explained and demonstrated.

Chapter 3 : Marquee Tool

  • image description 7:02

    Adjusting Selection

    Looks at using the Marquee tool for playback and goes into creating and adjusting a Marquee selection, as well as demonstrates many helpful key commands.

  • image description 4:29

    Working with a Selection

    Shows how to edit with the Marquee selection tool and how to use the selection for recording with Autopunch.

Chapter 4 : Markers

  • image description 4:11

    Creating a Marker Track

    Shows how to create and delete Markers in the Marker Global track. Shows how different creation methods round up to beats or bars or exactly at playhead location.

  • image description 4:37

    Menu & Key Commands

    Shows how to create Markers via menu selections and use key commands to create markers on the fly. Also learn how to create a Marker from a cycle area.

  • image description 8:16

    Managing Markers

    Looks at trimming, moving, naming, copying and coloring Markers and using production notes. It also goes over the Alternate Marker Tracks feature.

Chapter 5 : Soundtrack Pro

  • image description 4:45

    File to Soundtrack Pro

    Shows opening a file in Soundtrack Pro from within Logic and gives a brief tour of the Soundtrack Pro interface.

  • image description 5:17

    Edit & Return

    Shows editing a file in Soundtrack Pro using the Noise Reduction interface and two effects. Returns edited file to Logic project.

Chapter 6 : Apple Loops

  • image description 6:08

    Creating Apple Loops - Pt. 1

    Shows how to create an audio Apple Loop within Logic with tips on how to avoid common mistakes with tempo and loop length. It also shows where the file is located on the hard drive.

  • image description 6:49

    Creating Apple Loops - Pt. 2

    Shows how to make a Software Instrument Apple Loop (green Apple loop) with tips on dealing with plug-ins on Aux tracks, setting the key, and how to find the loop in the loop browser and on your hard drive.

  • image description 5:03

    Apple Loop Utility - Pt. 1

    Shows how to open an audio region in the Apple Loops Utility program and explores the interface.

  • image description 6:37

    Apple Loop Utility - Pt. 2

    Shows how to edit a loop by adjusting transients and save edits. Also deals with batch tagging of files.

  • image description 3:35

    Apple Loop Utility - Pt. 3

    Shows how to index loops created in the Apple Loops Utility and workaround for batch tagged files.

Chapter 7 : Advanced Operations

  • image description 5:41

    Solo/Mute Events & Regions

    Looks at the Solo/Mute functions at the MIDI event level and at the MIDI and audio region level.

  • image description 7:30

    Solo/Mute Tracks & Channel Strips

    Looks at the Solo/Mute functions at the track and channel strip level. It shows how the two preferences CPU saving and fast affect these functions.

  • image description 5:42

    Control Surface Setup

    Covers general setup technique for control surfaces using a Novation Remote. It includes one unique setup action for the Novation. Also covers some general preferences and shows how to assign key commands to unused buttons on the control surface.

  • image description 4:29

    Multi-Out Softsynth Setup

    Covers setting up the software instrument track for multi-timbral use. Sets up the Kontakt player as a multi-instrument, sets up multi-instrument and deals with Kontakt mixer problem.

  • image description 4:19

    Multi-Out Mixer Setup

    Shows setting up auxes in Logic's mixer to receive the multi-outs from the Kontakt player. Adds additional auxes to be used for automation and adds them to the track list.

  • image description 4:00

    Multi-Out Volume in Arrange

    Using volume as an example, demonstrates the problem existing with automating tracks of the multi-instrument and why the additional aux tracks should be used.

  • image description 4:06

    Quick Swipe - Take Folders

    Shows various ways to create audio take folders including packing a take folder.

  • image description 8:05

    Using Quick Swipe

    Shows how to use and edit quick swipe to create multiple comps. Looks at naming and coloring takes, deleting comps, and flattening and merging. Also looks at moving takes of folder to clone tracks and independent tracks.

  • image description 5:02

    Audio through the ES-1

    Shows routing audio through the ES-1's side chain, setting up the ES-1 to affect the audio and creating a MIDI region to generate MIDI information to trigger the ES-1. Also a quick look at automating the cutoff filter.

Product Overview

Presented by Apple Certified Logic Trainer Doug Zangar, this collection of Logic video tutorials will show you the things you'll use most, when using Logic as your main DAW day in and day out.

From the basics, such as zooming and navigating to more advance topics such as control surface setup, markers, Apple Loops and Quick Swipe, Doug shows you his personal tricks and techniques in detail and how to become a serious Logic operator!

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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started playing a bit of guitar and piano in the mid-60’s as a small child. Nothing really stuck until my first electric guitar and ensuing garage band in high school. By my last year of high school I was studying jazz guitar and the music bug had bitten.

2. What training have you had?

I went on to get a BFA in music (magna cum laude) from Cornish College of the Arts, emphasizing jazz guitar. Faculty at that time included Gary Peacock, Art Lande and Marius Nordal. I also completed the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, where I studied with Hummie Mann. Additionally, I have become a certified trainer for Apple’s Logic Pro software on versions 6, 7, and 8.

3. When did you get into recording?

My first home recording gear was purchased in the mid ‘80s. It consisted of a Tascam Porta One and a Roland 505 drum machine. By the late 80’s the Atari 1040 ST and Logic’s predecessor, Notator 2.0 were purchased. Digital audio didn’t arrive at the home studio until the early ‘90’s, with Digidesign’s Session 8.

4. People you have worked with/for?

My professional career has included working with Pavarotti, Vic Damone and Diahann Carroll. I have written music for commercials on television and radio and scored independent films. Studio work includes performing on as well as arranging and producing many CD projects. I have also helped many Seattle area musicians work with Logic.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I draw from my formal education, 4 years of running the Seattle Logic User Group, over 20 years of teaching music at the community college level and 30 years real-world experience working in the music business to give you a lot of insights and tips and tricks on how to use Logic to help create and refine your work.

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