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  • image description 7:44

    Intro to Channel EQ

    Learn about the different types of EQ bands available in the Channel EQ, as well as how to navigate their parameters.

  • image description 6:24

    Low Cut & High Pass

    Discover how low cut and high pass filters perform, as well as how to create resonance and excite a narrow frequency range with the Channel EQ's low cut filter parameters.

  • image description 9:19

    Hi Cut, Lo Pass, & Shelving EQ

    See the similarities and differences between the different types of filtering and how they are used to subtly shape the frequency spectrum in different ways.

  • image description 12:59

    Parametric EQ

    Learn how to use the parametric, or bell curve, bands of the Channel EQ for subtractive, sweetening, and corrective equalization.

  • image description 11:41

    Basic Compression

    Discover how the basic compression parameters threshold, ratio, attack, release, and make up gain work and how they are applied to drum, bass, and keyboard sounds.

  • image description 11:49

    Compression Parameters

    Explore the other sound shaping parameters of the compressor, as well as creative ways to handle the clipping that may occur during the compression stage.

  • image description 9:12

    Sidechain Compression

    Learn how to set Logic's compressor plug-in to be triggered by an alternate sound source from the track it is processing, and to use it to act on a specifically defined frequency range.

  • image description 5:53

    Delay Designer - Pt. 1

    Get an overview of the major parts of the Delay Designer interface and it's main working paradigm.

  • image description 14:15

    Delay Designer - Pt. 2

    See how to create and edit rhythmic patterns using Delay Designer's powerful filtering, resonance, transposition, panning, and feedback features.

  • image description 9:19

    Ultrabeat Assignment Section

    Get an introduction to the instrument's overall interface, along with an overview of how to manage and import sounds in Ultrabeat's assignment section.

  • image description 10:01

    Ultrabeat Synthesizer Section

    Get an introduction to the instrument's overall interface, along with an overview of how to manage and import sounds in Ultrabeat's assignment section.

  • image description 11:55

    Ultrabeat Step Sequencer

    Learn the basic pattern creation and editing operations of Ultrabeats's step sequencer, including some cool randomization features to funkify your patterns!

  • image description 11:27


    See how Logic's built in multi band compressor works and hear it applied to a dance music mix.

  • image description 10:56

    Space Designer - Pt. 1

    Learn about Logic's convolution reverb plug-in, and how to load in, handle and manipulate different impulse responses.

  • image description 11:34

    Space Designer - Pt. 2

    Discover how to edit and shape the various envelope and filter play back parameters available in Space Designer.

  • image description 12:20

    Tape Delay

    Learn about this plug-in's unique delay features and how it can be used to generate both rhythmic repeats, and tight delays.

  • image description 12:37

    EVD6 - Pt. 1

    See how to shape and control the tonal characteristics of Logic's great clavinet emulation plug in.

  • image description 10:44

    EVD6 - Pt. 2

    how to use the powerful and versatile effects section of the EVD 6 to further shape and sculpt the instrument's sound.

  • image description 9:06


    Learn about Logic's Tremolo plug and how it can be used to modulate the amplitude of the left and right signals to create interesting panning envelopes synced to rhythmic values.

  • image description 13:01

    ES1 Oscillators & Filter

    Explore the first software instrument ever introduced in Logic, and unravel the basics of classic subtractive synthesis.

  • image description 12:24

    ES1 Modulation

    Learn how to use the ES1 LFO and modulation envelope parameters to modulate and shape the sound over time.

  • image description 6:30

    ES1 Sidechaining

    See how to use the ES1 sidechain input to have it gate audio from an external track and run it through it's filters.

  • image description 10:12

    Guitar Amp Pro

    Discover how Logic's guitar amp emulation plug-in works, and how to customize the controls to get the most variety possible.

  • image description 10:47


    Learn about Logic's electric piano modeling instrument and how to use the controls to color, shape, and add personality to the sounds.

  • image description 10:09


    Get an overview of the parameter and instruments editor windows, and how some of the main features of this plug-in work.

  • image description 10:10

    Pitch Correction

    Discover how to use and abuse Logic's pitch correction plug-in for both corrective and creative means.

  • image description 10:45

    Noise Gate

    See how to use Logic's Noise Gate plug-in for gating out unwanted or low level noise, as well as for generating pulsing rhythms via it's sidechain function.

  • image description 9:14

    Power Plug-In Chain

    Stretch your imagination as we look at ways of combining different plug-ins serially on a bus being fed by several different instruments.

  • image description 9:10

    Parallel Processing

    Learn how to feed and split the output of instruments across multiple busses, allowing for the parallel use of plug-ins at each destination.

  • image description 13:28

    Managing Plug-Ins

    Learn some of the basic techniques, key strokes, and key commands for working with plug-ins, as well as how to create and where to store your own personal settings.

Product Overview

Presented by Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg, this collection of Apple Logic video tutorials compatible with Logic 8 & 9, will explain in detail the features and functions, as well as creative uses for the main plug-ins found in Apple Logic. Learn the basic plug-ins, such EQ's, compressors, to more advance ones such as delay and Space Designer, virtual instruments and many more.

Eli demystifies the powerful Logic plug-ins like no one else and takes you step-by-step from the beginning. You'll be a plug-in master in no time after viewing this awesome collection of videos.

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Logic Plug-Ins Explained® is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 3 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Very helpful I’m learning new things about the Logic software instrument
Date published: 2020-06-06
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by from Required Viewing While this video is a little older at this point - it would still have to be considered required viewing for LPX. Eli is also one of the better instructors on here and always delivers.
Date published: 2018-07-25
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Great for the Basics While I currently am utilizing Logic Pro X latest DAW, I found these videos informative for someone who is learning the mixing process.......... Knowing that these videos where from Logic 8, they where exceptional in explaining the basics of Logic Pros plug-ins. Found information in these videos to be useful in understanding the " What do they really do " ?............ No matter if they a Logic 8's they give you a foundation for plug-in basics. Content was easy to follow................
Date published: 2018-03-28
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