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Ableton Live 8 Explained® - Vol 2

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28 Videos | Length: 5hr 10min 47sec
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Chapter 1 : Main Category

  • Simpler Basics 18:04

    Simpler Basics

    Learn the basics of this powerful virtual sampler instrument.

  • Simpler Envelopes & LFO 15:46

    Simpler Envelopes & LFO

    Discover advanced features of the awesome Simpler virtual sampler.

  • Impulse Basics 14:48

    Impulse Basics

    Learn the basics of the fantastic Impulse virtual synthesizer.

  • Warp Modes 14:53

    Warp Modes

    The various Warp Modes allow for more precise control over the way Live manipulates audio data that is being stretched. This tutorial explains each mode and gives examples.

  • Using Warping 12:06

    Using Warping

    Craig now shows you how to put the different warp modes to use.

  • Key Mapping 7:08

    Key Mapping

    Discover the incredible flexibility of mapping Live’s features and functions to keys on your keyboard.

  • MIDI Mapping 13:20

    MIDI Mapping

    See how to map Live’s features and functions to your MIDI controller keyboard for easy control and performance.

  • Instant Mapping 10:58

    Instant Mapping

    Craig shows you how to utilize Instant Mapping to quickly create macros to control different elements in Live.

  • EQ Overview and Usage 19:17

    EQ Overview and Usage

    Get an in depth explanation of Equalization as well as how to use it, all shown using the great sounding Live EQ effect.

  • Compression 17:31


    Craig explains and showcases the Live compressor’s features and functions and how to use it.

  • MIDI Effects 13:00

    MIDI Effects

    Discover Live’s different MIDI effects features and functions and how to use them to make more interesting MIDI parts.

  • Velocity Plug-In 11:40

    Velocity Plug-In

    See how to use the Velocity Plug-In to alter velocity values to make more dynamic MIDI passages.

  • The Arpeggiator 14:52

    The Arpeggiator

    Learn all about Live’s complex MIDI arppegiator and how to create cool MIDI parts.

  • VST & AU Plug-Ins 8:54

    VST & AU Plug-Ins

    Craig shows you how to get 3rd party plug-ins up and running within Live.

  • Macros 7:08


    Discover how to map macros and use them to control more than one parameter with one knob.

  • Zones 12:22


    Learn to use Zones to select and control your different Racks in Live.

  • Drum Racks 14:35

    Drum Racks

    See how Drum Racks are different from other racks in Live and how to use their exclusive features and functions.

  • Locators & Time Signatures 7:53

    Locators & Time Signatures

    Craig explains Live’s markers for easy navigation around your song as well as creating time signature changes in your session.

  • Automation 13:04


    Learn about Live’s powerful automation features and how to create and edit automation data for real time control of parameters.

  • Clip Envelopes 18:00

    Clip Envelopes

    Craig shows you how to create and use Clip Envelope automation for powerful parameter control and how it differs from regular automation.

Chapter 2 : Live 8 Updates

  • VST / AU Configuration 6:05

    VST / AU Configuration

    Learn all about the changes to VST/AU configuration in Live 8.

  • MIDI Editor - Creating Notes 1:53

    MIDI Editor - Creating Notes

    The MIDI Editor was one of the most updated aspects of Live 8. This tutorial discusses the process for creating notes.

  • MIDI Editor - Editing Notes 7:39

    MIDI Editor - Editing Notes

    Continuing on the updates and features of the MIDI editor in Live 8, this video discusses the ways you can edit notes.

  • MIDI Editor - Navigation 3:41

    MIDI Editor - Navigation

    Get time saving advice and instruction on navigation within the MIDI Editor interface.

  • MIDI Editor - Selecting Notes 3:38

    MIDI Editor - Selecting Notes

    There are several ways you can select notes for editing or modification. Get the low down with this tutorial.

  • Warping 9:17


    Warping is another feature that has seen updates. This tutorial introduces you to Warping in Live 8.

  • Warping Drums 8:40

    Warping Drums

    Get some real world practical examples on how to use the Warping features in Live 8 on your drum tracks.

  • Step Record 4:35

    Step Record

    Get a detailed introduction in to the Step Record features of Live 8.

Product Overview

Compatible with Live 7 & 8, this collection of advanced Ableton Live video tutorials, presented by Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough, takes it to the next level and explains the deeper features and functions of Ableton Live.

Learn about the major Live instruments, commonly used effects, warping, mapping and many other exciting topics. Craig offers knowledge that is sure to take your Live skills to the next level and make you a master.

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