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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • Introduction 5:57


    In this first session Russ gives you the overview of the Izotope Iris synth and explains this new synthesis technology in preparation for an in depth exploration of Iris.

  • Samples 4:43


    It all starts with samples and then pools, which are the building blocks of this new organic synthesis. In down to earth language Russ demystifies this brave new world.

Chapter 2 : Under The Hood

  • The Options Menu 8:14

    The Options Menu

    The options menu is where you fine tune Iris to work just how you need. This session explains every single item in detail.

  • Saving & Loading 8:11

    Saving & Loading

    This session will make sure you never lose a sound and know where to find them when you need them.

Chapter 3 : Understanding The Interface

  • The Global Menu 4:44

    The Global Menu

    Become a master of this universe by understanding the global menu - it's the centre of the Iris interface.

  • The Tools Menu 12:25

    The Tools Menu

    Take time to learn how to zoom, mark, paint, select and all the other cool tools that Iris gives you to shape the sound in new and interesting ways.

  • The Synth Section 13:05

    The Synth Section

    Tweak each part with envelopes, effects, LFO and much more - it's all in the synth section.

  • The Keyboard Menu 10:59

    The Keyboard Menu

    Find out how to map samples, edit loops and layer your sounds so they play across the keyboard just how you want. Then learn how to assign additional modulators controlled from velocity and aftertouch.

  • The Mix View 7:38

    The Mix View

    Get the big picture with the Mix View, this is where you can see everything you need to tweak your patches and get them working together.

Chapter 4 : Take Control

  • Assigning Macros 6:44

    Assigning Macros

    Russ shows you how you can use just a few knobs to control an entire patch - it's all down to macros. In this session you can find out how to map them, name them and getting them working just how you want.

  • MIDI Learn 3:50

    MIDI Learn

    In a matter of minutes you can map your hardware controller to Iris. Russ shows you how.

  • Modifier Keys & Right Click 5:54

    Modifier Keys & Right Click

    Fly around Iris by learning all about the modifier keys and the hidden shortcuts - before you know it you'll be an Iris speed demon.

Chapter 5 : Turbo Charge The Sound

  • Mastering Effects 12:31

    Mastering Effects

    The effects can work in several ways, understanding the difference between Send and Master effects can reveal new ways to add another dimension to your sound.

  • Radius RT 4:17

    Radius RT

    Find out how Radius RT can make sounds work in amazing new ways with some very cool time-stretching tricks.

Chapter 6 : Lets Make Some Noise

  • Anatomy of a Patch 8:54

    Anatomy of a Patch

    In this tutorial Russ deconstructs an Iris patch to better explain the signal flow of the entire instrument.

  • Create a Pad Sound 13:21

    Create a Pad Sound

    See how to make a lush pad sound with endless movement and organic undertones.

  • Create a Beat 8:42

    Create a Beat

    This tutorial unlocks the full power of Radius RT and Fixed Tuning to create edgy beats.

  • Create a Electric Piano 7:46

    Create a Electric Piano

    Whilst Iris may excel at soundscapes, this tutorial shows just how able it is at creating beautiful pianos.

  • Create a Extreme Bass 5:05

    Create a Extreme Bass

    Get ready to shake the room with the grit and bass with equal doses of dirt and sub.

  • Create an Organic Soundscape 6:35

    Create an Organic Soundscape

    The possibilities to create cinematic soundscapes are at your fingertips - Russ shows you just one in a million possible ways to design one.

Product Overview

Russ Hughes takes you deep inside the revolutionary iZotope Iris virtual synth plug-in. Unlike other synthesis types, iZotope has created something very special and this series will teach you the ins and outs of the unbelievable new technology.

Russ starts at the beginning, with an in-depth overview and then how to navigate the plug-in. Next he covers Global menus, options, controls and parameters, breaking them all down so you can easily understand them. He then goes over the different tools and synth functions and features. He wraps up the series with automation techniques, saving and exporting files and creating a whole bunch of cool sounds!

If you're excited about using iZotope Iris, this series is a must see...It will get you going quickly and show you all of its features and functions, as well as creative uses. Learn to see your sounds with Iris... Watch "Iris Explained" today.

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