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iZotope RX 8 Tips & Tricks

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  • Introduction & Spectrogram Basics 11:35

    Introduction & Spectrogram Basics

    iZotope RX8 Advanced is an incredibly flexible tool that will accomplish things no DAW can. Consequently, the workflow is completely different, so we'll start by examining the Spectrogram, and shift how we view audio waveforms, and then dive into some basics that will allow you to use iZotope RX8 Advanced to its fullest extent.

  • RX8 Interface Basics 12:40

    RX8 Interface Basics

    Next, we look at the rest of the iZotope RX8 interface and learn the basics of navigating the RX window. Knowing what tools are available and how to access them is the first step to becoming an RX master.

  • Smart Zooming & Selection Methods 9:43

    Smart Zooming & Selection Methods

    A big part of working efficiently in RX8 can be attributed to not wasting time while you're selecting audio and zooming into spots that need your attention. In this video, we will discuss doing these things intelligently so you become a fast and effective RX user.

  • Repair Modules Rundown Pt. 1 9:27

    Repair Modules Rundown Pt. 1

    The Repair Modules are the bread and butter of iZotopee RX, so knowing exactly what these tools are capable of is vital to effective use. This video is part 1 of a two part video summary of all the Repair Modules.

  • Repair Modules Rundown Pt. 2 6:07

    Repair Modules Rundown Pt. 2

    In this second part of our iZotope Repair Modules rundown, we'll continue down the list starting at Dialogue Isolate, and then touch on some next-level tools including what situations they really shine in.

  • Utility & Measurement Modules Rundown 10:54

    Utility & Measurement Modules Rundown

    The Repair Modules are typically what we think about when we think of iZotope RX, but they are not the whole story. We also have access to many Utility and Measurement tools that make this a complete toolkit for restoration and creatively manipulating audio. Here we summarize the Utility and Measurement modules and gain a basic understanding of each one.

  • Quick Tips for Better Performance 8:32

    Quick Tips for Better Performance

    In this video, we quickly go through some of the simple concepts that can help you work faster and get better results in RX, such as Batch Processing, Repair Assistant, Output Noise Only, Instant Process, using Module Chains, and working nondestructively. These features prove invaluable in everyday use.

  • Easy Male Vocal Cleanup 9:22

    Easy Male Vocal Cleanup

    Now let's put some of this stuff to use! In this video, we take a look at a poorly-recorded male vocal with a plethora of problems. This is not a laundry list of processes that should be used on every male vocal track; instead, it is an exercise that will help us cultivate a strong RX thought-process for analyzing audio and picking appropriate modules.

  • Easy Female Vocal Cleanup 13:23

    Easy Female Vocal Cleanup

    In this video, we continue on from the previous Male Vocal Cleanup video, but now using a new female vocal track with a different set of problems. Our goal here is to be quick, decisive, and get a nice clean result by processing this female vocal track.

  • Using the De-Bleed Module to Isolate Drums 9:39

    Using the De-Bleed Module to Isolate Drums

    The De-Bleed module allows you to utilize a reference file to process a source file. In this video, we remove bleed from our drum tracks to isolate the drums and get a cleaner mix. This is just one of the many functions of the De-Bleed Module.

  • Repair Click Bleed 8:58

    Repair Click Bleed

    Click bleed can ruin any good track and render it unusable. In this video, we use iZotope RX8 to repair click bleed to reclaim a guitar recording that would have been lost. We will use a track with the worst possible click bleed scenario and see how much we can clean it up.

  • Damage Control on Noisy Field Recording 4:42

    Damage Control on Noisy Field Recording

    Some clips simply cannot be cleaned to perfection, but there are usually other options that can make the clip usable. Next, we will look into a technique that allows you to bring certain elements out, effectively lowering the noise while maintaining a natural sound.

  • Creative Thinking in iZotope RX8 8:15

    Creative Thinking in iZotope RX8

    Next, let's have some creative fun. RX8 isn't only amazing at restoration and fixing problems, there are also lots of ways to use it to do creative things that no DAW or other plug-ins can do. In this video, we'll explore some ways to be creative by producing unique pads out of a cheesy MIDI guitar part.

  • Overview & Conclusion 5:27

    Overview & Conclusion

    iZotope RX8 Advanced is a tool with unparalleled flexibility and is so good at restoration that it sometimes seems like voodoo magic. These tips and tricks will help you on a daily basis to accomplish common tasks faster and better. In this video, we summarize all the tips we've covered and expound with some final thoughts to send you on your way to better audio restoration and creativity.

Product Overview

Studio pro Patrick Coffin delivers in-depth tip and trick iZotope RX 8 video tutorials! If you want to go further with iZotope RX 8 and discover new workflows and creative uses for RX, these videos are the ones to watch. Also, to help make following along easier and more effective, you also get the audio files used in the videos so you can practice what you're learning as you watch. These videos are for those who have some basic iZotope RX 8 knowledge and want to learn more. If you're completely new to RX 8, we recommend viewing iZotope RX 8 Explained® first.

To start, Patrick welcomes you and begins with a comprehensive introduction, overview of the Spectrogram display, RX interface basics, and a rundown of all of the repair, utility and measurement modules so you're up to speed and ready to dive into the tips and tricks. He then starts with smart zooming and selection methods which is a big part of working efficiently in RX, how to creatively use Batch Processing, Repair Assistant, Output Noise Only, Instant Process, Module Chains, and working nondestructively, which all prove invaluable in everyday use.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll see and hear how to cleanup both male and female vocals quickly and easily, use the De-Bleed Module to isolate drums for a cleaner mix, repair and remove click bleed after recording with a click track, effectively lower noise while maintaining a natural sound on field recordings with Damage Control, get creative by producing unique pads out of a cheesy MIDI guitar part, and much more!

To see what these eye-opening and inspiring iZotope RX 8 tutorials show you, and how they'll enable you to work faster and more creatively with iZotope RX 8, see the individual RX video tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover what kind of wondrous magic you can cast upon your tracks and productions with RX now... Watch “iZotope RX 8 Tips & Tricks” today!

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