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Chapter 1 : Overview

  • Introduction 12:05


    In this first video let's go over what RX 6 can do. We'll make sure the software is set-up correctly and ready to use.

  • Waveform & Spectrogram Display 9:49

    Waveform & Spectrogram Display

    In this video, Scottie takes a look at audio using time, amplitude, and frequency. He will also explore how the Spectrogram is one of the most useful tools that comes with RX 6.

  • User Interface 15:11

    User Interface

    Next, we will learn about all the options we can use to interact with the Waveform and Spectrogram Display. This includes transport, zoom, and selection tools.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts 3:43

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    In this video, Scottie shows how using keyboard shortcuts can help make you a fast editor.

  • Recording Into RX 6 1:48

    Recording Into RX 6

    Scottie shows how we can record directly into RX 6. There is no need to use a separate DAW if you don't want to.

Chapter 2 : General Repair

  • De-Click 10:26


    This first module is one of the most used. We will take a look at removing several types of clicks.

  • De-Crackle 4:07


    Next, we will deal with smaller crackles. This module works great with restoring old material.

  • Interpolate 2:04


    In this video, discover how the Interpolate module can help restore glitches and recording artifacts.

  • De-Clip 5:13


    Sometimes we will be given less than ideal recordings. This includes files that may have been recorded poor. Scottie shows how De-Clip helps with digital clipping.

  • De-Hum 7:29


    In this video, we will work towards removing another common occurrence, hum.

Chapter 3 : Vocal Repair

  • Mouth De-Click 2:48

    Mouth De-Click

    The human mouth is very complex. There's a lot going on inside during speech. The first thing we will tackle is all of those spit and smacking sounds.

  • Breath Control 3:48

    Breath Control

    In this video, Scottie looks at dealing with breaths.

  • De-Plosive 1:53


    It is a common occurrence for the mouth to get too close to the mic. This can create some low frequency energy in the recording. Let's deal with Plosives in this video.

  • De-Ess 6:02


    Sibilance has the potential to be very distracting. Scottie show how with this module we can tame it.

  • De-Rustle 4:05


    A lavalier mic is often used to record talent on location. The clothing rustle sound is dreaded by all. Let's take a look at how RX 6 can help with these issues.

  • De-Wind 4:48


    Sometimes we can get wind in a recording. This low rumble is also highly undesirable. Scottie demonstrates how RX 6 can now help with wind noises.

Chapter 4 : De-Noise & Processing

  • Voice De-Noise 5:45

    Voice De-Noise

    Background noise always has the potential to distract from the dialog. See how this module can help with many different kinds of unwanted noise.

  • Spectral De-Noise Pt. 1 8:51

    Spectral De-Noise Pt. 1

    Next, let's take a look at another way to remove unwanted noise. This modules does an amazing job removing static noise from all kinds of material.

  • Spectral De-Noise Pt. 2 10:14

    Spectral De-Noise Pt. 2

    In this video, Scottie continues working with Spectral De-Noise and take a look at the advanced parameters ways to use this module.

  • Dialogue Isolate & Deconstruct 6:41

    Dialogue Isolate & Deconstruct

    In this video, we use two different modules that let us simply turn down the noise.

  • Ambience Match 3:18

    Ambience Match

    When a recording has background noise our ears get used to the bed. However, if an edit includes cuts to silence re-introducing noise might be the best way to remove distractions.

  • Spectral Repair 14:55

    Spectral Repair

    In this video, Scottie takes a look at how to paint away undesired sounds and frequencies.

  • Instant Process 3:32

    Instant Process

    Scottie explores how this feature is going to make you extremely fast while using RX 6.

  • De-Reverb 9:42


    In this video, let's take a look at a module that helps reduce reflections. This can help bring the dialog to the front.

  • De-Bleed 4:32


    Next, Scottie takes a look at dealing with bleed. Before this module, dealing with bleed was either impossible or time consuming. Watch how this module can make bleeding issues disappear.

Chapter 5 : Utility

  • EQ 3:33


    Scottie explores the great EQ that comes with RX 6.

  • EQ Match 3:28

    EQ Match

    Scottie demonstrates how RX 6 can help make separate recordings sound more similar and less like two different recordings.

  • Pitch Contour 2:12

    Pitch Contour

    Have you ever had a recording drift in pitch and speed? That's what the pitch Contour module is for. It also has the potential to be a very powerful creative effect.

  • Center Extract 3:28

    Center Extract

    In this video, we will take a look at how to extract either the center information or the side information.

  • Mixing, Phase, & Azimuth 6:40

    Mixing, Phase, & Azimuth

    Scottie explores the utility modules that can help with a wide range of issues. Everything from stereo image to amplitude issues.

  • Leveler 5:57


    Have you ever wanted a smooth dialog track without the over compression sound? Of course, we all do. Let's see how Leveler can help speed up that process.

  • Time & Pitch 3:13

    Time & Pitch

    In this video, we will take a look at how to change the pitch or timing of a recording. We can get great transparent results using this module.

  • Fade, Gain, & Normalize 1:53

    Fade, Gain, & Normalize

    Scottie explores some very useful utilities that are fast and easy to use.

Chapter 6 : Export

  • Resample 4:23


    Getting our repaired audio into its final delivery form might require changing the sample rate. Scottie shows how we maintain the highest audio quality during this process.

  • Loudness & Plug-Ins 4:33

    Loudness & Plug-Ins

    In this video, let's take a look at loudness. RX 6 has a module dedicated to making sure audio is compliant with broadcast standards.

  • Dither 3:21


    Next, Scottie shows how to change the bit rate, keeping the highest quality audio by using the Dither module.

Chapter 7 : Workflow

  • Module Chain 1:22

    Module Chain

    In this video, Scottie goes over applying multiple modules to an audio file with a single click. This works great on repeated processes.

  • Batch Processor 3:11

    Batch Processor

    We can process multiple files using multiple modules. This video will show you how to make quick work of redundant processing.

  • Signal Generator 4:09

    Signal Generator

    Scottie shows how the Signal Generator has many uses. We can insert, mix, or replace with tones and noises.

Chapter 8 : Working with a DAW

  • Composite View, RX Connect, & RX Monitor 7:02

    Composite View, RX Connect, & RX Monitor

    In this video, Scottie shows how to move in and out of Pro Tools very quickly.

  • Realtime Plug-Ins 1:53

    Realtime Plug-Ins

    Finally, let's take a look at how to use many of these modules as realtime plug-ins within your DAW.

Product Overview

Scottie Dugan brings you the most comprehensive set of video tutorials about iZotope's flagship repair and restoration suite, RX 6. This series covers all versions of RX 6, including Elements, Standard and Advanced. So grab your audio, the doctor will see you now!

If you're using RX7, be sure to watch the free video series iZotope RX7 New Features Explained® here, which covers the minor addtions to RX6.

Scottie begins with in-depth overviews of the Waveform and Spectrogram window, user interface and keyboard shortcuts, as well as what to expect from the video series. Scottie then methodically covers EVERY module offered with RX 6, so no matter which version of RX 6 you have, your modules are covered in full detail.

He also explores and explains the RX 6 plug-in specific modules, leaving no stone unturned. See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you're new to iZotope RX 6 and want the most comprehensive video tutorials to learn from, or just want to see what RX 6 can do, pull up a chair and watch "iZotope RX 6 Explained" today!

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