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  • Introduction 2:28


    In this video, we cover the differences between the Standard and Advanced versions of Neutron 3 and also discuss the features of the Suite.

  • The Interface & Signal Flow 4:18

    The Interface & Signal Flow

    We now cover the interface of the Mothership Plug-in, including Presets and Signal Flow.

  • Basic Mix Balance Using Mix Assistant 12:44

    Basic Mix Balance Using Mix Assistant

    In this video, see how to use Neutron 3's Visual Mixer to create a basic volume balance for your mix. Using Izotope's Inter Plug-In Communication Technology (IPC) the visual mixer talks to the individual Relay Plug-Ins to create the mix balance. We then tweak this further using the Visual Mixer?s Groups Parameter.

  • Visual Mixer Parameters 3:50

    Visual Mixer Parameters

    Larry explains and explores the Visual Mixer's ability to adjust volume, pan and width on any sound with a Neutron 3 or Relay Plug-In loaded on its channel. Also see how to save mix snapshots using the Snapshots feature.

  • The Track Assistant 7:13

    The Track Assistant

    In this video, Larry goes over the Track Assistant feature and how to create a custom preset for our vocal using modules from Neutron 3. He then explains the different settings used to tailor the processing.

  • The Neutron 3 Gate 10:09

    The Neutron 3 Gate

    Discover the features of the Neutron 3 Gate module including the metering options, open and close threshold and ratio, attack, hold and release functions.

  • The Gate Advanced Tab 4:04

    The Gate Advanced Tab

    In this video, Larry demonstrates how to create choppy rhythmic effects using the Neutron 3 Gate Module.

  • The Equalizer Pt. 1 7:15

    The Equalizer Pt. 1

    Get a detailed overview of the EQ module interface and the different ways in which you interact with the visual display, including the various types of shapes and general parameters.

  • The Equalizer Pt. 2 10:44

    The Equalizer Pt. 2

    Larry now goes over the Advanced Tab of the EQ module so you know how to work dynamically and also utilize the sidechain feature, which can be used to make the EQ react to another area of the frequency range, or even an external signal.

  • The Masking Meter 9:42

    The Masking Meter

    In this video, see how to use the Equalizer Masking Meter to create space between the Kick and Bass in a Tech House track, utilizing the Histogram displays and Inverse Link to sculpt the respective frequency spectrums of the 2 sounds.

  • The Compressor Module Pt. 1 12:34

    The Compressor Module Pt. 1

    In this first video, we go through the parameters of the Compressor Module and its Interface. We also demo the compressor in Expander Mode allowing it to enhance the snap of a drum loop.

  • The Compressor Module Pt. 2 6:52

    The Compressor Module Pt. 2

    Moving on, Larry shows how to bring out the low end of a live drum loop using the sidechain feature of the compressor, and also how to sidechain the full mix to the vocal part to create a mix that has the vocal out front.

  • The Transient Shaper 7:12

    The Transient Shaper

    In this video, learn all the parameters of the Transient Shaper and then how to use it to fix a drum sound that is lacking in punch.

  • The Exciter Module 9:14

    The Exciter Module

    Larry now teaches you about the controls on the Exciter module and then demonstrates the enhancement of perceived volume vs transient energy.

  • The Sculptor Module 9:31

    The Sculptor Module

    Having gone through the parameters of this plug-in, Larry now loads it up on different buses to enhance the individual groups of the mixdown.

  • Tonal Balance Control 14:48

    Tonal Balance Control

    Wrapping it up, Larry explains the features of Tonal Balance Control and then uses its functionality to access EQs from the mix to make broad stable adjustments, having seen the Tonal Balance readout. Finally, Larry loads a Neutron 3 Mothership instance in order to use various modules to again massage the mix's sounds with tonal balance in mind.

Product Overview

Studio pro Larry Holcombe presents a series of in-depth iZotope Neutron 3 video tutorials! Learn all about this incredible mixing solution's features and functions, as well as how to use them to fix and mix your tracks and productions. This series is designed for new Neutron 3 users.

Larry welcomes you and covers the differences between the Standard and Advanced versions of Neutron 3, followed by a walkthrough of the Neutron 3 Mothership Plug-In interface and its signal flow. Larry then shows you how to use Neutron 3’s Visual Mixer to create a basic volume balance for your mix.

The powerful Track Assistant feature is then explained and explored, and you'll see how to create a custom preset using modules from Neutron 3, as well as how to use Neutron 3's Gate, EQ, and Masking Meter features to find offending frequencies and create sonic space in your mix.

Throughout the rest of the videos Larry covers everything you need to know about Neutron 3's Compressor Module, Transient Shaper, Exciter Module, Sculptor Module and Total Balance Control, including how to utilize their features for making a well balanced, sonically pleasing mix.

To see what these Neutron video tutorials will teach you, and how they will help you get up and running fast with Neutron 3, see the individual Neutron 3 tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to learn all the features and functions of Neutron 3, this Neutron 3 video series is the one to watch... Check out “iZotope Neutron 3 Explained®" today!

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