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13 Videos | Length: 40min 33sec
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  • Dropbox 4:32


    Exporting to and importing from Dropbox are demonstrated using Auria.

  • AudioCopy 3:07


    The video uses AudioCopy to copy and paste audio in Auria.

  • SoundCloud 2:51


    Using Garageband, a project is uploaded and the parameters are covered. The file is also downloaded to a computer using Dropbox.

  • iCloud Notes 2:01

    iCloud Notes

    A GarageBand file is sent to iCloud Notes.

  • AirDrop 3:04


    This video demonstrates moving a file from Music Memos to GarageBand.

  • Messages 3:16


    Using GarageBand and Messages, a stem is exported and then imported into MultiTrack.

  • Email 2:34


    Exporting via email is demonstrated using Meteor Lite. File size restrictions are mentioned.

  • iCloud Drive 3:11

    iCloud Drive

    Exporting and importing for the iCloud Drive is shown in FL Studio HD. Using iCloud Drive on a computer is also shown.

  • Copy/Paste 2:36


    This video show how to use Multitrack’s copy/paste functions to move a single track and a stereo mix down to GarageBand.

  • Open In 2:21

    Open In

    A stereo file is moved from Multitrack to Meteor Lite using Open in.

  • iTunes Library 1:49

    iTunes Library

    Using StudioMini XL, a file in the iTunes library is brought into a project.

  • Wifi 5:34


    MultiTrack is used to show how to use your wifi network and browser to move files between your iOS device and your computer.

  • iTunes File Sharing 3:37

    iTunes File Sharing

    See how you can move files to and from your computer and iOS devices. Both StudioMini XL and FL Studio HD are used.

Product Overview

Nothing beats an iPhone or iPad as a portable musical creation device. But how do you get your audio out of your iOS Device when you’re ready to take your ideas further? In this video tutorial series, iOS wiz Doug Zangar shows you all your options for moving your audio between applications within iOS as well as exporting out of your mobile device.

First, Doug focuses on the iOS DAW called Auria. He shows you how you can export audio from, and import audio to, Auria, using DropBox, and then demonstrates using AudioCopy to copy and paste the audio within Auria.

After that, Doug movies to GarageBand for iOS. First, he uses GarageBand to upload a project to SoundCloud. Next, he sends a GarageBand project to iCloud Notes, and then reveals how to move a file from the Music Memos app to GarageBand using AirDrop. Finally, Doug uses Messages to export and import stamps into MultiTrack.

Using Meteor Lite, Doug now demonstrates how to export audio via email, and then uses FL Studio HD to export audio using iCloud Drive. Next, Doug uses copy/paste functions within iOS to move audio from MultiTrack to GarageBand.

Moving on, Doug shows you how to use the Open In command to move audio from one app to another, then shows how to import and export audio from the iTunes Library using StudioMini XL.

Wrapping it up, Doug demonstrates how to use WiFi to move audio from iOS to your computer, and lastly, covers iTunes File Sharing to export and import audio.

If you use an iOS music app for your musical sketches or complete works, knowing how to get it off your mobile device and into your computer is a must… Watch “iOS Exporting Explained” today!

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