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Chapter 1 : The Basics

  • Introduction 12:05


    Russ gives you the full guided tour of Hybrid, which is a great place to start exploring all of its features and functions.

  • Navigating Hybrid 3:50

    Navigating Hybrid

    Russ shows you how to never get lost and find things fast with this in-depth navigation tour.

  • Presets & Patches 8:20

    Presets & Patches

    Discover how to find Hybrid sounds fast and save them safely - it's all here in this video.

  • The Common Section 10:12

    The Common Section

    Explore how to dial in your globals just how you like and learn how to set and fix pitch, tuning and more.

Chapter 2 : Sequencer and Effects

  • Using the Sequencers 15:22

    Using the Sequencers

    See how to create amazing arpeggiators, cool rhythm effects and much more with the sequencers section of Hybrid.

  • Create & Import Your Own Phrase 2:09

    Create & Import Your Own Phrase

    Be original and create your own MIDI raps and then import them into Hybrid for way cool sounds!

  • Effects 8:30


    Learn about both insert and master effects and see how they can bring your sounds to life.

Chapter 3 : Synthesis Sections

  • Oscillators 8:23


    It all starts with the oscillators, the heart of any synth sound. Russ explains both subtractive and wavetable based synths and their controls.

  • Filter Section 10:20

    Filter Section

    If you want to warm up a sound, make it sparkle or evolve over time, Hybrid's filter section is the place you can sculpt the tone just how you want.

  • Filter Mod Section 11:51

    Filter Mod Section

    See how to warp, mangle and create filter evolutions by learning all about the filter mod section in Hybrid.

  • Filter Env Section 6:25

    Filter Env Section

    Russ shows how you can use shape your filter with time and velocity to get even more power from your sounds.

  • Mod Env Section 10:34

    Mod Env Section

    Not one, two or even three, but four envelopes available for use in sound creation. Russ shows you how to use the powerful Mod Env function.

  • Amp Env Section 5:21

    Amp Env Section

    Russ shows just how useful the Amp Env section is for making long, slow sweeps or fast percussive sounds.

  • Amp Mod Section 4:08

    Amp Mod Section

    Discover how to add tremolo, vibrato, auto-pan and more with the Amp Mod section.

  • LFO Section 10:46

    LFO Section

    Learn all about the LFO section and soon you'll be wobbling your bass and warbling your leads, plus much more.

  • Osc Mod Section 6:19

    Osc Mod Section

    See how to take full control of your sound sources with the Oscillator Modulation section in Hybrid.

Chapter 4 : Controlling Hybrid

  • Morph Groups 4:01

    Morph Groups

    Find out how you can take deeper control of Hybrid using its powerful Morph groups feature.

  • MIDI CC 2:01


    Forget the mouse and learn to map your favorite hardware keyboard to control Hybrid via MIDI CC messages.

Chapter 5 : Programming Hybrid

  • Trance Synth 5:42

    Trance Synth

    Russ shows you how to get the synth that is at the heart of many top hits, the Trance synth sound.

  • Drums 5:31


    Discover how to leave the samples behind and create your own synth drums and how to use the sequencer to drive them.

  • Sub Bass 8:08

    Sub Bass

    Shake the room as Russ shows you how to build a huge sub bass sound in Hybrid.

  • Retro Arp 7:47

    Retro Arp

    Explore how to get that sweet retro synth sound, complete with tuning and noise issues, just like the real thing.

  • Soundscape 7:00


    Watch Russ use the full power of Hybrid to create a beautiful sound scape right before your eyes.

Chapter 6 : v2.0 Update

  • The New Preset Browser 3:44

    The New Preset Browser

    Russ shows you how to use the new preset browser in Hybrid 2.0 that can help you navigate and organize your sounds quickly and efficiently

  • The New Pumper 3:32

    The New Pumper

    If you want to get those cool pumping dance synths then the new pumper is your weapon of choice. Russ shows how you can apply it to various targets to give your sounds energy and movement

  • The New Filter Options 4:22

    The New Filter Options

    Not one but now two filters are included in Hybrid 2.0 - even better with 5 different routing options there are endless filtering possibilities. Russ gives you the full show and tell.

Product Overview

Updated for version 2.0, Pro Tools Instrument legend Russ Hughes is back with this highly anticipated 'Explained' title. Russ takes you through the Hybrid power synth plug-in from start to finish, exploring every part of the synth and finishing off with some sound creation examples that will get your creative juices flowing.

Russ begins with the important basics such as navigating the GUI, and loading and saving presets and patches. He then gets into the powerful sequencer section and insert and master effects. Up next is the heart of the synth, the oscillator sections with all of its filters, amps and mods.

Russ then shows you how to control Hybrid with Morph Groups and MIDI CC messages. Next, Russ gives several sound creation tutorials, showing you how to make various patches from scratch, that will be sure to get your mind racing with creativeness. Wrapping it up, the new version 2.0 features and functions are examined in detail, giving you full coverage of this amazing virtual synth.

If you use Hybrid for your productions, you must add this to your video arsenal. See how to harness the power of Hybrid today... Get "Hybrid Explained".

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