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9 Videos | Length: 45min 16sec
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  • Factum 4:11


    Learn how the incoming signal is routed to three different units, and how the basic controls interacts with each other.

  • Duty of Care 5:38

    Duty of Care

    Learn about the various sibilant detection modes, and hear the basic functions applied to a female voice over.

  • Metering & Sibilant Wide-Band Gain Controls 5:44

    Metering & Sibilant Wide-Band Gain Controls

    Explore the idle threshold controls, and see how it interacts with the wide band gain control and amount knob.

  • Auto vs Wide-Band Deessing 4:13

    Auto vs Wide-Band Deessing

    Hear the results of the auto detection algorithm compared to the wideband deessing algorithm on a female voice over.

  • Working with EQ Bands 7:06

    Working with EQ Bands

    Discover how to create and modify individual EQ bands that can be used on either the voiced portion of the incoming signal or on the sibilants that are detected.

  • In Action on Drums 4:10

    In Action on Drums

    Follow along as the deesser is used to tame a strident sounding ride cymbal bell.

  • In Action on Reverb 4:55

    In Action on Reverb

    Hear the deesser at work taming the high end of a reverb return that sits predominantly in the mix as a sound design element.

  • Another Approach 2:51

    Another Approach

    Use two instances of the deesser on parallel tracks in order to isolate the sibilant and voiced signals for independent processing and volume control.

  • Plug-In Controls & Preset Management 6:28

    Plug-In Controls & Preset Management

    Learn to manage banks and presets, and how to use the spectogram, A/B snapshots, redo/undo, kick and other functions.

Product Overview

Say goodbye to sibilance with eiosis’s e2deesser! In these in-depth video tutorials, Eli Krantzberg shows you the ins and outs of this amazing plug-in, plus how to silence annoying and troublesome sibilance in your recordings and tracks!

Watch and learn how to quickly and easily eliminate annoying S’s, T’s, plosives and harshness, on vocals, instruments, and even reverb, resulting in a professional “polished” sound, that’s more easy to mix and listen to.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info, and make better tracks now… Watch “eiosis e2deesser Explained” today!

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