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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • Launch & Audio Setup 8:34

    Launch & Audio Setup

    Learn about running in 64 bit and verify audio hardware. Launch and explore Device Setup’s VST Audio System parameters.

  • VST Connections 3:04

    VST Connections

    This video continues with audio setup, showing you how to set up and use the VST connections window.

  • MIDI Port Set Up 2:06

    MIDI Port Set Up

    Learn how to verify and set up MIDI settings in the Device Setup Window.

  • Project Assistant Window 4:16

    Project Assistant Window

    Take a look at provided project templates. Delete, rename, show in Explorer. Learn how to create and save your own project.

Chapter 2 : Creating and Saving Projects

  • Save Functions & Templates 4:09

    Save Functions & Templates

    Look at different save functions. Create, save and open template. Look at having two projects open simultaneously.

  • Preferences & Startup Settings 6:13

    Preferences & Startup Settings

    Learn how to set maximum backups and other general settings. Explore the parameters in the Startup window.

Chapter 3 : The Project Window

  • Project Window 4:09

    Project Window

    The Tool Bar, Status Line, Info line and Project Overview are quickly covered. Basic resize and zoom are looked at. The work area preferences are shown.

  • The Tool Bar 5:03

    The Tool Bar

    Learn how to customize the Tool Bar contents and get a brief overview of the items.

  • Status, Info & Overview Lines 5:04

    Status, Info & Overview Lines

    This video shows how to customize the look and explains the items found in each of these areas.

  • The Ruler 3:18

    The Ruler

    Learn how to set your ruler for various formats. Add a ruler track to your project.

  • The Inspector 6:18

    The Inspector

    Get an overview of the Inspector. Customize the look, and take a quick look at the Audio Channel Settings and track presets.

  • Channel Settings Window 3:13

    Channel Settings Window

    This video focuses on the features and set up of the Channel Settings window. Its interaction with the inspector is demonstrated.

  • The Track List Pt. 1 8:29

    The Track List Pt. 1

    See how to add, remove and name tracks in the track list. Resize, customize the header look and learn the function of the various buttons. Settings for track selection are explored.

  • The Track List Pt. 2 2:59

    The Track List Pt. 2

    Learn about dividing the track list and place tracks in the upper area. Reorder tracks, zoom sliders and scroll bars are covered.

Chapter 4 : Transport and Playback

  • Transport & Playback Pt. 1 5:52

    Transport & Playback Pt. 1

    This video takes you through the preference settings that affect transport and playback.

  • Transport & Playback Pt. 2 4:17

    Transport & Playback Pt. 2

    Customize and get to know elements of the transport panel and how to move the project cursor.

  • Transport & Playback Pt. 3 3:23

    Transport & Playback Pt. 3

    Check out Cubase’s Jog/Shuttle wheel and learn menu items and key commands to navigate in the your project.

Chapter 5 : Recording Basics

  • Metronome Settings 8:06

    Metronome Settings

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the metronome settings is covered here. Pre-count, pre-roll, setting up clicks, using time signatures and more.

  • Basic Record Techniques 5:54

    Basic Record Techniques

    Basic preferences and settings that apply to recording both MIDI and audio are covered. Punch in/out, pre and post-roll and cycle mode are demonstrated.

Chapter 6 : Recording MIDI

  • MIDI Preferences 5:55

    MIDI Preferences

    Preferences that apply to recording MIDI and MIDI playback are covered.

  • Routing & HALion 4:58

    Routing & HALion

    Learn how to check and set MIDI in and out routing. The HALion Sonic SE plug-in is given a quick tour.

  • MIDI Record Modes 5:44

    MIDI Record Modes

    Preference settings are demoed and the MIDI record modes are all shown.

  • MIDI Cycle Record Modes 5:29

    MIDI Cycle Record Modes

    The MIDI cycle record modes are demonstrated.

Chapter 7 : Recording Audio

  • Preferences & Settings 7:10

    Preferences & Settings

    Project setup settings as well as routing and preferences for audio are covered.

  • Audio Record Modes 6:55

    Audio Record Modes

    Cubase’s modes of handling overlapping audio when recording are demonstrated.

Chapter 8 : Zooming

  • Zoom Overview 5:36

    Zoom Overview

    Take a look at the zoom preferences, techniques and menu items.

  • Advanced Zooming 3:56

    Advanced Zooming

    This second and final video on zooming covers sliders, pop-up menus, zoom presets and more.

Chapter 9 : Working with Events

  • Select Events 4:02

    Select Events

    Selection techniques using tools and menu items are covered. Related preferences are explained.

  • Sizing Events 7:19

    Sizing Events

    Most every which way to change the length of an event in the work area is covered. The scissors tool and resize modes are demonstrated along with time stretch and sliding contents.

  • Duplicating Events 4:17

    Duplicating Events

    A number of ways to duplicate an event in the work area are demonstrated.

  • Move Events 3:17

    Move Events

    Moving events with the object selection tool, menu items and key commands are explored.

  • Snap Function 7:03

    Snap Function

    The various types of the snap function are demonstrated.

Chapter 10 : The Project Window Mixer

  • The Mixer Pt. 1 8:45

    The Mixer Pt. 1

    Learn to pen the mixer and add tracks. Learn references, see redundancies with the track header and inspector. Hide channels in the mixer.

  • The Mixer Pt. 2 9:15

    The Mixer Pt. 2

    See how to hide channels, name and color them. Learn about the expanding view and routing, create channel links and much more.

Chapter 11 : The Pool Window

  • The Pool Pt. 1 5:44

    The Pool Pt. 1

    This first video covers the interface and importing audio. Attributes are explained.

  • The Pool Pt. 2 6:32

    The Pool Pt. 2

    This last video covers preferences, importing from a CD, handling the trash, conform, convert and much more.

Chapter 12 : FX and Export Audio

  • Inserts & FX Sends 7:47

    Inserts & FX Sends

    This video covers instantiating, moving and copying plug-ins in an insert slot. Using an FX channel for reverb and creating a send is shown, as well as how pre and post-fader applies to a send.

  • VST Amp Rack 6:19

    VST Amp Rack

    The VST Amp Rack plug-in is explained and demonstrated. Learn to set up pedals, select amps, cabinets and more.

  • Export Audio 9:15

    Export Audio

    Start with preparing the project for a bounce, then explore the Export Audio Mixdown window parameters. See how to bounce a stereo mix mp3 file and create .wav stems.

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Presented by DAW superman Doug Zangar, this collection of Cubase 6 video tutorials will show you what you need to know to get up and running fast.

Learn the important fundamentals of Cubase 6, such as window overviews, recording audio and MIDI, editing, exporting your music and much more, in this in-depth collection of tutorial videos. Even the most novice of user can start using Cubase 6 like a pro after watching this series!

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