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  • Introduction 1:52


    Welcome to BFD 2! This tutorial provides an overview of what will be covered in this video series.

  • Installation 6:21


    Learn how to point your installer to a custom location in order to place the installed samples on a separate hard drive. Also learn where all the important user, resource, and support files are stored on your system.

  • Data Paths 3:04

    Data Paths

    See how to use the Setup Wizard and the Data Preferences Page to make sure that BFD 1 Expansion pack content is recognized properly.

  • Interface Overview 5:09

    Interface Overview

    Get familiar with the main interface elements, including the page buttons, control bar, load and save menus, and status bar.

  • Working with Presets 5:34

    Working with Presets

    Explore how to load, save, and import presets, and how the different elements of the presets chooser work.

  • Working with Kits 4:17

    Working with Kits

    Discover how to load and manage kits and how some of the important areas in the kit page and kit chooser panel work.

  • Kits Pieces 5:32

    Kits Pieces

    Learn how the kit piece slots and kit piece chooser work, as well as the different ways of auditioning and loading kit pieces and their various articulations.

  • Kit Piece Inspector 9:38

    Kit Piece Inspector

    See how to use the different elements in the kit piece inspector, as well as how the multiple mic'ing for each sample is structured.

  • Kit Page Tools 4:11

    Kit Page Tools

    Explore how to layer, move, and remove sounds. See how to use the MIDI note learn wizard to quickly assign MIDI note triggers to kit piece articulations.

  • Importing Your Sounds 3:54

    Importing Your Sounds

    Discover how to bring in your own samples and create multi velocity layered kit pieces that load into the BFD 2 interface.

  • Mixer Page Channel Types 8:58

    Mixer Page Channel Types

    Learn how to navigate through the mixer page interface and how the main areas work.

  • Mixer Page Functions 7:09

    Mixer Page Functions

    See how the mixer page tools, mixer channels, and utility panel functions work.

  • Mixer Page Effects 6:34

    Mixer Page Effects

    Watch how to control the various parameters and setup send routings in the mixer page effects section.

  • Insert FX & Sidechain 7:05

    Insert FX & Sidechain

    Explore how insert FX work and how to setup sidechain routing between channels.

  • Multiple Outputs 5:50

    Multiple Outputs

    Discover how to set up BFD’s mixer page output assignments to work with a multiple output instance of the BFD Audio Unit plug-in inside Logic Pro 9.

  • Exporting as Audio 2:53

    Exporting as Audio

    Learn how to export MIDI tracks programmed in your host sequencer as audio tracks, from within BFD’s mixer page.

  • Groove Engine Overview 6:09

    Groove Engine Overview

    Get an overview of how the different areas of the Groove Page and Grove Engine work.

  • Loading Palettes 6:13

    Loading Palettes

    See how to load in palettes, and get an overview of the palette and palette chooser controls.

  • Working with Grooves 6:50

    Working with Grooves

    Explore how to load single or multiple grooves into an already open palette, and explore the different ways of triggering and controlling the grooves in the different palette slots.

  • Managing Grooves 4:28

    Managing Grooves

    Discover how to select multiple grooves and edit their actions all at once. Also see how to designate grooves as fills and use the autofill function.

  • Import & Save Grooves 7:26

    Import & Save Grooves

    Watch how to import, save, and export BFD and MIDI grooves.

  • The Groove Editor 6:22

    The Groove Editor

    See an overview of the Groove Editor’s interface and how to set it up for efficient editing.

  • Groove Editor Tools 7:32

    Groove Editor Tools

    Learn how to use the edit tools to create and edit grooves. Working in the velocity lane, overview of the 'other' functions on top of the grid editor, assigning key commands to editor functions and tools are also covered.

  • Recording & Groove FX 8:18

    Recording & Groove FX

    Explore how to record events into a groove via MIDI and then apply non-destructive groove FX.

  • Create a Drum Track 6:36

    Create a Drum Track

    See how the different auto-play modes work and how to assemble a drum track within BFD.

  • Mapping Page Overview 6:41

    Mapping Page Overview

    Discover how the different areas of the key / automation mapping window work, as well as how to load and save settings for them either alone or together.

  • Key Mapping 5:44

    Key Mapping

    Watch how to map, layer and work with variable articulations in the key-mapping window, as well as how program change mapping works.

  • Automation 6:58


    Learn how to setup and use MIDI CC, note, and host-based automation, in BFD 2.

Product Overview

Have BFD2? Want to know how to get the most from it? DAW guru Eli Krantzberg shows you how in this in-depth look at the awesome, but very complex BFD2 drum virtual instrument by FXpansion.

Eli takes you from the beginning showing you the basics, such as installation, window overviews, building kits, importing your own sounds, to more advanced topics such as insert effects, using multiple outputs, groove editing, creating drum tracks, automation and much more.

If you use BFD2, you owe it to yourself to learn all of its powerful features and functions. This knowledge will in turn enable you to produce more realistic, better feeling drum tracks for your productions and projects. Set yourself apart from other BFD2 users and beat the most you can out of BFD2!

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