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Working with Ableton Live MIDI Effects

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14 Videos | Length: 44min 22sec
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  • Introduction 0:46


    Multiplier welcomes you to the course and gives a preview of what he will be covering.

  • Introduction to MIDI Effects 5:34

    Introduction to MIDI Effects

    Multiplier welcomes you and covers what MIDI effects are, and the basic ideas behind each of the main Ableton MIDI effects, including how you can combine them, such as "Random" into "Scale". Multiplier also introduces "Velocity" to those unfamiliar, and shows how to fix it.

  • Offset Notes 2:23

    Offset Notes

    One of Multiplier's favorite techniques, using "Pitch", a MIDI effect rack, and "Note Echo".

  • Arpeggio Strum Trick 2:54

    Arpeggio Strum Trick

    See how to use "Arpeggiator" to "strum" an instrument, just like a guitar. This video also includes Arp Style and a Note Length tips.

  • Layered Arpeggios 2:56

    Layered Arpeggios

    Discover how to create Layered Arpeggios by using a MIDI effect rack, and learn about Random Arp Style and Transposition while doing so.

  • Note Length Release Trick 2:39

    Note Length Release Trick

    Multiplier now shows examples on how to trigger notes on the trigger AND release, which is super expressive and fun!

  • Manipulating Rhythm with Velocity MIDI Effect 4:38

    Manipulating Rhythm with Velocity MIDI Effect

    Discover Velocity "Compression", and how to make rhythmic build ups.

  • Humanizing Chords 5:15

    Humanizing Chords

    Now learn how to add Timing and Velocity variation to your chords. This includes the "Velocity" MIDI effect, and a Max for Live device called "Humanizer", as well as some cautionary words about it.

  • Creating MIDI Rhythms 2:42

    Creating MIDI Rhythms

    See how to use nested MIDI effect racks to create rhythm, so each time you trigger a note, a rhythm plays.

  • Using Velocity as a Proxy 3:59

    Using Velocity as a Proxy

    This powerful concept shows how to use Velocity as a proxy, to modulate something OTHER than velocity. In this example Multiplier randomizes a parameter, in the spirit of Massive's "Trigger Random / TrR".

  • Unsynced Arp Builds 1:46

    Unsynced Arp Builds

    Explore Chord Trigger, and automating unsynced arp rates, to create unique build ups.

  • Step Sequencing & Other Concepts 4:50

    Step Sequencing & Other Concepts

    Multiplier now shows how to make a step sequencer, but more importantly, illustrate some powerful MIDI effect concepts while doing so.

  • Note Length Delay Trick 1:25

    Note Length Delay Trick

    Discover how to delay MIDI notes, if you don't have the new or legacy "Note Echo" device.

  • Polyphony & Chord MIDI Effect 2:35

    Polyphony & Chord MIDI Effect

    Understanding "Polyphony" is critical to using "Chord" problem-free. Multiplier explains the concept, how to change it, and how to work around it when an instrument is strictly monophonic.

Product Overview

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, delivers an in-depth series all about using Ableton Live's MIDI Effects creatively, to make more interesting and impactful parts for your songs and productions!

Adam welcomes you to the series and then covers what MIDI effects are, and the basic ideas behind each of the main Ableton MIDI effects, including how you can combine them and more. You'll then go down the line learning all the different MIDI effects and how to utilize their features to better your MIDI programming skills.

Adam goes over features and topics including Offset Notes, Arpeggio Strum Trick, Layered Arpeggios, Note Length Release Trick, Manipulating Rhythm with Velocity MIDI Effect, Humanizing Chords, Creating MIDI Rhythms, Using Velocity to modulate something other than velocity, Unsynced Arp Builds, Step Sequencing and much, much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you program and edit MIDI in Ableton Live, this series is a must see. Discover how to get more from Ableton Live with its amazing MIDI Effects... Watch "Working with Ableton Live MIDI Effects" today.

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