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7 Videos | Length: 1hr 5min 11sec
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  • Introduction & Overview 6:11

    Introduction & Overview

    In this video Al gives a brief tour and overview of the interface, drawing attention to Wobble's four main pages; the Sound Page, the Pattern Page, the Effects Page and the Browser page. Al also briefly cover the options available to us in the settings panel.

  • The Browser Page 6:37

    The Browser Page

    Follow along as Al covers Wobble's browser, an intelligent tool for finding exactly the sounds you're looking for by filtering patches by attributes. Al also demonstrate loading preset patches and saving edited patches and applying attributes to them.

  • The Sound Page 14:13

    The Sound Page

    In this video Al discusses and demonstrates all the features as well as Wobble's handy MIDI learn function which allows us to quickly and easily assign parameters to be controlled by a MIDI controller.

  • The Pattern Page Pt. 1 12:51

    The Pattern Page Pt. 1

    Wobble's Pattern Page houses an intelligent and versatile pattern generator. This is perfect for creating complex and interesting wobble sequences and is great fun to play with. Over the next two videos Al expounds the pattern generator and demonstrates it's power and versatility.

  • The Pattern Page Pt. 2 5:24

    The Pattern Page Pt. 2

    Al demonstrates how the Pattern Page can be used for classic arpeggiator sequences as well as the function of Wobble's Intelligent Rhythm Control section which can turn a rhythmically lose performance into a tight one!

  • The Effects Page 9:10

    The Effects Page

    This is the final page in Wobbles interface. Here you have three high quality audio effects; a tempo synced stereo delay, a chorus and a reverb. These can add extra body and richness to the timbre of Wobble. Al explains the parameters of each effect and also demonstrate how you can use the MIDI learn function to map controllers to them just like in the Sound Page.

  • Wobble in Action 10:45

    Wobble in Action

    In this video Al puts wobble into action by creating some dubstep riffs using the pattern generator. Al also demonstrates a great way of improvising spontaneous sequences on the fly, great for line performance!

Product Overview

SONiVOX's Wobble 2.0 is a software synthesizer primarily geared towards contemporary urban genres like grime and dubstep. However, as a versatile and powerful synth it can certainly generate timbres that are interesting and original enough to transcend genre boundaries. In this series, synth master Al Swettenham breaks the powerful virtual instrument down step by step, so you can grasp the amazing griminess and power this plug-in has to offer, and make it yours.

Al begins the series with an introduction & overview of the features of the four main pages of Wobble's interface, the Sound, Pattern, Effects and Browser pages. Al then digs into each page one by one, starting with the Browser Page. Follow along as Al covers loading, saving and editing patches, as well as using and assigning patch attributes to help find exactly what sound you are looking for quick and easy.

Next, it's on to the heart of Wobble, the Sound Page. Watch as Al discusses the interface and each individual parameter of the 2 channels, including the LFOs. Moving on, Al digs into Wobble's Pattern Page. This versatile and intelligent pattern generator is so vast that it takes 2 videos to cover.

Up next is the Effects Page where Al takes a look at the 3 high quality effects, a tempo synced stereo delay, chorus and reverb. Every parameter of each of these effects are covered and explored. Finally, it's time to see Wobble in action. Watch Al show you how to create some gritty dubstep riffs using the pattern generator, including how improvising spontaneous sequences on the fly is great for live performances!

If you're looking to step up your productions with some grime and shine, then Wobble 2.0 is for you... Watch "Wobble 2.0 Explained" today.

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