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Wirecast: Getting Started

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8 Videos | Length: 1hr 6min 51sec
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  • Wirecast Introduction 11:24

    Wirecast Introduction

    This video gives you a basic understanding of the Wirecast layout and working with layers, text, photo resizing and transitions.

  • Simple Streaming Setup 7:56

    Simple Streaming Setup

    See how to use one camera and one microphone for a simple and inexpensive streaming setup. We will also cover some photo positioning and audio assignment.

  • First Livestream 11:08

    First Livestream

    Learn how to connect to social media for your first simple livestream and also set up a "dummy page" that only you can see so you can test your stream privately.

  • Webcam Stream Setup 4:46

    Webcam Stream Setup

    There is nothing wrong with a webcam as a budget option. With proper lighting your picture will look very good. We will compare the webcam picture to a camcorder and we'll also compare microphones as part of a livestream.

  • Green Screen & Chroma Key 7:03

    Green Screen & Chroma Key

    See how using a solid unique color behind you, you can place yourself in any setting. A newsroom, a forest, in front of a parade. In this chapter we'll show you how!

  • The USB Mixer 4:56

    The USB Mixer

    With a USB mixer you can combine multiple audio sources and send them to your stream with just one USB connection, allowing you to take advantage of your mixer's EQ, effects, and panning etc. You'll have more flexibility while lightening your computer's CPU load.

  • Interview Setup with Multi-Layered Shots 13:27

    Interview Setup with Multi-Layered Shots

    This video will show you how to properly prepare multi-shot layers in advance of your livestream. Setup will include laying out music, pictures and setting up a split screen for an interview with a call-in guest.

  • Hardware Setup for Live Interview 6:11

    Hardware Setup for Live Interview

    Now that you have your layers, media, text and split screen prepared and laid out, you're ready to go. This chapter will describe the hardware setup and computer connections.

Product Overview

Musician and tech pro John Tendy brings you Telestream Wirecast video tutorials! Learn how to get up and running fast with Wirecast and stream your first live multiimedia video cast on social media. This series is for new Wirecast users and those interested in what technologiy is used to stream live video casts, that are great for promoting your music and services.

John welcomes you and gives you an overview of what Wirecast is, and a basic understanding of its layout, followed by how to work with layers, text, photo resizing and transitions. A simple streaming setup is then explained and shown, using one camera and one microphone, plus photo positioning and audio assignment.

For the rest of the videos John reveals how to connect to social media for your first simple livestream, setting up a "dummy page" that only you can see so you can test your stream privately before publishing, using webcams, camcorders and different mics, using a green screen and chroma keying so you can appear anywhere, utilizing a USB mixer for more routing flexibility, and much more.

To see what these in-depth Telestream Wirecast video tutorials show you, and how they'll get you going with your first multi-media livestream to social media, see the individual Wirecast tutorial descriptions on this page. Promote yourself and your products and services, by getting them out into the world in a much more engaging way ... Watch "Wirecast: Getting Started" today.

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