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William Kanengiser – Effortless Classical Guitar

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 0min 33sec
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  • Introduction & Sitting Position 8:09

    Introduction & Sitting Position

    In this first video, William Kanengiser welcomes you to the course and explains his sitting position.

  • Hand Muscles 3:02

    Hand Muscles

    William discusses how the muscles in the hand works.

  • Free-Stroke (examples 1-6) 8:36

    Free-Stroke (examples 1-6)

    William shows the "Free-Stroke."

  • Arpeggios (examples 7-10) 2:39

    Arpeggios (examples 7-10)

    In this video, William shows us arpeggios.

  • Rest-Stroke (examples 11-15) 5:55

    Rest-Stroke (examples 11-15)

    William explains the "Rest-Stroke."

  • Left Hand Techniques (examples 16-19) 8:12

    Left Hand Techniques (examples 16-19)

    William talks all about his left hand technique.

  • Left Hand Stretches (examples 20-25) 2:43

    Left Hand Stretches (examples 20-25)

    In this video, you will learn some left hand stretches.

  • Slurs, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Compound Slurs, and Trills (examples 26-40) 6:42

    Slurs, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Compound Slurs, and Trills (examples 26-40)

    In this video, William discusses Slurs, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Compound Slurs, and Trills.

  • Left & Right Hand Synchronization (examples 41-43) 2:45

    Left & Right Hand Synchronization (examples 41-43)

    William discusses left and right hand synchronization.

  • Rasqueado (examples 44-49) & Final Performance 11:50

    Rasqueado (examples 44-49) & Final Performance

    In this final video, William covers rasqueado and gives a final performance.

Product Overview

This is your unique chance to learn classical guitar from a master. William Kanengiser shows you how to develop proper sitting positions, rest and free strokes, rasguedos, right- and left-hand synchronization and technique, slurs, stretching exercises and more.

Throughout these instructional videos you'll discover all this and more from a superb player and teacher who is one of the world's most honored classical guitarists.

William Kanengiser has been praised by the Los Angeles Times for his dizzying execution and exceeding vitality and warmth. He is recognized as one of America's most brilliant guitarists, and has won numerous awards such as First Prize at the Concert Artists Guild Competition as well as major international competitions in Toronto and Paris.

Start your journey into classical guitar today!

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