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Whats New in Cubase 8

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  • Interface Improvements 11:37

    Interface Improvements

    Welcome! Discover whats new in Cubase Pro 8. In this video we'll focus on the enhancements made to the Cubase UI and talk about some of the performance improvements.

  • MIDI Tempo Detection 4:50

    MIDI Tempo Detection

    Lets take a look at how we can use MIDI tempo detection to create even more expressive music when composing with MIDI.

  • Chord Pads 8:41

    Chord Pads

    Discover a new and unique way of composing music on the fly with Chord Pads. Whether you need new chord inspirations or could use a helping hand playing and notating complex chords, this is an indispensable new feature.

  • Acoustic Agent SE 8:33

    Acoustic Agent SE

    Creating MIDI drum parts have never been easier with the new Acoustic Agent kit for Groove Agent SE.

  • Rock Pop Toolbox 2:59

    Rock Pop Toolbox

    Explore the new construction kits from producer Allen Morgan. These great sounding projects include everything you need from Groove Agent kits and loops, to track presets.

  • VSTs 7:31


    Here we'll take a look at the new VST Bass Amp which is a perfect compliment to the VST Amp Rack. We'll explore the new Quadrafuzz v2 plugin, and take a look at the new EQ features.

  • Render in Place 3:45

    Render in Place

    Learn how to use this powerful new feature which not only saves countless hours of rendering and importing, but also tons of CPU power.

  • Plug-In Manager 5:20

    Plug-In Manager

    Explore the brand new plugin manager and see how we can create our own sortable collections of VST's and VSTi's.

  • Mixing Enhancements 6:35

    Mixing Enhancements

    Here we'll learn about how flexible it is to link tracks with the new VCA fader track. We'll also take a look at the all new virgin territories automation feature.

Product Overview

Cubase master Dave Askew returns with a series that describes the new features that Steinberg has added to Cubase Pro 8, and shows you the differences between the latest and greatest version of Cubase and earlier versions.

Dave starts by explaining the improvements with the interface. He then dives into MIDI Tempo Detection and Chord Pads. That leads into Acoustic Agent SE, and its new drum kit.

The new Rock Pop Construction Kits from producer Allen Morgan are then discussed and demonstrated, as are the new Bass Amp, Quadrafuzz v2, and new EQ features. Dave also covers the new Plug-In Manager, which is the best way to organize all the new and existing VSTs.

After covering the new Instruments and Construction Kits, Dave explores the powerful new Render In Place feature. Finally, Dave reveals the new mixing enhancements such as Track Linking and new Automation Features.

If you're curious about what's new in Cubase Pro 8 or an experienced user who wants to make sure you didn't miss any of the new features, watch "What's New In Cubase Pro 8" today!

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