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  • Introduction Pt. 1 7:48

    Introduction Pt. 1

    Larry introduces the series and explains the hype and excitement about the potential of this plug-in. He also provides an overview of the functions of OVox and how to set it up at a basic level.

  • Introduction Pt. 2 4:47

    Introduction Pt. 2

    In this video, you'll continue looking at different OVox usage scenarios including controlling OVox using a MIDI controller as well as a Talkbox effect.

  • How to Setup OVox in Cubase 9:28

    How to Setup OVox in Cubase

    In this video, you see how to setup and use OVox in Cubase.

  • How to Setup OVox in Ableton 7:56

    How to Setup OVox in Ableton

    Here you see how to setup and use the OVox in Ableton.

  • How to Setup OVox in Pro Tools 7:34

    How to Setup OVox in Pro Tools

    This video shows you how to setup and use OVox in Pro Tools.

  • The Interface 2:25

    The Interface

    Explore the different sections of OVox and the Main and Extended views and what they are all used for.

  • The Top Bar Pt. 1 8:14

    The Top Bar Pt. 1

    In this video, learn about the Input Section including the Voice and Synth Inputs, and the different ways you can setup OVox. Larry demonstrates using drums to modulate drums and also using OVox as a live Talkbox!

  • The Top Bar Pt. 2 4:26

    The Top Bar Pt. 2

    Discover the Notes Generator tab and how you use the Note Source choices and Tolerance section. Ways that OVox can be used to live map the notes of a vocal is also discussed and demonstrated.

  • The Arpeggiator 4:34

    The Arpeggiator

    See how to use the Arpeggiator on a vocal directly on an audio track and then use the MIDI keyboard with a drum loop modulating the synth.

  • The Note Mapper Pt. 1 10:00

    The Note Mapper Pt. 1

    In this video, the parameters of the Note Mapper including the Note Maps Preset Menu are explained and explored. Larry demonstrates using automatic mapping and also playing melodies via a MIDI keyboard. He also discusses mapping your voice live to the Note Mapper.

  • The Note Mapper Pt. 2 5:28

    The Note Mapper Pt. 2

    Learn how to use the Note Mapper alongside your MIDI keyboard, making OVox a kind of chord trigger, playing back chords with one key. Larry also shows how to add in a custom Note Mapper assignment to play back the chords that you input.

  • The Note Mapper Pt. 3 5:05

    The Note Mapper Pt. 3

    Larry now demonstrates how to use the lock on the Note Mapper to scroll through the presets and audition a custom MIDI harmony line for the main vocal. Plus, see how to use OVox to create a more realistic harmony generated in this way.

  • Main View Controls & Mixer 10:24

    Main View Controls & Mixer

    In this video, Larry covers the parameters of each OVox Oscillator in the Main View and also the way you can mix signals using one Mixer section.

  • Expanded View Osc Controls 4:24

    Expanded View Osc Controls

    Learn about the main Oscillator controls including Oscillator character and the Oscillator Shape panel. Larry then demonstrates the Noise feature and the Unison controls.

  • Formant Filter Controls 5:45

    Formant Filter Controls

    Discover the Formant Filter controls including what a Formant Filter is and how it is used in a vocoder circuit. You'll then see all the parameters of the Formant Filter section including shaping formants to change the singer's tone explained.

  • The Synth Parameters 8:30

    The Synth Parameters

    In this video, learn about the Synth parameters including Follow Pitch, Bend Range, Portamento and Global Pitch. Larry also demonstrates the amazing possibilities of the MIDI Out function in Ableton Live.

  • Modulation 2:50


    Larry discusses the implementation of Modulation, demonstrating the drag and drop approach and also introduces the Modulation sources which you'll learn about in the next videos.

  • LFOs 7:04


    In this video, Larry teaches you all about the different modes of LFO found in OVox including Rate, LFO Shapes, Warp, Phase and Smooth.

  • The Sequencer 4:31

    The Sequencer

    Watch and learn about the controls of OVox's Sequencer, and how to create a kind of Trance-gate effect, and then a pitched Formant Effect. Larry also demos some of the Sequencer presets so you can get an idea of what it can do.

  • The ADSR Envelopes 3:17

    The ADSR Envelopes

    In this video, Larry goes over the Amplitude Envelope and demonstrates using the second ADSR envelope to manipulate sounds over time.

  • Amplitude, Pitch & Formant Modulators 13:38

    Amplitude, Pitch & Formant Modulators

    See how to apply the Amplitude, Pitch and Formant modulators to parameters in OVox which allows you to create interesting extra movement within patches, and also in the case of the Pitch Tracking, creating a "Surf EQ effect".

  • EQ & Effects 4:05

    EQ & Effects

    In this video, finish looking at the synth parameters of OVox by covering the EQ and Effects sections as well as the two Macro controls.

  • Drum Experimentation 7:29

    Drum Experimentation

    Learn how to create rhythmic interest with drum loops by adding in some OVox presets and bouncing down the results.

  • Adding Synth Bass Alongside Live Bass 4:11

    Adding Synth Bass Alongside Live Bass

    See how to harmonize a live bass part with synth patches from OVox which is just one way of many to use this plug-in creatively.

  • Live Guitar Jamming with OVox 4:57

    Live Guitar Jamming with OVox

    In this video, Larry plugs in a guitar and creates some crazy guitar effects using OVox presets and effects. See how!

  • Custom Harmony & Washed Out Vocal Effect 7:06

    Custom Harmony & Washed Out Vocal Effect

    Wrapping it up, Larry shows you how to create a custom harmony effect which is then fed through an effects chain to create an interesting washed out vocal effect.

Product Overview

Studio expert Larry Holcombe brings you a comprehensive Waves OVox video tutorial series! Learn how to use OVox’s features and functions to process both vocals and instruments, as well as create inspiring new sounds. These videos are designed for new Waves OVox users.

Larry starts with a detailed introduction to OVox and what it can do, including how to set it up and use it with a MIDI controller. Next, you'll learn all about the different sections of OVOx and what they do, followed by making the correct settings for your needs in the Input Section, using the Notes Generator tab, and creative ways to utilize the built-in OVox Aprgeggiator, Note Mapper and more.

Moving on, you'll watch how to mix the different OVox signals to create wild sounds, use the main Oscillator controls including Oscillator Character and Shape to greatly alter a sound. Then the Formant Filter, Synth Parameters, Modulation, LFO, and the powerful Sequencer are all explained and explored. As a bonus, Larry shows you how to design very cool sounds from scratch using OVox on things other than vocals, such as drums, synths, guitars and more.

To see what these in-depth Waves OVox tutorials show you, and how they'll make using OVox to process your vocals and tracks fun and creative, see the individual OVox video tutorial descriptions on this page. Find your own voice with this awesome vocoder and effect plug-in from Waves.. Watch “Waves OVox Explained®” today.

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