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Waves Element Explained®

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  • Setting Up 7:06

    Setting Up

    Quickly learn how to set up Element with specific preferences and options for ‘standalone’ operation as well as for use with a DAW.

  • Oscillators & Voltage Controllers 8:00

    Oscillators & Voltage Controllers

    By taking an overview of the one page view of Element, you’ll learn about two of the most important components in synthesis and their interrelation in sound creation.

  • LFO & Mod Matrix 8:04

    LFO & Mod Matrix

    Here, once an original oscillated tone has been created, you’ll see that the process of synthesis can be adapted by the use of low frequency oscillation in combination with the Mod Matrix.

  • FX Section 10:00

    FX Section

    To further adapt a patch, here you’ll see how to use the FX section to add rhythmic patterns and movement.

  • EQ Section 11:11

    EQ Section

    Learn how to use the 4 band fixed frequency EQ module to sonically sculpt your patch.

  • Arpeggiator / Sequencer 7:51

    Arpeggiator / Sequencer

    Learn how to incorporate the integrated 16 step sequencer and arpeggiator to create further evolving movement to a patch.

  • Global Adjustments 5:31

    Global Adjustments

    Here, you’ll discover uses for the global section to lock the tempo of Element with a DAW. Additionally, learn about utilizing the HD option to increase sonic quality and to save CPU resources.

  • Using Presets 9:24

    Using Presets

    Learn how to access, adapt and integrate presets into your workflow, either in standalone mode or within your DAW and create user defined presets.

  • Adapting Presets 6:35

    Adapting Presets

    Here, you’ll see how to further adapt a preinstalled preset to use as a starting point for your own sound creation.

  • Sounds from Scratch 9:40

    Sounds from Scratch

    In this tutorial, you’ll be walked through the process of creating a sound from scratch starting with a full reset.

  • Building a Track 10:06

    Building a Track

    Learn how to use multiple instances of Element to build a track within your DAW.

Product Overview

Waves debut virtual synth is a knockout! Mark Struthers digs deep into this sonic necessity, showing you all the nooks and crannies, making learning this synth elementary.

Mark starts with a detailed tutorial on setting up this powerhouse synth in both stand-alone mode and within a DAW. He then gets into the Oscillator and Voltage Controllers sections and explains how they're used for sound creation.

Next, Mark dives into the LFO and MOD Matrix sections, taking your sound creation further with these basic, but important sound sculpting features. The FX section is then explored, as well as the EQ section, which are both highly effective tools in your sonic toolbox.

The super cool Arpeggiator / Sequencer is then looked at in detail, showing you how to add movement to your patches. Mark then reveals useful Global Adjustments such as for locking in Elelment's Arpeggiator / Sequencer tempo with your DAW's tempo. Using Presets is then studied, as well as how to adapt presets into your own masterpiece.

Mark wraps up the series with tutorials on how to build a patch from scratch and how to use multiple instances of Element to build a track within your DAW. If WAVES Element is in your virtual synth arsenal, learn to lock and load it up today... Watch "WAVES Element Explained" now.

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