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  • Start Up Assistant 3:12

    Start Up Assistant

    In this first video, Gary introduces you to Wavelab Cast and shows how to use the Startup Assistant to create projects from templates, or how to create a new, empty project.

  • Setting Up Your Audio Device 5:06

    Setting Up Your Audio Device

    Discover how to navigate to the audio connections and setup your audio device in Wavelab Cast so you can input and output audio.

  • Navigating the User Interface 5:34

    Navigating the User Interface

    Explore the user interface and learn how the workspace tabs work. Plus, see how you can undock and dock tabs to different areas in the interface.

  • Differences Between Audio Files & the Audio Montage 6:44

    Differences Between Audio Files & the Audio Montage

    In this video, Gary discusses the two different types of file modes you can create and use: Audio Files and Audio Montages. Learn how to open each one and how to spot the difference between them.

  • Saving Audio Files & Audio Montages 2:20

    Saving Audio Files & Audio Montages

    Discover how to save Audio Files and Audio Montages projects, as well as how to create new audio files and projects with the Save As command.

  • Audio Editing Options 12:14

    Audio Editing Options

    Explore the different ways you can edit and process your audio files. Gary goes over each function and how to use them, including creating fades, zooming functions, adjusting clip volume levels, and the different copy and paste options.

  • Audio Editing in the Audio Montage 7:51

    Audio Editing in the Audio Montage

    This video expands on the audio editing subject and demonstrates how you can edit and split your clips in the Audio Montage. Also, we take a look at how, when you edit the source files, it reflects in the Audio Montage.

  • Using Markers & Snapping to Magnets 5:38

    Using Markers & Snapping to Magnets

    Discover how to create and edit Generic Markers and Region Selection Markers and learn how the audio clips can snap to them.

  • Using the Spectroscope & Level Meters 4:37

    Using the Spectroscope & Level Meters

    Gary demonstrates the different meters you have available, so you can visually see the frequency range and audio levels for your files and projects.

  • Using the Track Cleanup & Enhance Tools 8:11

    Using the Track Cleanup & Enhance Tools

    Explore the Clean and Enhance tools under the Track Inspector and learn how you can use these one-knob functions to help fix and improve your audio.

  • Adding FX to the Track Inspector & Master Section 6:34

    Adding FX to the Track Inspector & Master Section

    In this video, discover how you can add effects to the Track Inspector and the Master Section. Plus, learn how to edit these effects and move them around the signal chain path.

  • Using the Ducker Effect 3:52

    Using the Ducker Effect

    Gary demonstrates the Ducker effect and how you can enable it and set the source as modulators. Then learn how you can get one track to duck in volume when it's detected by another track.

  • Working with Video 7:15

    Working with Video

    Discover how to work with Video in Wavelab cast. First, Gary shows how to import a video file to a audio montage, and then how you can edit or replace the audio for the Video. Also learn how you can render out the video and replace the audio with the new audio in the video.

  • Rendering Out Your Audio 5:02

    Rendering Out Your Audio

    Learn how to Render out your audio project and how you can set or change the audio file formats for the export, including changing the encoding format, the sample rate, and bit depth.

  • Rendering & Publishing Your Audio 3:21

    Rendering & Publishing Your Audio

    In this final video, Gary shows you how you can link to RSS feeds and then publish your rendered out audio to these feeds, such as your Soundcloud account.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Gary Hiebner presents comprehensive Steinberg WaveLab Cast video tutorials! If you're ready to take advantage of WaveLab Cast's impressive set of audio tools for your podcast or YouTube videos, this is the course for you. Gary takes you through every aspect of this powerful plugin - from understanding the interface to publishing your finished audio - with clear and informative demonstrations throughout. These videos are for new WaveLab Cast users.

Gary welcomes you begins by showing you how to set up your audio interface for use with WaveLab Cast, followed by a quick tour of the plugin's interface and workspace tabs. You'll learn the difference between the two types of files used in WaveLab Cast - Audio Files and Audio Montages - what each is for, and how to load, save, and create them.

Next, explore the editing options within WaveLab Cast, such as fades, zooming, adjusting clip volume, copy/paste, and more. Also discover how to use markers and magnets, for quick navigation and organization within your project, and see how the various meters allow you to get a visual representation of your audio levels.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn about many more useful features, such as the Track Cleanup and Enhance Tools (easy-to-use one-knob functions that help improve your audio), adding effects to the Track Inspector or Master section, using the Ducker effect, working with video, rendering and publishing your audio, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth WaveLab Cast tutorials contain, see the individual WaveLab Cast video tutorial descriptions on this page. This plugin contains many more features under the hood than is evident at first glance, and these videos will help you take command of them all, resulting in professional-sounding audio that you'll be proud to share with the world. Give your audio the attention it deserves ... watch “WaveLab Cast Explained®” now!

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