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14 Videos | Length: 2hr 3min 33sec
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  • Creating an Audio Montage 15:48

    Creating an Audio Montage

    Learn the fundamental distinction between how the Audio Montage workspace differs to the Audio Editing workspace and how to create your initial montage.

  • The Montage Window 8:30

    The Montage Window

    This tutorial explores the Audio Montage and how you can add Tab Groups to run parallel projects. Additionally, see how to use options to adapt the display of transport buttons.

  • Track Control Area Options 7:21

    Track Control Area Options

    By looking at the Track Control Area, you'll be introduced to the concept of using single or multiple lanes to build up a montage. Additionally, by looking at the Track menu, learn how to adapt an individual track's montage window footprint to suit your workflow.

  • Audio to Montage 6:06

    Audio to Montage

    Discover multiple ways of creating an instant audio montage from a single audio file within the audio editing workspace.

  • Building & Adapting a Montage 10:52

    Building & Adapting a Montage

    Here, you will see how to use the various Track Control Area buttons to adapt the display of individual tracks. Additionally, see how to add effects to tracks, and name them for better identification purposes.

  • Arranging & Rearranging Clips 8:24

    Arranging & Rearranging Clips

    After differentiating between Selected Clips and Focused Clips, work through different methods of arranging and rearranging focused clips within the montage window.

  • Clip Editing 8:53

    Clip Editing

    Discover the process of editing clips, both in isolation and simultaneously with multiple clips.

  • Envelopes & Adjustments 8:19

    Envelopes & Adjustments

    Extend your understanding of the Focused Clip function in addition to learning about Volume Envelopes and how they can be adjusted.

  • Changing the Envelope View 7:34

    Changing the Envelope View

    Discover how to easily use the Volume and Pan envelopes to automate audio movement within the stereo field.

  • Auto Editing 8:29

    Auto Editing

    Mark shows both manual and automatic methods of splitting clips in the montage window.

  • Adding & Chaining Effects 10:23

    Adding & Chaining Effects

    Discover how to integrate native and third party effects into the montage workflow in terms of across whole tracks or to individual clips. Additionally, see how to use effects across the master output.

  • Using Meters 10:46

    Using Meters

    Here, discover the many and varied level meters that are provided to assist you in editing, optimizing and mastering your audio files.

  • Meter Mixing 8:06

    Meter Mixing

    By working through a song, watch the process of visually assessing a mix in combination with listening to it so that the various meters can indicate problematic frequency areas. Also, see how adding plug-ins can optimize the mix.

  • Mixing Down 4:02

    Mixing Down

    To conclude the montage process, see here how to export your clips to a new stereo audio file with options to create a simple audio CD or upload to Soundcloud.

Product Overview

Groove 3's resident Steinberg guru Mark Struthers is back and this time he's tackling WaveLab 8's Montage. Join Mark as he explores the many features and functions of this powerful application and shows you how to improve your tracks and export for delivery.

Mark kicks the series off with a look at the distiction between the Montage workspace and the Audio Editing workspace. From there Mark takes a detailed look at the Montage window and Track Control Area options & menus. Moving on, Mark discusses the multiple ways of creating an audio Montage from a single audio file as well as building on the Montage and adding effects.

Mark then takes a detailed look at clips. From arranging & rearranging, renaming and editing, Mark covers clips from top to bottom. Moving on, Mark takes a closer look at envelopes and the different views that can be utilized when working on them.

Now, Mark jumps back into effects This time, Mark takes a close look at adding and chaining both native and third party effects and how to use them across the master output. Mark wraps this series up with videos on Montage's meters, using the meters to find problematic frequencies and finally, the export process so you can make a CD or upload to SoundCloud.

If you use WaveLab 8 and you want to get the most out of your mixes and Montage, then this series is for you... Watch "WaveLab Montage Explained" today.

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