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  • Introduction 4:04


    A brief overview of the synth. Saving a preset and the preset file directory.

  • Oscillator Common Controls 10:56

    Oscillator Common Controls

    The settings on the Oscillator modules, Noise, X-Side, Formant Control, Oscillator Sync and the Fm and Am dials.

  • An Overview of Synthesis Options 8:43

    An Overview of Synthesis Options

    An introduction into the different source sounds we can use for sound design in Avenger. An in-depth look at the V-Saw and Voicing sections including the Chorder and Sub Oscillator.

  • Using the Router & Modulation 6:38

    Using the Router & Modulation

    Modules of the router and their order. Adding new modules and FX. An intro to Modulation and its drag and drop approach.

  • The Waveform Shapes, FFT & Freeform Editor 9:02

    The Waveform Shapes, FFT & Freeform Editor

    The single cycle waveform shapes and waves to manipulate the harmonic content of them using the FFT editor. drawing custom waveforms with the freeform editor.

  • Wavetables 11:31


    Using wavetables in Avenger, the index dial and the wavetable envelope and sequencer. Using the sequencer for modulation. Creating evolving looping sequences in Avenger.

  • Resampling 5:11


    Importing WAV files into Avenger and saving these as custom wavetables. Creating your own wavetables and then re-importing them.

  • Multisamples & Sample Stacking 3:18

    Multisamples & Sample Stacking

    The controls of the Multisample window and creating multi layered sounds using the Sample Stacker function.

  • The Drum Sequencer 11:43

    The Drum Sequencer

    Loading Kits and Sequences and auditioning each independently. Importing your own drum sounds and drum editing. Using the sequencer to create your own patterns.

  • The Amp, Filter & Shaper 13:13

    The Amp, Filter & Shaper

    The functions of the Amp Envelope. Using the Mod Envelope to affect amplitude.

  • The Mod Matrix & LFOs 10:43

    The Mod Matrix & LFOs

    Dragging and dropping modulators. Assigning modulation in the Mod Matrix. Using the LFO, custom LFO shapes and syncing the LFO to project tempo.

  • The Pitch Module 8:07

    The Pitch Module

    Parameters of the Pitch Module. Looping the Pitch Module. Pitch Bend and Portamento.

  • The Modulation Envelope 6:03

    The Modulation Envelope

    Parameters of the Mod Module. Using it as a step sequencer. Combining multiple Mod Envelopes to create an interesting riser sound.

  • The Arpeggiator 6:14

    The Arpeggiator

    Transposing, modulating velocity, and using pattern modes in the Arpeggiator. Arpeggiator presets.

  • The Step Sequencer 4:56

    The Step Sequencer

    Creating trancegate style FX, programming the Step Sequencer. Using the Step Sequencer in the FX chain.

  • The Mixer & Key/Velocity Zones 5:19

    The Mixer & Key/Velocity Zones

    Using the mixer to create to mix our Oscillator and drums levels and master output. Creating keyboard zones for our different sound sources and also fading velocities.

  • The Effects 6:35

    The Effects

    Output FX, routing, send FX and Master FX. Effects categories and effects specific to Avenger.

  • The Macro Controls & MIDI Learn 3:00

    The Macro Controls & MIDI Learn

    Assigning the macro knobs and button to parameters. How to setup MIDI learn. Using the filter keys in Avenger.

Product Overview

Larry Holcombe reveals your new synth superhero, Avenger, from the good folks at Vengeance Sound. Go deep with Larry, learning the broad and finer details of this amazing synth, and see what it can do for your tracks and productions!

Larry begins with an overview of the synth, getting you familiar with its layout and controls. You’ll then jump right in covering its Oscillators, Synthesis Options, Routing and Modulation features, Creating Waveform Shapes, Resampling, and Importing your own Wave files for an endless sonic palette.

You'll then go even further, exploring Multi-Samples and Stacking, the Drum Sequencer, Amps, Filters, LFOs, the Arpeggiator, the Step Sequencer, the Mixer and Effects, Macro Controls and so much more! After watching this series, you'll seriously be a synth force to be reckoned with.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you're ready to make new synth tracks with a vengeance, you have to check out Avenger… Watch "Vengeance Avenger Explained" today!

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