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  • Show & Tell 6:38

    Show & Tell

    Discover the basics of subtractive synthesis, how Vacuum Pro's signal flow is structured, and how the interface is laid out.

  • Customizing the Presets 7:41

    Customizing the Presets

    Explore some wildly inspiring yet simple ways to create fun, interesting, and creative variations of the factory presets using controls found exclusively in the Master Section of the interface; without having to twist a single knob.

  • Working with the Oscillators 6:43

    Working with the Oscillators

    Starting with a raw waveform, learn how to mold and shape the basic building blocks of your patch with the various oscillator controls, including the quad detuning, delay, repitch, and oscillator sync functions.

  • Low Pass Filtering 7:56

    Low Pass Filtering

    Explore how the low pass filter settings affect the tone of the oscillators, and how to use Envelope 2 and velocity to influence the shape of the filter settings over the duration of a note. Learn how velocity is used as well as a performance gesture, influencing the value of the cutoff frequency.

  • High Pass & Band Pass Filtering 9:32

    High Pass & Band Pass Filtering

    Watch as the high pass filter is applied to a pad sound playing both sustained and staccato chords, how the envelope is used to delay the onset of the cutoff value, and how velocity is used to affect the depth of the envelope, as well as the the frequency cutoff value.n Then see how the band ass mode is used to allow only a narrow band of frequencies to pass through the filtering stage.

  • Filter Routing 5:18

    Filter Routing

    Discover how the serial, parallel, and complex modes of filter routing influence the way the two filters affect the sound begin generated from the oscillators.

  • The Amp Envelope 6:02

    The Amp Envelope

    See how this envelope is used to shape the volume throughout the various stages of a note's duration.

  • Using Envelope 4 5:21

    Using Envelope 4

    Explore the subtle, or not so subtle, effect the envelope 4 parameters create as they are used to modulate the pitch of a lead synth sound.

  • Glide & Envelope Retriggering Controls 4:03

    Glide & Envelope Retriggering Controls

    See how the glide controls affects the pitch transition between notes, and how the envelope retrigger switch affects the behavior of the envelopes when new notes are triggered.

  • LFO1 & the Mod Wheel 10:01

    LFO1 & the Mod Wheel

    Learn how the various LFO shapes are used to modulate pitch, filter, and amplitude via the modulation wheel.

  • LFO2 & the Modulation Matrix 4:16

    LFO2 & the Modulation Matrix

    See how the modulation matrix is used to route LFO2, and other sources, to modulate a variety of parameters in either negative or positive directions.

  • The Smart Controls Page 6:19

    The Smart Controls Page

    See how these macro controls are used to quickly and easily shape the values of multiple underlying parameters at once. The Apply button prints the values and centers the controls, making them available for further modification.

  • Arpeggiator & Effects 7:41

    Arpeggiator & Effects

    Watch as the arpeggiator is used to add movement to static chords. Slow LFO modulation, chorus/phaser, and delay affects are then added to create additional motion and variation to an essentially regular repeating part.

  • Automation & Settings 4:49

    Automation & Settings

    Learn how to use host based automation as well as assignable MIDI continuous controllers, and how to manage multiple assignment sets in the Settings window.

  • Putting Vacuum Pro to Work 10:54

    Putting Vacuum Pro to Work

    Watch as multiple instances of Vacuum Pro presets are modified and used to create an 8 bar loop.

Product Overview

Resident Virtual instrument guru Eli Krantzberg is back and this time he's sinking his teeth into AIR Music Technology's newest polyphonic analog tube synthesizer Vacuum Pro. This series takes an in-depth look at all of Vacuum Pro's features and options and gives you the knowledge you need to push this synth to its limits and warm up your synth tracks nice and hot.

Eli begins with a quick introduction to subtractive synthesis before exploring the interface and factory presets, and then moves on to all of Vaccum Pro's functions such as the oscillators, filters, filter routing, envelopes & controls and much, much more!

Vacuum Pro is an unbelievably gritty, powerful analog subtractive synth. Join Eli as he shows you how to make this synth get the dirty job done right... Watch "Vacuum Pro Explained" today.

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