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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 56min 21sec
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  • General Concepts 3:37

    General Concepts

    Learn about the main concepts and terminology used when working in the various parts of Falcons hierarchy.

  • Getting to Know the GUI 10:05

    Getting to Know the GUI

    Explore the various areas of Falcon’s interface, including the toolbar, status bar, main edit view, parts list, tree list, list view, the three file browsers, mixer view, and performance view.

  • Programs & Presets 11:03

    Programs & Presets

    Learn how to work with and modify programs in the various browsers, how to create and modify layers and keygroups; and how to save custom FX, multiFX, and Oscillator presets.

  • Synthesis Oscillators Pt. 1 10:53

    Synthesis Oscillators Pt. 1

    Learn about the parameters for the analog, analog stack, and drum oscillators, and see how simple patches are enhanced with the addition of some basic modulation and effects.

  • Synthesis Oscillators Pt. 2 14:21

    Synthesis Oscillators Pt. 2

    Explore the parameters and sounds of the FM, Organ, Pluck, and Wavetable oscillator types, and see how the oscillator editor settings work.

  • The Mapping Editor & Sample Oscillator 7:21

    The Mapping Editor & Sample Oscillator

    See how this is used to load multiple samples, and edit layer and keygroup pitch and velocity ranges.

  • Slice Mode 7:49

    Slice Mode

    Explore the loop slicing, playback, and exporting features available in this sample oscillator mode.

  • The Sample Editor, Stretch Modes & Keygroup Controls 12:41

    The Sample Editor, Stretch Modes & Keygroup Controls

    Learn how to edit sample start, end & loop points, how to use the two stretch modes to keep the speed of samples constant when triggered at different pitches, and how to use the Keygroup controls to lock trigger notes to the host DAW’s timeline.

  • Granular Synthesis 9:35

    Granular Synthesis

    Explore Falcon’s IRCAM Granular, Multi Granular, and Scrub modes, combined with various envelope, effects & event processor settings.

  • Modulation, Arpeggiator & Layer Controls 11:06

    Modulation, Arpeggiator & Layer Controls

    Learn how to set up secondary modulations, use performance gestures like velocity and aftertouch, control the arpeggiator, and work with the various layer based playback modes.

  • Advanced Modulation, Macros, Mixer & Performance Mode 17:50

    Advanced Modulation, Macros, Mixer & Performance Mode

    Explore the use of sub modulation routings, random modulation sources, custom multi stage envelopes, macros, internal mixer routings, and the Performance view.

Product Overview

In these in-depth training videos studio wiz Eli Krantzberg teaches you how to make your productions soar with Falcon, UVI’s comprehensive hybrid software synthesizer. Featuring a dizzying amount of processors, modulators, and effects, in addition to deep scripting capabilities, you will not long for another synth!

Starting with the general concepts and terminology used in Falcon, Eli explores its detailed and deep GUI, and then shows you around the Presets and how to modify them in the Various Browsers.

With the basics covered, Eli now presents 3 videos on the Oscillators, including their various Types, Parameters, and Sounds. Eli then shows you how to use them with the Mapping Editor and Sample Oscillator to load Multiple Samples, Edit Layers, Key Groups, Pitch, and Velocity Ranges.

From there, Eli demonstrates how to use Slice Mode for Loop Slicing, Playback, and Exporting. The next video focuses on the Sample Editor, Stretch Modes, and Keygroup Controls, where you can edit sample start and end loop points, keep the speed of samples constant when triggered from different pitches, and how to lock trigger notes to your host DAW’s timeline.

Moving on, Eli takes you deep into Falcon’s Granular synthesis engine which offers IRCAM Granular, Multi Granular, and Scrub Modes, along with various Envelope and Processor settings.

With the synthesis engines explained, Eli covers Falcon’s Modulation, Arpeggiator, and Layer Controls, and concludes with a video on Advanced Modulation, Macros, how to get the most out of the Built-In Mixer and Performance Mode.

Whether this is your first flight with Falcon or your an experienced user looking to get more out of this deep virtual instrument, don’t miss “UVI Falcon Explained”!

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