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UJAM Drummers Explained®

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12 Videos | Length: 53min 3sec
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Chapter 1 : UJAM Drummers Explained

  • Getting to Know the Interface 4:47

    Getting to Know the Interface

    Hear what the three drum instruments sound like, and get an overview of the main elements in the user interface.

  • Live Triggering & Latch Mode 4:54

    Live Triggering & Latch Mode

    See how the beginnings and ends of fills and grooves seamlessly blend together when triggering parts while the transport is playing and Latch Mode is enabled.

  • Sequencing & Multi Samples 6:57

    Sequencing & Multi Samples

    Follow along as sequenced patterns and fills in the upper octaves are set up in a typical DAW environment. Then hear how sequencing additional individual multi samples from the lower octaves, along with the patterns, creates more interesting parts.

  • Phat 3:40


    Explore the various drum kit tuning and microphone presets, as well as the mixing console character settings of the Phat instrument.

  • Solid 4:15


    Hear the range of drum kit, mic, and console settings the Virtual Drummer Solid is capable of.

  • Heavy 4:05


    Discover the range of tones and mixer settings available with the Virtual Drummer Heavy instrument.

  • Creating a Drum Part 6:41

    Creating a Drum Part

    Follow along as trigger notes and fills are programmed in on a singer/songwriter rock arrangement, using Virtual Drummer Heavy.

  • Automating Virtual Drummer 4:07

    Automating Virtual Drummer

    See and hear how automating the feel and individual kit piece levels at different sections in the arrangement enhances the nuance and realism of the overall drum part.

Chapter 2 : Version 2 Update

  • MIDI Drag & Drop 3:11

    MIDI Drag & Drop

    See how you can get more mileage out of the preset patterns by dragging and dropping them into your DAW and modifying them. You can also use Drag and Drop to combine song parts from various styles, and different drummers.

  • Ambience Channels 3:19

    Ambience Channels

    Overhead and Room channels are added in the Virtual Drummer 2 update. They can each be compressed and filtered, and are used to blend with the individual kit pieces to give a sense of the space the drums are in. Explore some of the alternate instrument choices in Phat, and watch as a style fill from Phat is combined with the exported pattern from Solid.

  • Master Section 3:45

    Master Section

    Hear how the new Master Section in the Virtual Drummer 2 update is used to enhance the character of the drum mix with unique drum room reverbs, saturation to add harmonic distortion, and a limiter to enhance the overall weight of the drum blend.

  • Individual Outputs 3:22

    Individual Outputs

    Explore how routing the individual kit elements to individual outputs in your DAW opens up the range of mix options using third party plug-ins.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Eli Krantzberg reveals the new virtual drummer instrument from UJAM! Learn all about its features and functions, as well as see it in-action in a real world session.

Eli starts by welcoming you and demonstrates what the three different drum instruments (Phat, Solid, and Heavy) sound like, and gives an overview of the main elements found in their user interfaces.

You’ll then learn how to make the beginnings and ends of fills and grooves seamlessly blend together, followed by how to sequence patterns and fills including individual multi-samples for adding in extra parts.

You’ll then get 3 videos, one dedicated to each of the different drummer versions, Phat, Solid and Heavy, and then how to create a drum part from scratch for a singer / songwriter production.

Wrapping it up, Eli demonstrates how automating the feel and individual kit piece levels at different sections in the arrangement enhances the nuance and realism of the overall drum part.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to UJAM Drummers, or just want to know more about it before you dive in, look no further… Watch “UJAM Drummers Explained®’ today!

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