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UAD Apollo Console Explained®

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    Tutorial 1



    Matt gives us a first look at the AUD Apollo Console and explores the main sections of the UI. Matt also gives a tour of the tabs and other hidden areas of the console and discusses what to expect from the videos coming up next.

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    Tutorial 2

    Software Installation


    Matt shows us exactly how to install the software and how to open up the program for our first time. He authorizes the plugins that are available for the AUD Apollo Console.

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    Tutorial 3

    Console Inputs and Functions


    In this video we take an in-depth look at the console and start to go over what the features actually do. We'll start at the top of the Channel Strip and work our way through the Signal Flow. We'll take a good look at the plug-ins and all the essential features that will help us in the studio.

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    Tutorial 4

    Apollo Console with Pro Tools


    In this video Matt integrates the AUD Apollo Console into Pro Tools and discusses Input Monitoring and "Record to Tape". We'll also record live guitar and vocals.

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    Tutorial 5

    Apollo Console with Logic Pro


    Matt starts by setting up Logic so the Apollo Console will work properly inside the DAW. Matt records and "Over-Dubs" with both programs. We'll also take a look at creating a good headphone mix through Logic X.

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    Tutorial 6

    Headphones and IO


    Matt takes a closer look inside the control panel and some other tabs within the UAD Apollo Console before moving on to the ADAT Channels. Matt also discusses Optical or SPDIF within the console and looks at the Headphone Section and how to create a good mix for the musicians recording in the studio.

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    Tutorial 7

    Wrap Up


    Matt reviews everything he has covered in previous videos before discussing sending multiple headphone mixes to different artist.

Studio guru Matt Whatley gives you a head start into the powerful but flexible Universal Audio UAD Apollo Console software. Learn all the basics plus cool routing and customization options that are available when recording with the awesome Apollo series interfaces.

Matt first welcomes you and gives a preview of what's to come in the series, followed by How to Install the UAD Console Software and Drivers. Apollo Console Inputs & Functions are next, and you'll explore how they're Controlled with both the software or via the Apollo hardware.

Moving on, you'll learn several Ways to Use the Apollo Console with your DAW, as well as Routing Techniques and Options. Wrapping it up, Matt explains what the Virtual Channels are and why you would want to use them.

If you have a Universal Audio Apollo interface, you should know about the powerful routing and recording options available to you... Watch "UAD Apollo Console Explained" today.


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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started dabbling as a kiddo, beginning with piano at about age 7. My love and appreciation for music only develops and matures as I get older. My main instrument is now guitar, but I have a great love for Wurly and B3.

2. What training have you had?

Mostly studio experience on the audio side of things. In order to get my foot in the door on that kind of experience, I would hang around a studio until they gave me something to do. I knew just enough to run a sound track session one day, and ever since studio work is about all I've done.

3. When did you get into recording?

Around the late 80's as far as dabbling goes. I started to take it serious and realized it was something I wanted to do professionally around college in 1995 back when it was still all about analog tape, patch bays, outboard gear, and signal flow. Still is a great way to learn if you ask me!

4. People you have worked with/for?

Jeremy Camp, Cas Haley, Josh Heinrichs, Greg White, Chip Bricker, Big Karma Records, Easy Star Records, Cedar Rock Studio, SG Studios, Flat Out Studio, S.M.A.R.T. Studios, WTGO Radio, Sweetwater Sound, Klipsch Audio Technologies, and countless incredibly talented artists you may have never heard.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

Because I have four children and a great wife that teaches me (by example) how to teach them. As for Audio, experience in the field is my greatest asset for imparting knowledge.

Products by Matt

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    tutorial video

    Edit Multi-Track Drums in Logic Pro X

    Say you’ve recorded an amazing drum take, but there’s just a couple tiny flubs. If you’re a Logic Pro X user, you have some fantastic tools at your disposal to make those moments right, even when dealing with a full, multi-tracked drum kit. In this in-depth video tutorial series, studio pro Matt Whatley shows you how.

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    tutorial video

    Mastering with UAD Plug-Ins

    UAD guru Matt Whatley is back, this time showing you how to Master with some of the most popular mastering plug-ins from UA Audio! Mastering can make the difference between dull sounding recordings and exciting tracks, but you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them.

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    tutorial video

    UAD Apollo 2 Console Explained

    Universal Audio has supercharged their Apollo 2 Console software, and studio guru Matt Whatley shows you all the basics plus cool routing and customization options that are available via the Console software when recording with the awesome Apollo 2 series interfaces.

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    tutorial video

    UAD Apollo Console Explained

    Studio guru Matt Whatley gives you a head start into the powerful but flexible Universal Audio UAD Apollo Console software. Learn all the basics plus cool routing and customization options that are available when recording with the awesome Apollo series interfaces.

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