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UA Unison Preamps & Channel Strips Explained®

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  • How Does Unison Work? 5:06

    How Does Unison Work?

    Learn all about how Unison enabled plug-ins work, and how to use gain stage mode from your Apollo hardware.

  • API Vision Channel Strip 9:15

    API Vision Channel Strip

    This channel strip combines a mic preamp, two filters, gate/expander, compressor/limiter, and four band equalizer into a single plug-in. Hear how the filters effect the compression when used in sidechain mode, and explore the various sections in detail.

  • Manley Voxbox Channel Strip 9:01

    Manley Voxbox Channel Strip

    Explore this classic vocal tube driven channel strip that features Opto-Style compression before the preamp stage, as well as three bands of Pultech style EQ, and a built-in De-esser.

  • Neve 1073 8:19

    Neve 1073

    Hear how this dual input stage preamp and EQ circuit is used with the line level input and mic input modes, on both voice and individual drum kit elements.

  • Neve 88RS 10:20

    Neve 88RS

    Explore the qualities of this modern sounding channel strip based on the Neve 88 series consoles, with their transformer based mic preamps, formant spectrum four band EQs, VCA style dynamics section, and two cut filters.

  • SSL E Channel 12:16

    SSL E Channel

    Learn about the various SSL E Channel functions and hear examples of the EQ section, compression and gating, side chaining, and its fast attack characteristics in action on drum and guitar tracks.

  • UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection 5:44

    UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

    Learn all about and listen to these two classic preamps, known for their harmonic detail, rich clipping, and saturation characteristics!

Product Overview

Studio pro Eli Krantzberg reveals the technology and magic behind Universal Audio’s Unison Preamp technology and plug-ins! Learn all about the different Unison Enabled Plug-Ins and best practices for using them in your tracks and productions.

Eli starts at the beginning, explaining how Unison Enabled Plug-Ins work, and how to use Gain Stage Mode from your Apollo hardware to change their sonic response. Next, Eli covers all the Unison Enabled Plug-Ins one by one, so you know exactly what they add to your sound, as well as how to dial them in for different coloring and tone.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you have or want to use Universal Audio Unison Enabled Plug-Ins, check this video tutorial series out. You’ll know exactly how to get the most out of them when using them in your tracks and mixes, making the process faster and more creative. Watch “UA Unison Preamps & Channel Strips Explained®” today!

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