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  • Drums Pt. 1 - Hi-Hat 6:13

    Drums Pt. 1 - Hi-Hat

    In this video, Fabio Lendrum welcomes you to the course. He then begins by choosing samples from an 808 kit, and programs a hat sequence that will work as the metronome.

  • Drums Pt. 2 - Snare 3:02

    Drums Pt. 2 - Snare

    Fabio builds a classic 808 snare rhythm that will slowly help build the foundation of the song.

  • Drums Pt. 3 - Kick 5:03

    Drums Pt. 3 - Kick

    In this video, Fabio programs a punchy and speaker cutting kick rhythm.

  • Drums Pt. 4 - Tweaking the Hi-Hat 5:27

    Drums Pt. 4 - Tweaking the Hi-Hat

    Fabio adds variation to the pitch and rhythm of hat to help conclude the end of bar phrases.

  • Drums Pt. 5 - Tweaking the Snare 5:13

    Drums Pt. 5 - Tweaking the Snare

    In this video, new snare samples are added to fill in the gaps. He also adds depth with filtering.

  • Drums Pt. 6 - Open Hats & Cymbals 7:56

    Drums Pt. 6 - Open Hats & Cymbals

    Fabio adds cymbals and open hats, for high frequency energy.

  • Drums Pt. 7 - Layering 13:18

    Drums Pt. 7 - Layering

    Fabio explores layering the drums for a fuller and more professional sound that will make sure the drums pop on any system.

  • Synth Plucks Pt. 1 8:09

    Synth Plucks Pt. 1

    In this video, Fabio discusses some basic music theory and constructs a melody with a plucky synth sequence using Logic?s retro synth and Pitch Correction audio effect.

  • Synth Plucks Pt. 2 3:57

    Synth Plucks Pt. 2

    Fabio layers the first plucks from part 1 for a thicker and more interesting sound, increasing the harmonics and adding new dimensions.

  • Synth Plucks Pt. 3 8:59

    Synth Plucks Pt. 3

    In this video, Fabio adds delay, reverb and filters to create darker tones that help the plucks sit further in the background of the mix.

  • Synth Pads 9:36

    Synth Pads

    Fabio creates a sustained sequence for tension in breakdowns with two layered synths.

  • 808 Bass Pt. 1 11:29

    808 Bass Pt. 1

    In this video, Fabio shows how to use pre-recorded samples to create a simple 808 bass line.

  • 808 Bass Pt. 2 5:12

    808 Bass Pt. 2

    In this video, Fabio shows how to use a synthesizer to create an 808 bass line from scratch. He also shows how modulation envelopes help achieve maximum control.

  • Sampling Pt. 1 9:03

    Sampling Pt. 1

    Fabio samples some real life sounds to create his own unique synth in EXS24.

  • Sampling Pt. 2 6:17

    Sampling Pt. 2

    Fabio uses processing on the samples to add clarity and help them sit as a lead in the mix.

  • Background Fillers 8:54

    Background Fillers

    In this video, Fabio uses a vinyl crackle and choir effects to to fill out the background space in quieter parts of the track.

  • Vocals Pt. 1 5:34

    Vocals Pt. 1

    Fabio builds some repetitive layered gang vocals to add more rhythm.

  • Vocals Pt. 2 5:53

    Vocals Pt. 2

    Fabio uses processing on the vocal phrases to create atmospheric effects and ambient sounds.

  • Finishing Touches 5:46

    Finishing Touches

    Using Effectrix, Fabio makes the sampled synth more interesting rhythmically.

  • Organization 6:55


    In this video, Fabio organizes the session by naming, coloring the tracks, and prepares for a mix down.

  • Mixing Pt. 1 7:50

    Mixing Pt. 1

    Fabio begins the mixdown by balancing the track using only volumes to get a feel for how the track will sound when finished.

  • Mixing Pt. 2 10:49

    Mixing Pt. 2

    In this video, Fabio uses the Waves SSL E-Channel to add and remove wanted/unwanted frequencies on drums and bass.

  • Mixing Pt. 3 7:44

    Mixing Pt. 3

    Fabio continues using the SSL E-Channel, this time to add and remove wanted/unwanted frequencies on synths and vocals.

  • Mixing Pt. 4 12:15

    Mixing Pt. 4

    Fabio adds distortion and saturation to some of the elements in the track for clipping, tone and warmth.

  • Mixing Pt. 5 5:43

    Mixing Pt. 5

    Fabio uses some sidechain compression to help the kick and bass sit together harmoniously, as well as adding pump to the background fillers.

  • Structure Pt. 1 11:53

    Structure Pt. 1

    In this video, Fabio takes the loops he has created and begins arranging them into intro, verse and first chorus.

  • Structure Pt. 2 9:56

    Structure Pt. 2

    Fabio adds the second verse and chorus, ensuring there is a change in energy in order to maintain the listeners attention.

  • Structure Pt. 3 6:10

    Structure Pt. 3

    Fabio uses FX to help transitions of the song flow smoothly.

  • Mastering Pt. 1 6:57

    Mastering Pt. 1

    In this video, Fabio uses a series of EQs and compressors to help glue and accentuate the sound of the mix.

  • Mastering Pt. 2 7:04

    Mastering Pt. 2

    Fabio uses a clipper and limiters to reach the desired loudness.

  • Final Playthrough 3:51

    Final Playthrough

    A full run through of the track from beginning to end.

Product Overview

Electronic Music wiz Fabio Lendrum shows you how to produce a Trap track from start to finish, including everything that goes on in between. See how to produce this incredibly popular style of music step by step, using your DAW, various plug-ins, and the included downloadable tracks from the production. Get the info you need to make your own Trap masterpieces now.

Shown in Logic Pro X, but applicable to any DAW, Fabio begins by welcoming you and then gets right to it, showing how to choose the right samples for the job, and lay out a solid pulse using a hi-hat sequence. Then it's all about the drum production, where you'll learn to choose the right kit pieces and program them, while adding more as you go along, creating an exciting, infectious drum part.

Synth instruments are next, and Fabio reveals how to choose notes that are in the right key so they all work together to create an interesting melody, and then make a thick pad sound that offers a solid foundation to put your other elements on top of. You'll then see how to create a fat 808 bass part, and sample your own sounds to create a custom synth.

Vocals are next, and Fabio reveals how to program and effect them for that now classic Trap sound and feel. After that you'll see how to make the final touches to the production, and then it's mixing time. Discover how to EQ, Distort, Saturate, Effect, Compress and Sidechain different sounds to make a cohesive mix that suits the Trap genre. Tweaking the final arrangement is then shown, as well as how to master the production, and more.

If you're into Trap music and want to know how to produce it, or just want to know more about the genre and it's elements, this video tutorial series hits the nail on the head... watch

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