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21 Videos | Length: 2hr 16min 18sec
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  • Intro & Walkthrough 2:48

    Intro & Walkthrough

    Morgan welcomes you and goes over what you'll be learning and doing together in the series, as well as plays the Marshmello inspired track you'll be creating together from scratch.

  • Kick Sound Design 8:36

    Kick Sound Design

    Watch how to design a Future Bass style kick for the song from scratch, using the Kick 2 plug-in.

  • Chorus Snare Design 8:30

    Chorus Snare Design

    Morgan now creates a powerful Future Bass style snare for the chorus using Live's Drum Racks and a basic trap snare. He then layers up some sweeteners to customize the snare perfectly for the track.

  • Verse Snare Design 2:28

    Verse Snare Design

    Using some simple layering techniques, Morgan establishes a nice chilled out vibe with Marshmello-esque clap/snare for the verse.

  • Hi-Hats 2:12


    In this video, Morgan gets the high hats happening using only Live's stock 808 hats, and then reveals how to get them to sit in the track better using bit crushing.

  • Chorus Lead 7:26

    Chorus Lead

    Morgan now creates Marshmello's unmistakable lead sound using Xfer's Serum.

  • Chorus Bass Pt. 1 10:55

    Chorus Bass Pt. 1

    Learn how to make powerful EDM basses, as Morgan cooks up an "in your face" Marshmello style bass sound using Serum, which is composed of two parts.

  • Chorus Bass Pt. 2 3:39

    Chorus Bass Pt. 2

    Continuing with the bass, Morgan now creates the sub portion of the main bass patch, to help create a more powerful overall sound.

  • Breakdown Bass 4:14

    Breakdown Bass

    Moving on the breakdown section, watch how Morgan changes up the rhythm slightly with a percussive 8th note bass part.

  • Chorus Counter Melody Pt. 1 5:35

    Chorus Counter Melody Pt. 1

    To fill out the chorus, Morgan creates the supporting counter-melody for the chorus using some basic layering and Serum presets.

  • Chorus Counter Melody Pt. 2 6:08

    Chorus Counter Melody Pt. 2

    Having created the saw layer component in part 1, Morgan continues with the counter melody, creating the wavetable bell layer.

  • Verse Parts 3:08

    Verse Parts

    Morgon gives a tour of the elements used in the verse.

  • Risers Transitions 7:24

    Risers Transitions

    Learn how to make sections flow together by creating some white noise risers and a drum fill.

  • Snare Build 5:44

    Snare Build

    See how Marshmello does a slightly different take on the traditional EDM snare build, as Morgan creates a cool acoustic style snare build with ghost notes.

  • Mixing Drums 7:35

    Mixing Drums

    With the sound design complete, watch as Morgan gets into mixing the drums, by using EQ, Compression and balancing to really make them pop.

  • Mixing the Lead & Bass 6:37

    Mixing the Lead & Bass

    Now see how Morgan gets the lead standing tall in the mix using the right amount of EQ and processing, and learn how to balance the mid and sub layers as well as use the utility plug-in as an alternative to sidechaining.

  • Counter & Transitions 7:01

    Counter & Transitions

    Continuing with mixing, watch Morgan fine-tune the balance of the counter melody layers, as well as the risers and transitions.

  • Clarity & Impact 9:40

    Clarity & Impact

    Discover how to give the verse parts greater clarity and impact by shaping sounds with leveling, EQ and effects.

  • The Lead Vocal Pt. 1 14:11

    The Lead Vocal Pt. 1

    Introducing the lead vocal! Watch as Morgan gets the verse vocal sitting pretty by using compression, EQ, reverb and effects.

  • The Lead Vocal Pt. 2 7:30

    The Lead Vocal Pt. 2

    The chorus vocal has to really shine, so watch as Morgan processes it separately, based on the settings used in the verse.

  • The Backing Vocals 4:57

    The Backing Vocals

    Learn how to balance in vocal harmonies as Morgan gets them dialed in against the lead vocal. Morgan then wraps up the series with some parting words of wisdom.

Product Overview

Electronic Music guru and producer Morgan Potruff shows you how to produce a track in the style of Marshmello! See how to create a professional sounding electronic track from scratch, with explanations all along the way. You also get the individual tracks to experiment with and remix.

Morgan begins by welcoming you and then starts it all off with in-depth videos on drum sound design and programming, followed by enlightening tutorials on crafting different bass sounds, sequencing them, and making them fit in the mix.

Impactful risers are then created and programmed for added excitement and movement to the song, as well as build ups and more. After additional mixing insights, Morgan shows how to fine-tune the balance of the melody layers, as well as the risers and transitions, including how to give greater clarity and impact to the production by shaping sounds with leveling, EQ and effects.

Wrapping it all up, Morgan adds in the vocal elements including how to edit, arrange and mix them with harmonies into a fully polished production. See the individual tutorial descriptions for more detailed info.

If you're into Marshmello and are curious how to arrive at that sound, or just want to know more about different ways to produce modern electronic music, this series is it… watch “U Produce™ Marshmello” now.

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