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32 Videos | Length: 4hr 9min 54sec
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  • Introduction 3:37


    Morgan welcomes you and goes over what you'll be learning and doing together in the series, as well as plays the Jack Ü inspired track you'll be creating together from scratch.

  • Kick Sound Design 5:28

    Kick Sound Design

    Morgan starts off with the genre's all important Kick Drum. See how to synthesize it from scratch using XFER's Serum virtual synth.

  • Verse Snare Design Pt. 1 6:15

    Verse Snare Design Pt. 1

    Using Drum Racks, you and Morgan create the lower layer of the Verse Snare, comprising of Clap and Snare Samples, then formulate the distinctive "Pop" Clap Snare layer using Operator.

  • Verse Snare Design Pt. 2 7:22

    Verse Snare Design Pt. 2

    Now see how to apply processing to finish off and polish the Snare sound for the Verse.

  • Gain Staging & Bus Compression 10:33

    Gain Staging & Bus Compression

    Morgan now introduces some basic Kick and Snare Bus settings to help shape the Drums, and make sure levels are set to maximize headroom, so mixing is easy and effective later on in the series.

  • Dimension FX for Drums 5:42

    Dimension FX for Drums

    See how to establish an FX Bus for Drums, specifically using Short Reverbs and Haas Delays for depth and texture.

  • Creating Verse Bass Pt. 1 10:55

    Creating Verse Bass Pt. 1

    Watch how to design the Bass sound using Xfer Serum, and record in the MIDI Bass parts that fit and complement the idea of the song.

  • Creating Verse Bass Pt. 2 5:53

    Creating Verse Bass Pt. 2

    Morgan now shows you how to split the Bass sound into Mid-Frequency and Sub-Frequency layers and process them accordingly, to create a Bass sound that has a great bottom, but also has great attack, so it doesn't get lost in the mix.

  • Additional Percussion 3:33

    Additional Percussion

    Morgan now shows you how to design and program the Sleigh Bell / Tambourine sound and part.

  • Build Snare 7:39

    Build Snare

    Explore how to use Distortion and Convolution Impulses from iZotope Trash to create the distinctive "Ü" Snare sound in the Build Up section of the song.

  • Rhythmic Pad Pt. 1 5:06

    Rhythmic Pad Pt. 1

    Follow along with Morgan as he designs the foundation for the Super Saw Pad sound from scratch, that will be used for the Pad instrument later.

  • Rhythmic Pad Pt. 2 5:44

    Rhythmic Pad Pt. 2

    Morgan finishes working on the Pad sound and programs the part, creating a "transformer" or "trance gate" effect using dummy clips. He then finishes it off with cool Filtering and Automation to bring movement and life to the part.

  • The Vocal & Vocal Processing 7:40

    The Vocal & Vocal Processing

    Morgan now introduces you to the Vocal part that was recorded off-line. Together you'll smooth out the dynamics of the Vocal, and apply EQ, Reverb and other Spatial Effects for a professional sounding Vocal take.

  • The Backing Vocals 5:09

    The Backing Vocals

    Next up, the Backing Vocals! See how to smooth out their dynamics, balance them in the track and apply various Spatial Effects so they fill up the space and support the Main Vocal just right.

  • Chopped Vocal Effects 7:43

    Chopped Vocal Effects

    Morgan now reveals how to design and add the popular "Chopped Vocal" effect which creates a whole new dynamic for the Hook of the production.

  • Drop Snare Design Pt. 1 9:12

    Drop Snare Design Pt. 1

    Watch Morgan start the creation and layering of the basic "Punch Layers" of the Snare sound used in the Drop section of the song.

  • Drop Snare Design Pt. 2 11:48

    Drop Snare Design Pt. 2

    Morgan continues, now adding a Sine Tone, Foley Fx, and White Noise Layers to the Snare sound for a bigger, more dynamic sound.

  • Drop Snare Design Pt. 3 3:45

    Drop Snare Design Pt. 3

    The final touches are now added, with Morgan adjusting the timing and levels of the individual Snare layers for maximum clarity and impact.

  • The Drop Hats 4:18

    The Drop Hats

    Now see how to create and program the distinctive high hat part for the Drop, and enhance them using Impulse.

  • The Drop 808 4:53

    The Drop 808

    Morgan now lowers the sonic boom of the 808 Bass in the Drop section for better sound and harmony in the track.

  • The Drop Pitched Vocal Chops 6:18

    The Drop Pitched Vocal Chops

    You'll now explore the technique of Re-Sampling for a way-cool Pitched Vocal Chop Drop part and effect.

  • The Drop Ad-Libs Pt. 1 9:55

    The Drop Ad-Libs Pt. 1

    Watch Morgan further spice up the Drop with some spicy Ad-Lib FX and production techniques.

  • The Drop Ad-Libs Pt. 2 4:35

    The Drop Ad-Libs Pt. 2

    Morgan continues to refine various elements of the Drop section until they're just right.

  • Drum Fills 5:14

    Drum Fills

    Using Drum Racks, explore creating various Trap Drum Fills around the arrangement, making for more interesting and flowing transitions.

  • Drum Arranging 6:20

    Drum Arranging

    Morgan now further arranges the Drums you've created thus far for maximum effectiveness.

  • Vocal Ad-Libs 4:47

    Vocal Ad-Libs

    Now explore creating Special Vocal Effects, by using distortion, chopping and reversing Vocals and other techniques to add more excitement and movement to the production.

  • Risers, Sprays & Transitions FX 14:48

    Risers, Sprays & Transitions FX

    Now see how to create some of the most important effect elements used in the song. Morgan goes step by step crafting cool White Noise Sweeps and Downshifters using SERUM, making for awesome transitions for the track.

  • Freeing Headroom with Sidechaining 5:28

    Freeing Headroom with Sidechaining

    Discover how sidechaining can be used to make more headroom in the track, allowing for a tighter sound, while making it easier to mix the production later on.

  • Mixing Pt. 1 13:13

    Mixing Pt. 1

    Morgan now starts the process of bringing everything together, the Mix! Beginning with the Drums and Drum Bus, you'll work methodically through the all Percussion Tracks, adjusting, tweaking and balancing various parameters.

  • Mixing Pt. 2 11:40

    Mixing Pt. 2

    Explore further processing work on the Percussion elements, and then move on to the Drop Ad-Libs, getting closer to the final mix.

  • Mixing Pt. 3 18:43

    Mixing Pt. 3

    Experience finishing up the Mix with Morgan, now focusing on the Lead Vocals, Basses and Pads, creating a Mix that's ready for Mastering.

  • Final Mastering 16:38

    Final Mastering

    You have arrived! Morgan now demonstrates some basic Mastering, which makes the production as loud as possible, while maintaining clarity and dynamics, so it can be further Mastered or uploaded for all the world to hear.

Product Overview

Electronic Music wiz and educator Morgan Potruff reveals the formula for creating a track from scratch in the style of electronic music greats Jack Ü. Learn the techniques and tricks used to authentically create this popular electronic music genre in this in-depth U Produce™ video series. You also get the individual tracks to experiment with and remix!

Morgan starts off by welcoming you and talks about what you’ll learn in the series, as well as plays the track you’ll be creating together from scratch. Jumping right in, Morgan starts with sound design, showing you how to create the perfect Kick Drum using Xfer Serum, as well as the cutting Snare Drums found in the tracks of Jack Ü.

Next, you’ll see how to craft interesting dimensional effects to better spread the sound out, deep Basses and effective Bass lines, complementary Percussion parts, and Rhythmic Synth Pads that create movement in the track.

The song’s shining jewel is revealed next, the awesome Vocal track that’s used in the production. See how to process it and balance it just right, along with the background vocals and “Chopped” Vocals, together making a professional sounding vocal based arrangement and track.

Moving on, Morgan now shows you how to build an awesome Drop, with all its instruments, that’s both dynamic and impactful, taking the song to its peak. Further Drum Fills, Risers, Sprays and Transition FX, as well as Arranging are also shown, completing the production side of things.

Finally, Morgan gives you in-depth videos on how to Mix this genre and then Masters it, so it’s ready for all the world to hear. See the individual tutorial descriptions below for detailed info. If you’re into Jack Ü, this series is a must see. If you’re new to this sound and want to know more, or just get a different perspective on Electronic Music Production, join the class and watch “U Produce Jack Ü” now!

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