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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 9min 23sec
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  • Trans-Systemic Synthesis 4:29

    Trans-Systemic Synthesis

    Enter the world of trans-systemic synthesis, where traditionally separate sound shaping elements are combined in a single consolidated interface, and approached from a fresh perspective.

  • Loading & Saving Patches 8:02

    Loading & Saving Patches

    See how settings are saved and recalled separately for patch presets, pattern presets, and MIDI Learn templates.

  • Layer & Filter Controls 5:41

    Layer & Filter Controls

    Discover how the layer controls are used to modulate the harmonic frequency and spectral balance, and how the filter controls work.

  • LFO Controls 4:19

    LFO Controls

    Learn how the various LFO controls are used to modulate the filter cutoff frequency.

  • Amp Envelope Controls 5:27

    Amp Envelope Controls

    Learn how the amp envelope controls are used to determine the volume of a note at the various phases it goes through between note on and the return to zero after the note off.

  • Pattern Generator Basics 9:43

    Pattern Generator Basics

    Learn how to set the number and resolution of the steps in a pattern, and how the note offset functions work.

  • Sound Parameter Tabs 5:10

    Sound Parameter Tabs

    See how a sounds timbre is modulated in interesting and irregular ways by applying the pattern generator to the filter and channel height and width tabs.

  • LFO Parameter Tabs 3:58

    LFO Parameter Tabs

    Discover how to use the pattern generator to modulate the LFO values to create either subtle or extreme rhythmic effects.

  • Intelligent Rhythm Control 4:48

    Intelligent Rhythm Control

    See how the IRC function is used to quantize real time MIDI input to various musical subdivisions, and how it's gate feature is used to allow notes within a specified range to get through if a bit early or late.

  • Effects Page 7:19

    Effects Page

    Hear how the built in delay, chorus, and reverb effects are used to help a part sit better in a mix.

  • Twist & Shout 2.0! 10:27

    Twist & Shout 2.0!

    Listen to a short arrangement created exclusively with Twist 2.0, and see how each patch has been modified with some of the functions and techniques explored throughout this series.

Product Overview

Virtual instrument guru Eli Krantzberg puts on his miner's helmet and digs deep into SONiVOX's powerful, but easy to use spectral morphing synth Twist 2.0. This series takes an in-depth look at Twist 2.0's features & functions, empowering you to twist your synth sounds to the max.

Eli begins with an introduction to trans-systemic synthesis, explaining what it is and how it works. From there, Eli shows how to load and save patches before jumping into the layer, filter, LFO and amp envelope controls.

Next it's on to the awesome pattern generator and sound & LFO parameter tabs. Eli then demonstrates how the Intelligent Rhythm Control function can be used to quantize real-time MIDI input, and how the IRC gate feature is used to allow notes within a specified range to get through.

Eli then shows how to use the built-in, top quality reverb, chorus and delay effects to make your part sit better in the mix. Eli concludes the series with an arrangement example created exclusively in Twist 2.0, using some of the features, functions and techniques explored in these videos.

Twist 2.0 is an amazingly powerful, dynamic synth that utilizes simple to use controls and a ergonomic design. Join Eli as he shows you how to get complex, simply... Watch "Twist 2.0" today.

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