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  • Introduction 3:47


    Laurence discusses using Turnado as a multi effects unit as well as giving an introduction to the workflow.

  • The Interface and Settings 4:03

    The Interface and Settings

    In this video Laurence introduces you to the interface, the effects browser and effects slot. Laurence also explores how Turnado works and the interaction between the interface and parameters.

  • The Edit Page and Common Controls 7:06

    The Edit Page and Common Controls

    Join Laurence as he demonstrates the Main Knob, Wet/Dry balance and assigns the main knob to effects parameters.

  • The Modulators 8:46

    The Modulators

    Watch as Laurence uses the 2 LFO's & the Envelope Follower, the Common controls and their creative uses.

  • Delay Effects 9:25

    Delay Effects

    In this video Laurence discusses the Pattern Delay, Reverse Delay and Pitch Delay and their respective parameters.

  • Modulation Effects 7:40

    Modulation Effects

    Watch as Laurence explores the modulation effects. Laurence covers Flanging & Chorusing, Phasing and creating pitched tonal effects using the Tonalizer.

  • The Reverb Effects 10:26

    The Reverb Effects

    In this video Laurence uses and explains the Reverb, Freezeverb and their respective parameters. Laurence also creates rhythmic effects using the Freezeverb.

  • Transformation Effects 10:03

    Transformation Effects

    In this video discover the Transformation effects Ring Modulator and Vocodizer. Laurence manipulates drums with the Ring Modulator and creates melodic patterns using the Vocodizer.

  • Amplifier Effects 9:43

    Amplifier Effects

    Watch as Laurence demonstrates and explains the Levelizer and Guitar Amp Effects. Laurence also shows Bitcrushing and Sample Rate reductio as well as Creating Tremolo and Auto Pan effects. Creating multi-band distortion effects using the Guitar Amp settin are also covered.

  • Loop Effects Pt. 1 14:19

    Loop Effects Pt. 1

    In this first of two videos on the Loop effects Laurence explores the Looper and its parameters, creating glitchy rhythms with the Looper and focuses on the Pitch Looper to add pitched looped effects and creating glitchy pan effects using the Pan Looper.

  • Loop Effects Pt. 2 10:16

    Loop Effects Pt. 2

    In this video Laurence uses The Reaktor and its Freeze and Reverb settings and their parameters. Laurence also rearranges loops using the Slicearranger.

  • DJ Tools 9:05

    DJ Tools

    Laurence dives into the the Granulizer and uses it to create stretched effects. Laurence also creates stutter effects using the Stutter setting and creates turntable effects using the Vinylizer.

  • Filter Effects 11:54

    Filter Effects

    Watch as Laurence makes stereo filter effects using the FIlter, creates autofilter effects using the Filter Pattern setting ans Talkbox effects using the Vowel Filter. Laurence also explores the weird and wonderful with the Spectralizer.

  • The Dictator 6:55

    The Dictator

    In this video Laurence uses the Dictator to automate the 8 effects knobs. Laurence also shows how to assign presets for random editing to your hearts content!

  • Turnado in Action 4:36

    Turnado in Action

    In this final video Laurence shows how to use Turnado with a MIDI controller and explores signal flow options.

Product Overview

Laurence Holcombe is back with an awesome series about the incredible Sugar Bytes Turnado multi-effect tool, created especially for massive real-time audio manipulation. Learn all the important features and functions, as well as how to put them to good use, making plain tracks into something twisted!

Laurence begins by welcoming you and discusses the innovative workflow found in Turnado. He then covers the interface and settings, showing you how to browse and load effects. Next, Laurence reveals the Edit Page and all of its common controls and how to assign them to different parameters.

Moving on, Laurence then examines all the different effects such as Modulation, Reverb, Transformers, Amplifiers and Loop effects, giving you full disclosure on all they can do, as well as creative examples of them in action.

Not stopping there, Laurence gives some love to the DJ's using Turnado. DJ tools such as the Granulizer and Vinylizer are demonstrated as well as powerful filter effects like the Talkbox and Spectralizer.

Wrapping it all up, Laurence shows you how to use the Dictator feature for automating up to 8 effects at once, and then the steps for incorporating a MIDI controller with Turnado for truly mind blowing expressive control over your sound.

If you use Sugar Bytes Turnado you have to see these videos. They'll take you further in your sound twisting endeavors and make it all clear before the storm! Watch "Turnado Explained" today.

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