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Trilian 1.5 Update Explained®

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14 Videos | Length: 1hr 26min 49sec
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  • The Mini Browser Pt. 1 4:33

    The Mini Browser Pt. 1

    See how the new Mini Browser lets you browse Multis and Patches, as well as edit sounds without switching pages.

  • The Mini Browser Pt. 2 6:34

    The Mini Browser Pt. 2

    Learn all about the Mini Browser's Stepper Buttons, Sort Menu, Audition/Auto play buttons, Sound Lock, and search features.

  • New Filter Types & Modulation Sidebar 4:34

    New Filter Types & Modulation Sidebar

    Hear the new Filter types and variant control available in Trilian 1.5, plus, see the new Modulation sidebar in action.

  • The Waveshaper 6:53

    The Waveshaper

    See how the Waveshaper's Crusher, Shaper, and Reducer controls work together to generate various interesting types of harmonically driven distortion.

  • Timbre Crushing & Soundsource Reversing 5:35

    Timbre Crushing & Soundsource Reversing

    Discover how the main Oscillator page has been enhanced with Polyphonic Bit Crushing, and Soundsource Reversing.

  • Ring Modulation 4:56

    Ring Modulation

    Explore this new synthesis option in Trilian 1.5 and hear how the Polyphonic Pitch Tracking produces more musical results than traditional fixed pitch Ring Modulators.

  • Other New Synthesis Parameters 4:55

    Other New Synthesis Parameters

    Learn all about the enhancements to the FM and Harmonia Synthesis parameters introduced in the Trilian 1.5 update.

  • Modulation Enhancements 7:19

    Modulation Enhancements

    In addition to the doubled number of available Modulation Matrix Slots, and the ability to modulate all layers, Trilian 1.5 has several new modulation sources. Hear 3-Step, 4-Step, Bias, Constant, Constant Bipolar, Random, and Random Unipolar at work on a synth bass part.

  • Arpeggiator Enhancements 9:30

    Arpeggiator Enhancements

    Explore the exciting new additions to Trilian's Arpeggiator, including Duplicate, Rotate, Reverse, And Shuffle modes, the new Speed Knob, new Note Patterns, new Octave Modes, new Step Modifiers, new Play Modes, Latch Mode, and the Capture feature.

  • New FX Rack Features 5:14

    New FX Rack Features

    Discover the improvements made to Trilian 1.5 FX Rack handling, including the new Aux FX Rack per patch with Pre/Post Fader Sends, Modulation of FX Rack parameters, FX Rack Bypass button, Drag and Drop reordering of Effects, new Preset FX unit Preset Steppers, and Locking FX while browsing other patches.

  • Sharing 4:38


    Learn about the three ways of easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third party library developers.

  • Miscellaneous Enhancements 4:39

    Miscellaneous Enhancements

    See all the small but useful improvements made to the Trilian workflow, including new Live Mode and System Page features, expanded Parameter Ranges, and more.

  • Designing Synth Bass from Scratch 8:19

    Designing Synth Bass from Scratch

    Follow along as a 2 layer Synth Bass sound, combining a sawtooth waveform with noise, is built up from scratch. Various Filters, Envelopes, Modulation, Effects, and more are explored.

  • Tips on Working with Electric Basses 9:10

    Tips on Working with Electric Basses

    Watch as a bass part is recorded and edited, with Live Mode used for Key Switching between playing Styles. Plus, see how the True Staccato versions are used to trigger velocity based slides, and range based Staccato Notes.

Product Overview

Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Spectrasonics Trilian video tutorials covering the new features in version 1.5! Learn everything you need to know about the new Trilian 1.5 features and functions, including how to use them creatively. You'll also get a lesson on sound design, showing how to create a unique bass from scratch. These videos are for those who already know how to use Trilian and just want to focus on the new features added in version 1.5. If you are completely new to Trilian, we suggest watching Trilian Explained® first.

Eli begins by welcoming you and then jumps right in, revealing the new Mini Browser and how to use it to load and save Multis and Patches, as well as edit sounds without switching pages. He then covers the new Stepper Buttons, Sort Menu, Audition/Auto play buttons, Sound Lock, and search features for total Trilian control. Moving on you'll learn all about the new Filter Types, Modulation Sidebar, and the the new Waveshaper, whose Crusher, Shaper, and Reducer controls work together to generate interesting sonic colors of harmonically driven distortion.

Next, it's all about the new Timbre Crushing and Soundsource Reversing parameters which allow you to create endless tones, as well as the Ring Modulation feature with its new Polyphonic Pitch Tracking that produces more musical results than traditional fixed pitch Ring Modulators. Throughout the rest of the videos you'll get familiar with the new Modulation enhancements, Arpeggiator features, FX Rack additions, Sharing options for collaboration, and much, much more.

To see what these in-depth Trilian 1.5 tutorials show you, and how can get up to speed on this important update fast, see the individual Trilain video descriptions on this page. Discover everything that's new in the Trilian 1.5 update today... Watch "Trilian 1.5 Update Explained®" now!

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