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  • Introduction 2:43


    The Trigger Finger Pro is a unique pad controller that houses a stand-alone step sequencer. This video is a quick intro to registering the hardware and obtaining the software.

  • Hardware Overview 5:09

    Hardware Overview

    Understanding the hardware layout is crucial to navigating through the different modes on the TFP. This section also helps you understand how to customize your preferences.

  • Sequence Mode 12:32

    Sequence Mode

    This is the heart and soul of the TFP. With the step sequencer, you can quickly create rhythmic patterns using any software plugin on your computer or outboard MIDI module.

  • Control Mode 8:11

    Control Mode

    In Control Mode, you can configure the control section to control plugins or DAW parameters. This also supports HUI and Mackie for using the faders and transport with any HUI/MACKIE supported DAW.

  • Pad Mode 7:44

    Pad Mode

    The TFP consists of 16 pressure-sensitive drum pads across four banks. This enables you to assign pads to different MIDI channels to trigger various instruments. Its fully customizable even down to the pad colors.

  • Advance Sequence 8:01

    Advance Sequence

    Because the step sequencer is the heart of the TFP, knowing how to copy and paste parts across the sequence becomes useful when creating new patterns. This also explains how the roll feature can be used to record repeated drum parts.

  • Arsenal 7:12


    Arsenal is the interface between the TFP and your VST instruments. This automatically maps the controller section of the TFP to your plug-ins.

  • AIR Drums 11:21

    AIR Drums

    As a drum pad controller, the TFP bundles AIR Drums, a sample player instrument. Included with AIR Drums, you get some amazing drum sounds from Anomaly, Toolroom Records, and Prime Loops.

  • Ableton Setup 7:49

    Ableton Setup

    With the versatility of the TFP, setting up DAW control can be a great solution for live performances. Utilizing the step sequencer and your favorite plugins, you can easily customize the TFP to work the way you want.

  • Pro Tools Setup 4:15

    Pro Tools Setup

    Since the TFP supports HUI Control, you can use the faders and transport to control Pro Tools. This type of customization turns the TFP into more than just a pad controller.

Product Overview

M-Audio's Trigger Finger Pro is a feature packed hardware pad controller with an integrated step sequencer and M-Audio master Alex Solano shows you how to take control of this powerhouse hardware and software monster combination and make tracks!

Alex starts by introducing you to the Trigger Finger Pro, walking you through Installation and giving you a Complete Overview of the Hardware. Next, Alex explores the Sequence mode, one of the most powerful sections of the Trigger Finger Pro. Two other critical modes, Control Mode and Pad Mode are then examined in detail, as well as hardware videos showing Advanced Sequence Techniques.

The remaining tutorials focus on the software side of the Trigger Finger Pro. Alex begins with Arsenal, the software interface between the hardware and your VST instruments. Next, Alex dives into the AIR drums. Finally, Alex ends with videos on How to Set Up the Trigger Finger Pro with Ableton Live and Pro Tools.

Whether you're a DJ or studio musician looking for a killer pad controller, or you already own the Trigger Finger Pro and want to know more about it, watch "Trigger Finger Pro Explained" today!

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