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20 Videos | Length: 2hr 9min 12sec
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Chapter 1 : Tremor Basics

  • Tremor Overview 3:44

    Tremor Overview

    Explore Tremor's interface and see how the controls for the drum synthesizers, step sequencer and effects processing are laid out.

  • The Preset Pickers 9:25

    The Preset Pickers

    Learn how to customize and personalize the factory defaults by mixing and matching presets from the the five preset pickers located in different areas of the Tremor architecture.

  • Triggering Tremor with a DAW 6:28

    Triggering Tremor with a DAW

    See how the individual synth engines are mapped to MIDI notes, as well as how to use trigger notes in your DAW to play any of the 24 available patterns in the step sequencer section.

  • Transport & Custom Metronome 6:11

    Transport & Custom Metronome

    Learn about the Undo/Redo functions, the transport controls and how to use a customized metronome sound.

  • Basic Real-Time Recording 4:11

    Basic Real-Time Recording

    Discover how to record Tremor sounds in your DAW, as well as how to record into empty patterns using real time MIDI input.

  • Standalone & General Controls 5:22

    Standalone & General Controls

    Explore how to connect the stand alone version of Tremor to your Audio and MIDI hardware, set the tempo either numerically or by tapping and control playback from your QWERTY keyboard.

Chapter 2 : The Synthesis Engine

  • Kit Page Controls 5:42

    Kit Page Controls

    See how the Kit Page is used for master Synth Engine controls and how the Macro controls are used for direct access to select synth engine parameters.

  • Ramp & Repeats 5:04

    Ramp & Repeats

    Discover how repeat triggers are generated from a single trigger input and then used as a downward ramp modulation source.

  • The Oscillator Controls 7:40

    The Oscillator Controls

    The heart of each synth engine is the oscillator. See how to control its pitch, shape, pitch modulation, width and frequency.

  • Harmonics & Membrane Controls 5:43

    Harmonics & Membrane Controls

    Discover how the harmonics and membrane mode controls are used to shape and influence the partials generated from the main oscillator.

  • Noise, Mixer & Sub Oscillator 4:13

    Noise, Mixer & Sub Oscillator

    See how white noise is shaped with the built-in bandpass filter and blended with the oscillator and sub oscillator sounds in the synth engine mixer section.

  • Drive, Filter & Output Controls 6:42

    Drive, Filter & Output Controls

    Explore how the drive controls are used both before and after the filter section, how the various Clean and Fat filter modes work and how to set the output stage of the synth engine that feeds the final Amp Envelope.

  • LFOs 5:22


    LFOs are repeating cyclical patterns that are used as modulation sources to animate other parameters over time. Hear how they are used on a per synth engine basis to add motion to parameters like filter cut off, post filter overdrive and panning.

  • Sample & Hold, Envelopes & Macros 9:45

    Sample & Hold, Envelopes & Macros

    Discover how these modulation sources are used and assigned to dynamically modulate destination parameters over time.

  • Engine Setup & TransMod 7:42

    Engine Setup & TransMod

    See how to use the Engine Setup controls to link voices for automatic layering, create choke groups, have individual engines play back at multiples of the main tempo and more.

  • Effects 3:55


    Discover how to work with and manage synth engine and master output FX and FX chains.

Chapter 3 : Patterns, Graphs and Mapping

  • Working with Patterns 5:56

    Working with Patterns

    Learn how the 4 playback modes work, how to rename and manage the 24 available patterns, change the step sizes used and add swing values.

  • Creating Patterns 8:17

    Creating Patterns

    See how notes are entered into step cells to create patterns and how the velocity, repeats, probability, insert and step size features are used to easily construct interesting and evolving patterns.

  • Graphs 6:56


    Discover how graphs are used as modulation sources to vary synth engine parameters based on each step of the underlying pattern.

  • Mapping 10:54


    Learn how MIDI CC and host based automation are set up and used for continuous rather than step based automation.

Product Overview

Feel the earth move when you make your beats with FXpansion's Tremor software drum machine! Eli Krantzberg returns with this smash series, showing you everything there is to know about this awesome drum machine that features powerful synthesis, effects, modulation and step-sequencing.

Eli begins with an in-depth overview, how to manage presets and use them, triggering Tremor with your DAW, real-time recording, standalone operation and general controls.

Eli then dives into Tremor's deep synthesis engine with videos showing you all about kit page controls, ramps & repeats, oscillator controls, harmonics and membrane controls, noise, mixer and sub oscillators, drive, filter and output controls, LFO's, envelopes, macros, engine setup, effects and much more.

Eli wraps up the series with powerful tutorials showcasing how to work with patterns, creating patterns, graphs and MIDI mapping. If you use FXpansion's Tremor drum machine, learn to make it shake the ground... watch "Tremor Explained" today.

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