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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • Introduction 4:35


    Learn what Trash 2 is and what it can do! Russ gives you the grand tour and shows you just what Trash 2 has for your sonic arsenal.

  • General Settings 7:53

    General Settings

    Get Trash 2 looking just how you want without wasting valuable system resources.

  • Spectrum Settings 3:29

    Spectrum Settings

    Find out how to optimize the spectrum analysis read out so it displays just what you need to see.

  • IO Settings 5:34

    IO Settings

    Learning to set the audio in and out at the right levels is essential to getting a great sound in Trash 2. Russ shows you how in this video.

  • Modules Settings 5:03

    Modules Settings

    Discover the place to tweak the settings for Trash's Filter, Dynamics and Limiter.

  • Convolve Settings 1:55

    Convolve Settings

    Explore how to manage your IR library and make sure you get them loaded without any issues.

Chapter 2 : The Modules in Detail

  • The Filter Modules 18:03

    The Filter Modules

    This is where you can do anything from a simple bass boost, sparkle the top end or mangle the filters with modulators. Ffind out how to become a power filter user!

  • The Trash Module 12:44

    The Trash Module

    This is the downright dirty section where you can do anything from a simple bit of saturation right through to sound obliteration. Learn how to talk dirty.

  • The Convolve Module 5:33

    The Convolve Module

    Ever wished you could have a room full of amps and cabs to play your guitar through? Ever wished you could play your drums though a washing machine? Well, whatever the space, the Convolve module gives you limitless options for putting your sound in different spaces, or even load your own. Russ shows you how!

  • The Dynamics Module 12:01

    The Dynamics Module

    Get a full overview of the dynamics module with both the single and multi-band compressor / limiter as well as noise gates.

  • The Delay Module 7:09

    The Delay Module

    Explore choosing from an array of different delays to add extra time-based effects to your sound.

  • Preset Management 2:39

    Preset Management

    Learn to find, save and organize your presets to increase your workflow with Trash 2.

Chapter 3 : Trash 2 in Action

  • Synths 12:09


    Russ shows you how to take a synth and create an entirely new set of sounds just from one basic track. By the end of this session you'll be mangling your sounds into ways you never thought possible.

  • Beats 7:09


    Discover how to take a tired old beat and morph it into something new using Trash 2.

  • Guitars 12:04


    Find out how to take a basic guitar and make it into a killer guitar sound, or with some automation tricks, two sounds for the price of one!

  • Bass Guitar 5:08

    Bass Guitar

    One bass, but many sounds. See how to take a basic bass guitar and give it edge and rumble in this cool tutorial.

  • Vocals 5:09


    Want to give your vocals some real edge? Or maybe get that cool radio sound? Russ shows you how to do both in this video.

  • Mix Buss 5:55

    Mix Buss

    Take a basic dance mix and give it some real energy using these cool tricks. You'll never want a mix without this on it again.

  • Reverb Tricks 7:20

    Reverb Tricks

    When is a distortion unit and full blown reverb effects plug-in? When you follow Russ' cool tricks for turning Trash 2 into a full featured convolution reverb!

Product Overview

Russ Hughes reveals the true power of the awesome iZotope Trash 2 plug-in, showing you all of its features and functions, as well as some creative ways to apply it to your tracks..

Russ starts at the beginning with a detailed introduction and then important first steps, such as input and output configuration and proper signal staging into the plug-in for the best results. He then covers every module in detail, explaining every feature and function within, as well as preset management tips to increase your Trash 2 workflow.

Russ then finishes with a ton of videos dedicated to creatively using Trash 2 on the most common instruments and tracks in your session, such as synths, beats, guitars, bass guitars, vocals, the mix bus and more!

Trash 2 is the ultimate plug-in for distorting, mangling and transforming your audio. It's a real sonic shapeshifter and Russ Hughes gives you the tour and tools to take your audio to new heights and depths. Get "Trash 2 Explained" today.

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