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Traditional Rudimental Drumming

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    John introduces himself and talks a bit about traditional Ancient Rudimental Drumming and it's history. John then performs 'Sons of Liberty'.

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    Grip & Roll Phrasing

    In this video, John talks about the different grips and rolls. John also discusses drum placement, angles and the different types of harnesses that are used, and the difference between the grips and positions.

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    The Downfall of Paris & The Little Toy Drum

    John shows us a few solos featuring the 7 and 14 stroke roll. John also compares the two Solos and shows each rudiments stylistic differences.

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    In "The Spirit of 1776"

    John plays along with a bass drum and shows us a traditional piece called 'Concord Battle Flag'.

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    "Traditional" Drum Solos

    John talks to us about some Rudimetal Standards, the first piece he performs is called 'The General'.

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    26 "Traditional" Rudiments Pt. 1

    John explains The Long Roll and then begins going through the 26 Traditional Rudiments for us to follow and learn.

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    26 "Traditional" Rudiments Pt. 2

    John continues demonstrating the 26 Traditional Rudiments.

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    The "All American Emblem"

    John talks about the history of rudimental drummers and some of the basic rhythms that have been altered and changed over time. John plays his solo 'The All American Emblem'.

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    Swiss Drumming

    In this video, John shares a bit about his Swiss Rope Tension Drum and where it came from. He then talks about the Mono-Linear Swiss Drumming Notation and it's history. Finally, John shows us the Swiss Army Triplet.

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    Swiss Crazy Army Variant 1

    John discusses the history of Swiss drumming and how he came up with the Swiss Crazy Army Variant 1. He then performs his solo for you to follow and learn.

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    I.A.T.D, Interstatesmen A.B.C & Outro

    John gives us some final words and advice for your quest. John then talks about the I.A.T.D, the Internation Association of Traditional Drumming, which he started in 2004.

Product Overview

This Hal Leonard video series by John S. Pratt will reinvigorate your study of "Traditional", ancient rudimental drumming and provide material for your practice, music vocabulary and drumming expression. You'll learn the 26 traditional American Drumming Rudiments, Swiss Drum Rudiments, as well as Pratt's unique drumming and style tips.

This series features a number of John S. Pratt's classic solos, including "The Sons of Liberty," "The All-American Emblem," and "The Little Toy Drum." It also features two Pratt solos that debuted in this series: "Interstatesmen A.B.C." and "Swiss Crazy Army Variant 1." In addition, there are four original Pratt compositions that he performs as part of the "Spirit of 1776" Rope Tension Snare and Bass Drum Duets with Ben Hans. Bonus material includes many Traditional Drumming Standards, such as "The Downfall of Paris," "The General," "Hell on The Wabash," "The Three Camps," and "The Connecticut Halftime." If you've been wanting to get back to basics and forge your drumming foundation in stone, while developing "mega-chops", be sure to check out "Traditional Rudimental Drumming" by rudiment master John S. Pratt today!

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John (Jack) S. Pratt, U.S. Army retired, is one of America’s greatest rudimentalists and percussion composers. He has published works of percussion music for more than a half century. Internationally known for his composition, teaching and historic performances, Jack is a former instructor of the West Point Military Academy “Hellcats” drum line and was an instructor of the Hawthorne Caballeros drum and bugle corps drum line, which won four DCA world championships under his direction.

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    tutorial video

    Traditional Rudimental Drumming

    This Hal Leonard video series by John S. Pratt will reinvigorate your study of “Traditional”, ancient rudimental drumming and provide material for your practice, music vocabulary and drumming expression. You’ll learn the 26 traditional American Drumming Rudiments, Swiss Drum Rudiments, as well as Pratt’s unique drumming and style tips.

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