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Tracktion Plugin Racks Explained®

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    Tutorial 1



    Bill welcomes you to the course and discusses General Concepts, Rack designer, how to add racks using the plugin object, browser presets and wrapping.

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    Tutorial 2

    Patching & Instances


    In this video Bill explores patching connections through racks and how rack instances work when copying racks or dragging from presets.

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    Tutorial 3

    Rack Properties


    Bill explains and demonstrates Wet & Dry, I/O Connections and Levels using stereo.

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    Tutorial 4

    FX Chains


    Bill demonstrates some examples of creating FX chains using included and 3rd party plugins.

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    Tutorial 5

    Dueling Delay


    Learn how to build a useful mono to stereo delay rack using two mono delay plugins.

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    Tutorial 6

    Parallel Processing


    See how to use any effect for parallel processing and learn some tips about managing the side effects of plugin latency when using parallel processing.

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    Tutorial 7

    Side Chaining


    In this video Bill uses Racks to setup sidechain FX before using side chaining to lock the bass part to the kick.

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    Tutorial 8

    MIDI Layering


    Learn how to layer multiple virtual instruments using a plugin rack and MIDI routing.

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    Tutorial 9

    EZdrummer Example


    Bill uses EZdrummer demonstrate how to configure a multi-output virtual instrument. Bill also demonstrates how to get each drum mic to a separate track.

Tracktion master Bill Edstrom is back with a power packed series on the "way cool" Plugin Racks unique to Tracktion. Mainly used as FX Chains or Channel Strips, you'll learn all about them and how to use them in different ways, upping your creativity and workflow.

Bill begins with a detailed Introduction which covers the General Concepts of Rack Designer, How to Add Racks using the Plugin Object, Browser Presets, and or Wrapping. Next up is Patching and Instances, which shows you How to Patch Connections through Racks, and How Rack Instances Work when Copying Racks or Dragging from Presets. Rack Properties are then revealed and you'll see How to Set Wet & Dry levels, Make I/O Connections and more.

Using FX Chains is then demonstrated, and you'll discover How to Create FX Chains Using Included and 3rd Party Plug-Ins. Bill then gives you some creative videos such as How to Build a Useful Mono to Stereo Delay Rack Using Two Mono Delay Plugins, Setting Up Parallel Processing, Sidechaining, and MIDI Layering to Create Huge Powerful Virtual Instruments.

Bill wraps up the series with a tutorial on How to Configure a Multi-Output Virtual Instrument (EZdrummer), including the steps to Get Each Drum Mic to a Separate Track! If you use Tracktion, Plugin Racks are an indispensable feature that you need to know all about. Don't spin your wheels any longer... watch "Tracktion Plugin Racks Explained" today!

Mark Swanson
Submitted 1 year ago

Explains a useful feature!

Tracktion Racks are a very useful thing, but are a bit hard to understand if you haven't had any guide, and this explains it all!

I am a: Professional, Musician

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Submitted 1 year ago

great tutorials on how to use product , get you up and working fast

I am a: Musician, Hobbyist

Ease of Use
Quality of Videos
Value of Training
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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started on trumpet at age 10, but got more passionate when I picked up bass and guitar in high school. During college, I had a band where I shared lead vocals and electric guitar duties. After that I was in a variety of bands usually on bass or behind the mixing board.

2. What training have you had?

I studied electrical engineering in college but mostly learned recording and music on my own. Recently, I completed the Master of Songwriting and Guitar program through Berklee Music.

3. When did you get into recording?

I have always been fascinated with tape recording since fifth grade. I started by recording demos by bouncing back and forth between two cassette decks. Later I moved on to portastudios, ADATS, pro studios, then to a DAW based project studio.

4. People you have worked with/for?

I work with songwriters world-wide as the founder and creator of - an online collaboration site for songwriters. In my career, I have done FOH, producing, songwriting, mixing, mastering, and voice over. Used to work regionally, but now requests can come from anywhere in the world.

I've written two books on audio production: "Studio One for Engineers & Producers" and "The Power in Cakewalk SONAR" both published by Hal Leonard Books.

Whenever possible, I work closely with the developers of the products I teach doing testing, bug reporting, and feature requests. I think this gives me a much deeper understanding of the products. I really enjoy seeing the products I work with improve.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I have always been interested in making technology easier to use and understand. I think showing examples is essential when introducing a topic. I feel recording should be a fun and creative experience and I hope that comes across in my videos.

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Tracktion Plugin Racks Explained® is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 2.
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Explains a useful feature! Tracktion Racks are a very useful thing, but are a bit hard to understand if you haven't had any guide, and this explains it all!
Date published: 2017-01-29
Rated 4.0 out of 5 by from great tutorials on how to use product , get you up and working fast
Date published: 2017-01-14