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Top Ten EDM Do's

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  • Objective Master EQ 5:27

    Objective Master EQ

    Improve your master EQ by referencing against pink noise to ensure the mids and mid-highs are appropriately balanced.

  • Cleaner Sidechain 4:45

    Cleaner Sidechain

    Set up cleaner sidechain compression by through use of lookahead mode.

  • Vocal Sample 4:11

    Vocal Sample

    Use at least one vocal sample with an identifiable word or phrase (and ideally use this to name the track)

  • Lively Filter Sweeps 4:38

    Lively Filter Sweeps

    Create more lively filter sweeps by using LFO modulation.

  • Tune Kicks 9:44

    Tune Kicks

    Tune kicks to the key of the track.

  • Monitoring Volume 6:22

    Monitoring Volume

    Adjust monitoring volume every 10 minutes or so (explain why, using Fletcher-Munson curves).

  • Sends Only Sidechain 8:26

    Sends Only Sidechain

    Use a cleaner kick to trigger your sidechain compression, especially if your main kick is long or wobbly.

  • Levels Relative to Kick 7:58

    Levels Relative to Kick

    Set your levels relative to the kick.

  • Mix Through Band Pass 6:11

    Mix Through Band Pass

    Mix through a band pass filter to focus on certain bands of frequencies, and make sure the spirit of the track comes through each band.

  • Headroom for MP3 6:50

    Headroom for MP3

    Leave about 1db of headroom (using 'ceiling' on the limiter) on final wav to allow for conversion to mp3/aac.

Product Overview

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier returns in this power packed video tutorial series of best practices for producing modern, cutting edge EDM music. You'll learn 10 of the most important things to do in your EDM tracks that will make your productions legit and for real!

The series begins with a primer on how to reference your master EQ to pink noise to insure that your mids are balanced, how to do clean sidechain compression, followed by how to use at least one vocal sample with an identifiable phrase as part of your track to give it focus.

Multiplier then shows you how to do lively filter sweeps using LFO modulation and how to tune your kick drum to the key of your track.

Moving on, Multiplier explains why it's important for you to adjust your monitoring volume every twenty minutes or so, and how to use a sends-only sidechain to clean up your kick.

After that you'll explore how to set your track levels relative to the kick drum, as well as how to mix through band pass filters to focus on specific frequencies that bring out the spirit of your track in each band.

Finally, Multiplier discusses why you need to leave headroom for the inevitable mp3/AAC conversion of your track and the best way to do it.

If you're new to producing EDM music, or an experienced hand looking for a series of best practices, don't miss "Top Ten EDM Do's" today!

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