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Top Ten EDM Don'ts

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  • Intro 0:39


    Multiplier welcomes you to this course and explains what all he'll be going over in this tutorial.

  • Set Bass Level Too High or Too Low 5:41

    Set Bass Level Too High or Too Low

    Don't set the bass level too high (the sub bass fundamental should hit around -6db on the master).

  • Sidechain Compress Just Bass to Kick 6:34

    Sidechain Compress Just Bass to Kick

    Use sidechain compression, but not just on the bass; sidechain compress everything to the kick.

  • Make Your Track Too Loud 4:13

    Make Your Track Too Loud

    Pay attention to perceived loudness; don’t make your tracks too loud!

  • Use Genre Inappropriate Drums 7:46

    Use Genre Inappropriate Drums

    Use genre appropriate kicks and snares.

  • Discontinuities 7:31


    Don't overlook clicks from discontinuities.

  • Over Process Drum Samples 8:12

    Over Process Drum Samples

    Sample pack drums are already compressed/eq’d; no need to do it a second time.

  • Clipping the Master 5:07

    Clipping the Master

    Don't clip the master, but also know where it’s ok to clip.

  • Reference on Great Speakers 4:06

    Reference on Great Speakers

    Referencing your tracks on horrible speakers can help you ensure your ideas are musically interesting.

  • Overlook Attack 6:46

    Overlook Attack

    Add a percussive attack to the first 30 ms of synths to help define the start of new notes.

  • Don't Just Use Sample Packs 6:11

    Don't Just Use Sample Packs

    Don’t just use sample packs, record your own samples.

Product Overview

Adam Pollard, aka Multiplier, returns in this in-depth video tutorial series teaching you how to avoid common pitfalls and “gotchas” when creating cutting edge EDM music. With these tried and true tips, you’ll learn to make pumping tracks that avoid tired cliches!

The series begins by teaching you proper ways to set bass levels, followed by an explanation as to why you should sidechain compress the entire production, not just the bass.

Multiplier warns you not to not create tracks that are too loud, to use genre appropriate kicks and snares, and also cautions not to overlook clicks from sample discontinuities. In addition, Multiplier warns not to over-process samples from a pack, and not to clip the master.

Multiplier also demonstrates where it’s recommended for you to clip tracks, and to reference your tracks not just on high quality monitors, but really horrible monitors as well, to reveal other potential flaws.

In conclusion, Multiplier shows you how to add percussive attack to synths, and cautions against relying solely on sample packs, advising EDM producers to record their own samples.

If you’re new to creating EDM music, or an experienced producer wanting to ensure you don’t fall into common missteps, don’t miss “Top Ten EDM Don’ts” today!

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