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  • Introduction & Overview 2:13

    Introduction & Overview

    To begin, get some background FL Studio information to better help understand the tips and tricks that are to follow in the videos.

  • FL Studio Problem-Solving Helpers 6:04

    FL Studio Problem-Solving Helpers

    FL Studio is packed with ways to get extra hints while working in the many sections. Learn where you can find all these little helpers so they can shed light on the features you're working with.

  • Using Macros 9:53

    Using Macros

    Some tasks may be tedious or repetitive to do, so FL Studio gives you the ability to automatically take care of some work and save you some valuable production time.

  • Customizing the Layout for Workflow 5:37

    Customizing the Layout for Workflow

    FL Studio has a flexible interface to work with, and because of that, you can customize and optimize it for exactly the way you want to work. See how!

  • Helpful Practices with MIDI Setup 6:49

    Helpful Practices with MIDI Setup

    To get MIDI controllers working is a simple task, but to get them working to their maximum potential, you'll need to take a few extra steps to get them optimized. Watch how.

  • Implementing Layer Channels 6:00

    Implementing Layer Channels

    An often overlooked feature of FL Studio is the Layer Channel. There are some very handy uses for it, and in this video you'll dive into them.

  • Drum Programming with Layers, FPC, & Slicex 9:46

    Drum Programming with Layers, FPC, & Slicex

    Sampler Channels are great for working with drums, but you can take your percussive exploits to new levels using some of the other sample and loop based tools in FL Studio.

  • Using Patcher as a Generator 11:23

    Using Patcher as a Generator

    Patcher is a hugely useful and open-ended tool for a ton of different reasons. In this video, see what you can take and use with Patcher as a Generator for new inspiration.

  • Freezing Tracks & Sampling Instruments 8:46

    Freezing Tracks & Sampling Instruments

    Running a great deal of instruments and effects can eventually take its toll on a computer's CPU, so here you'll learn some simple ways to alleviate that stress and keep things running glitch-free.

  • Getting Creative with the Piano Roll 13:53

    Getting Creative with the Piano Roll

    FL Studio's Piano Roll is one of the star players in its workflow, and its many tools have mountains of possibilities built in and ready to go. Discover them in this video.

  • The Picker Panel 6:33

    The Picker Panel

    As a pretty straightforward part of the Playlist, the Picker Panel is useful enough. But under the hood, there are some subtle yet very powerful features waiting to be implemented.

  • Different Displays for Waveforms 5:19

    Different Displays for Waveforms

    Seeing waveforms in the Playlist and elsewhere can be a helpful tool in itself simply by making the appearance show valuable information about the sound. Here, we take a look and how and what you can get from your audio display options.

  • Quickly Saving & Copying Across FL Studio 3:00

    Quickly Saving & Copying Across FL Studio

    As a huge time saver, you can quickly drag and drop all sorts of parameters and settings without hardly a thought about it. In this video see just how that works.

  • Adjusting the Preview Mixer Track 3:31

    Adjusting the Preview Mixer Track

    Ever notice that any FL Studio sound just comes out of the master when previewing or using the metronome? Usually that's fine, but here you'll see how you can use a quick trick to change things up for different and creative uses.

  • Utilizing Views & Features of the Mixer 6:45

    Utilizing Views & Features of the Mixer

    The Mixer is packed with information that can be presented in several ways. In this video, see which ones have what strengths and discover a few mixing and routing possibilities in the Mixer.

  • Convolver & Edison for Creative Purposes 7:04

    Convolver & Edison for Creative Purposes

    Edison is a powerful audio editor on its own, and within FL Studio, it has a lot of excellent uses for simply recording and editing. But, when paired elsewhere with other plug-ins like Convolver, you can unlock new avenues to create new sounds.

  • Using Patcher as an Effect 8:12

    Using Patcher as an Effect

    Here we return to Patcher, but this time we do so as an effect in the Mixer. Many things are familiar, but you can go in so many new directions to do essentially anything with effects routes. See how!

  • Visualizers for Analyzing & Amusement 6:24

    Visualizers for Analyzing & Amusement

    Visualizers are both fun and useful. Wave Candy can give you some excellent visual representations of sound, while ZGameEditor allows you to create entertaining movement that reacts to your music. Here, we work through the many benefits of both.

  • Tips for Recording Audio 4:51

    Tips for Recording Audio

    Recording audio in FL Studio is simple and easy to do on the surface. Diving further into it though, there's a lot more that you can do than simply put a recording on the Playlist. This video demonstrates some cool possibilities!

  • Exporting Projects, MIDI, & More 7:45

    Exporting Projects, MIDI, & More

    Whether you're finished with your project and want an MP3 to share, or you have more work to do and need MIDI data and stems, FL Studio has you covered with tons of settings to tweak and enable on export.

  • A Brief Look at MIDI Scripting 3:47

    A Brief Look at MIDI Scripting

    As a more recently implemented feature in FL, MIDI Scripting allows for total control of a MIDI device through actual programming of the script for its interface with the program. It is a fairly advanced topic, but there are a lot of opportunities within it, and here we take a peek into it.

  • Miscellaneous Tricks & Conclusion 4:22

    Miscellaneous Tricks & Conclusion

    Before we close things out, we'll go through a few tips and tricks that we haven't touched on earlier, including using the Picker Panel to transpose patterns, taking advantage of the "Store in Spare State" option of plug-ins, and locking parts of the Playlist, Mixer and Channel Rack.

Product Overview

FL guru Tyler Coffin brings you comprehensive FL Studio video tutorials! These are the Top 20 things you need to know when working in FL Studio 20 that will make using FL Studio easier, faster and more creative! From workflows, editing, and programming, to mixing, exporting and more, these videos are a must see for any FL Studio user. These videos are designed for both new and experienced FL Studio users.

Tyler welcomes you and goes over some important basics to help prepare you for the tips and tricks that are coming in this video series, then shows you ways to get extra help throughout the FL Studio DAW. He then starts off with a video on using FL Studio's powerful Macros, as well as how to customize your FL Studio layout for how YOU work, saving you tons of time and increasing your productivity.

Next, Tyler gives you a multitude of videos on topics like implementing Layer Channels, drum programming with FPC and Slicex, freezing tracks and sampling instruments, how to get creative with the Piano Roll, Convolver and Edison, using Patcher as an effect, how to set up Wave Candy for visual representations of sound, and ZGameEditor to create entertaining movement that reacts to your music, tips for recording audio, MIDI scripting techniques, and much, much more.

To see what these in-depth FL Studio video tutorials show you, and how they'll improve both your FL Studio experience and creative output, see the individual FL Studio tutorial descriptions on this page. See why FL Studio is so popular, and an incredible composing and mixing machine... Watch "Top 20 FL Studio Tips & Tricks" today!

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