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Top 10 Features in Digital Performer 9

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10 Videos | Length: 48min 10sec
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  • New Project Tools 4:48

    New Project Tools

    In this video we learn about five simple but handy new features.

  • Mute MIDI Notes 3:51

    Mute MIDI Notes

    See how the Mute Tool now allows users to mute individual MIDI notes.

  • MIDI Learn for Audio Plug-Ins 3:50

    MIDI Learn for Audio Plug-Ins

    Learn how to attach a knobs, switches and sliders on MIDI controller hardware to audio plugin parameters.

  • Spectrogram Display 6:21

    Spectrogram Display

    Explore the new Spectrogram display for audio tracks including a variety of viewing options.

  • Automation Lanes 3:51

    Automation Lanes

    Learn how to move various types of automation to separate lanes for easier viewing and control.

  • MX4 with EDM Soundbank 5:55

    MX4 with EDM Soundbank

    Learn about this versatile and great sounding, true synthesizer.

  • Megasynth 7:41


    Explore this new audio plugin with programmable routing, filters and modulators.

  • MicroG & MicroB 3:58

    MicroG & MicroB

    Learn about the new guitar and bass processors.

  • MultiFuzz 2:38


    Learn about the new multiband distortion processor.

  • MasterWorks FET-76 5:17

    MasterWorks FET-76

    Explore this new compressor/limiter modeled after the UREI 1176.

Product Overview

Digital Performer 9 is chock full of updates that users have asked for. In this 49 minute tutorial training series, Todd Tatnall walks you through the best new additions to the latest version of MOTU’s flagship DAW!

Todd starts with a quick introduction to some of the advancements made under the hood, then shows you how the Mute Tool now allows users to mute individual MIDI notes, giving you more precise control over your music. He then covers MIDI Learn for audio plug-ins, so you can use your MIDI Hardware Controllers for realtime control of your Effects and Synths.

The next two videos describe great new Display Features, such as the new Spectrogram Display and its viewing options, as well as new Automation Lane features that allow you to move automation to separate lanes for easier viewing and control.

The remaining five videos explore new Professional Quality Instruments, Effects, and Sound Banks that come with Digital Performer 9. Todd shows you around the powerful MX4 instrument and its new EDM Sound Bank. Todd also demonstrates the Megasynth Audio Plug-In with its deep Programmable Routing and fantastic sounding Filters.

Moving on, the MicroG and MicroB Polyphonic Octave Generator Processors for Guitar and Bass are revealed. See how to enhance your tracks with everything from vintage psychedelic sounds to fattening up synth line tones!

Todd now shows you how to use the MultiFuzz Multiband Distortion Processor to add monster distortion and fuzz to any track, as well as how to use MultiFuzz’s full 4-band EQ section to easily dial in the tone you’re looking for.

Todd wraps up the series with a tutorial on the MasterWorks FET-76, MOTU’s emulation of the classic 1176 limiting amplifier. He shows you how to use this mastering quality compressor to make your Basses, Kicks, Guitars, Vocals, Synths, and even Full Mixes sound huge!

Whether you’ve just upgraded to Digital Performer 9 or you’re a longtime Digital Performer 9 user looking to learn some of the great new features added in version 9, watch "Top 10 New Features in Digital Performer 9" today!

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