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Tony Trischka Essential Practice Techniques for Bluegrass Banjo

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8 Videos | Length: 49min 15sec
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  • Chapter 1 3:44

    Chapter 1

    Tony gives us a speedy performance before welcoming you to the series along with a few tips.

  • Chapter 2 5:56

    Chapter 2

    Tony dives into tuning, timing, metronomes, picking and some beginner tips to help you get started on practicing your banjo.

  • Chapter 3 6:47

    Chapter 3

    In this video, Tony starts off by practicing some "right hand rolls". He takes a slow and close look at what happens in rolls so later you'll have a good grasp when things speed up.

  • Chapter 4 5:20

    Chapter 4

    Tony shows you "backward rolls" slowed down and closely analyzed so that you'll see and hear each note. He moves through some different exercises to solidify your fingers and picking.

  • Chapter 5 6:56

    Chapter 5

    In this video, Tony shows us some hammer-on exercises, He then moves through some progressions using hammer-ons, and how to correctly position your fingers to get the best sound.

  • Chapter 6 9:37

    Chapter 6

    Tony shows us "Pseudo Classical in G Minor", progressing through some helpful exercises with some "pull-offs" and other interesting techniques.

  • Chapter 7 3:01

    Chapter 7

    Tony shows us some middle finger exercises and then advances onto some higher speed exercises.

  • Chapter 8 7:54

    Chapter 8

    In this video, Tony talks about ear training, and how to use this in your personal practices. Tony gives us some great advice before playing us one last song.

Product Overview

Homespun presents a nuts and bolts practice session that's a "must-have" for all bluegrass banjo players!

Tony Trischka's lesson is designed to improve your timing, strengthen your hands and help you play with precision, power and rhythmic sophistication. It is filled with exercises, etudes and workouts for both your left and right hand, covering many of the building blocks of bluegrass banjo.

This in-depth workout will enable you to achieve sinewy slides, crisp pull-offs, powerful hammer-ons and locked-in right hand patterns. Working with a metronome, Tony details a variety of rolls that highlight the rhythmic aspects of the right hand. He helps you to "straighten out your time" so it's consistent and even, and shows you how to identify downbeats, upbeats and in-between beats while playing increasingly tricky rolls.

Tony' invaluable advice will help you to get better results from your practice time and maximize the efficiency of your practice sessions by dividing them into discrete sections. He provides helpful hints about metronome work as well as suggestions for expanding your creativity, using tunes like Tom Dooley, Cripple Creek and some original etudes to help you build your banjo technique.

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