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Hal Leonard Tutorial

Tommy Shannon – Double Trouble Bass

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24 Videos | Length: 53min 7sec
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    In this first video, Tommy Shannon welcomes you to the course.

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    Tuning & Finding the Groove

    Tommy show his bass guitar tuning and goes in search of the first groove.

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    Easy Blues Riff & Blues Riff Inversion (examples 1-2)

    Tommy shows an easy blues riff and riff inversion.

  • image description 1:31

    Shuffle & Closed Position Shuffle (examples 3-4)

    In this video, Tommy explores two different shuffles.

  • image description 0:56

    Walking Bass Line (example 5)

    Tommy explains the walking bass line.

  • image description 0:39

    Open Bass Line (example 6)

    Tommy shows how to play an open bass line.

  • image description 1:43

    Shuffle Musical Example

    Tommy and the boys play a shuffle.

  • image description 1:04

    Variations (example 7)

    Tommy shows off some variations of the first riff.

  • image description 1:55

    Staccato (example 8)

    Tommy explains the two ways he gets staccato.

  • image description 1:41

    Triplets & Fast Triplets (example 9-10)

    See Tommy show how to play triplets.

  • image description 0:54

    Back to Root (example 11)

    In this video, Tommy plays a walking line while returning to the root.

  • image description 2:06

    Summary - Music Example

    Tommy and the boys play another one.

  • image description 0:52

    Walking Bass Highup on the Neck (example 12)

    Tommy plays a walking line high up on the neck.

  • image description 2:09

    Soft Touch (example 13)

    Tommy explains when you want to use a "soft touch" with your right hand.

  • image description 2:38

    "Pride and Joy" (example 14)

    Tommy shows how to play the classic "Pride and Joy."

  • image description 3:29

    Playing with Fingertips (example 15)

    In this video, Tommy explores playing with your fingertips.

  • image description 1:56

    "Woke Up This Morning" (example 16)

    Tommy shows how to play the song "Woke Up This Morning."

  • image description 2:14

    "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (example 17)

    Next, Tommy shows how to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

  • image description 3:24

    "Texas Flood" (example 18)

    See how to play "Texas Flood."

  • image description 2:02

    "Say One Thing" (example 19)

    Tommy shows how to play "Say One Thing."

  • image description 3:07

    Rolling Bass (example 20)

    In this video, Tommy explores playing a "rolling bass."

  • image description 2:29

    "Crossfire" (example 21)

    Tommy shows how to play "Crossfire."

  • image description 2:19


    Tommy talks about what kind of gear he uses.

  • image description 7:50

    Group Performance

    See one last performance.

Product Overview

In this entertaining and instructive video lesson series, Double Trouble bassist Tommy Shannon, aided by Arlen Roth and Chris Layton, gives you a truly great bass lesson. See and hear how to play basic blues riffs, playing on 2 and 4, closed position, special walking patterns, 1/2 step passing notes, muting, walking bass skips, rolling picking touch, flatpicking, and New Orleans style... A truly great bass lesson indeed!

Discover why Tommy Shannon's bass playing was an integral part of the Stevie Ray Vaughn's Double Trouble band!

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