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Tommy Aldridge – Rock Drum Soloing & Beyond The Groove

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23 Videos | Length: 1hr 58min 12sec
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  • Playing Two Bass Drums (Exercises A-B) 10:57

    Playing Two Bass Drums (Exercises A-B)

    In this first video, Tommy Aldridge gives an introduction to playing two bass drums, using the left foot, and the single stroke role.

  • Developing Stamina & Three Note Pattern (Exercises C-D) 8:07

    Developing Stamina & Three Note Pattern (Exercises C-D)

    Tommy discusses the importance of building playing stamina and the three note pattern.

  • Balance, Sitting Posistion, & Visual Aspects 14:47

    Balance, Sitting Posistion, & Visual Aspects

    Hear Tommy's thoughts on your body's balance when playing double bass, the position you sit at the drums, and visual aspects, such as twirling the stick.

  • Eighth Notes (Exercises E-H) 2:44

    Eighth Notes (Exercises E-H)

    In this video, Tommy discusses playing eighth notes.

  • Triplets & Shuffle (Exercise I) 3:30

    Triplets & Shuffle (Exercise I)

    Learn about playing triplets and shuffle.

  • Hand Drumming 5:03

    Hand Drumming

    Tommy discusses "hand drumming".

  • Planning Your Solos & Patterns (Exercises J-L) 5:57

    Planning Your Solos & Patterns (Exercises J-L)

    Tommy talks about why it is important to plan out your drum solos and playing patterns.

  • Advice on the Business 2:23

    Advice on the Business

    In this short video, Tommy gives some advice on the music business.

  • Performance 3:10


    Watch Tommy give a drum performance.

  • Beyond the Groove 5:44

    Beyond the Groove

    Tommy gives a quick introduction to the second set of his drum videos.

  • Combining Patterns (Exercises 1-6) 7:18

    Combining Patterns (Exercises 1-6)

    Tommy discusses how to combine different patterns.

  • Controlling the Left Foot 1:21

    Controlling the Left Foot

    In this video, Tommy talks about how he controls the left foot.

  • Paradiddles (Exercises 7-15) 4:53

    Paradiddles (Exercises 7-15)

    Watch Tommy talk bout playing paradiddles.

  • Practicing, Hand-Foot Coordination, & Experimenting (Exercises 16-18) 4:26

    Practicing, Hand-Foot Coordination, & Experimenting (Exercises 16-18)

    Tommy discusses the importance of practicing, coordinating the hands and feet, and how experimentation is vital.

  • Foot Patterns 1:03

    Foot Patterns

    In this video, learn some foot patterns.

  • Performance 2 2:50

    Performance 2

    Tommy gives another performance.

  • Linear Patterns 4:55

    Linear Patterns

    In this video, Tommy shows some linear patterns.

  • Advice on Choices 1:30

    Advice on Choices

    Tommy talks about how to utilize certain aspects about what you have learned without overplaying.

  • Performance 3 2:59

    Performance 3

    Watch Tommy give another performance.

  • Rhythmic Figures (Exercises 23-28) 7:27

    Rhythmic Figures (Exercises 23-28)

    In this video, Tommy discusses rhythmic figures.

  • Playing the Grooves (Exercises 29-31) 8:17

    Playing the Grooves (Exercises 29-31)

    Hear Tommy's thoughts on playing grooves.

  • Performance 4 4:30

    Performance 4

    Tommy gives his final performance.

  • Conclusion 4:21


    Tommy wraps up the course.

Product Overview

Tommy Aldridge has long been considered one of the rock world's most creative drummers and double bass specialists. His flamboyant and innovative style has graced the music of Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Pat Travers, Black Oak Arkansas, and Gary Moore. These videos display his great showmanship and fine teaching skills after many years of leading clinics for Yamaha and Zildjian.

Watch Tommy rock out and learn from a true drumming great!

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