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The Sam Bush Mandolin Method

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15 Videos | Length: 2hr 14min 27sec
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  • Chapter 1 5:26

    Chapter 1

    Sam plays a performance on the mandolin before giving us a bit of information on his background.

  • Chapter 2 2:24

    Chapter 2

    Sam tunes up his mandolin before getting started with the basics of holding and picking the mandolin.

  • Chapter 3 7:23

    Chapter 3

    Sam starts off with a performance of "Rag Time Annie", and then starts showing each part of the song and how to learn it for yourself.

  • Chapter 4 8:36

    Chapter 4

    In this video, Sam gives us a nice performance of "Bile Them Cabbage Down". Sam then slows things down and shows you part by part and a simple approach to getting used to playing along.

  • Chapter 5 13:30

    Chapter 5

    Sam gives us a performance of "Sally Goodin" before jumping into the process of learning and following along.

  • Chapter 6 12:10

    Chapter 6

    In this video, Sam talks about his Gibson F5 Mandolin from 1937. You'll get an upclose lesson on classic mandolins and a bit about the history of the instrument.

  • Chapter 7 11:47

    Chapter 7

    Sam talks about rhythm, shows us a few licks ranging from slow to fast. Sam shows us some of his techniques which give him the great sound he's learned over the years.

  • Chapter 8 6:35

    Chapter 8

    In this video, Sam performs "Big Mon", and then jumps into the instruction process so you can add this one into your bank of licks.

  • Chapter 9 12:45

    Chapter 9

    Sam talks about building up speed and playing scales. He also talks about mastering the art of playing slow and how that will help build the foundation of playing faster with more control and accuracy.

  • Chapter 10 16:25

    Chapter 10

    In this video, Sam starts off with a song called "Blackberry Blossom". Sam shows you some variations and some finger exercises.

  • Chapter 11 0:00

    Chapter 11

    Sam shows us "Brilliancy" and some techniques to take our Mandolin playing to the next level.

  • Chapter 12 6:45

    Chapter 12

    In this video, Sam performs "Big John". Sam then starts taking the song apart to show you how it's played.

  • Chapter 13 15:48

    Chapter 13

    Sam performs "Whayasay", a classic mandolin lick. Then, Sam gives you an upclose look at its different parts and melodies.

  • Chapter 14 9:55

    Chapter 14

    In this , Sam talks about the different equipment that you'll come across in the world of mandolin.

  • Chapter 15 4:58

    Chapter 15

    In this final video, Sam performs "Big Rabbit" and slows things down so you can learn each part. Sam gives some heart felt advice before signing off with one last performance.

Product Overview

In addition to being one of the world's greatest bluegrass musicians, Sam Bush is a clear and dynamic instructor who communicates his ideas with clarity and ease. This terrific Homespun video series will help aspiring mandolin players improve their technical prowess, build repertoire and develop formidable musicianship.

Sam teaches traditional fiddle tunes Ragtime Annie, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Blackberry Blossom and Sally Goodin, showing you how to create variations on the melodies, use drone strings for fiddle-like effects, employ crosspicking techniques for a smoother sound and move up the neck to play in higher positions.

A long admirer of Bill Monroe, Sam details the bluegrass master's unique approach to his instrument, teaching Big Mon and the ear catching cross-tuning effects in Get Up John. He then goes into his own challenging arrangements of Brilliancy and Whayasay (from his CD "Glamour & Grits") and Big Rabbit (from "Howlin' at the Moon"), all of which will help you develop technical proficiency and dexterity on the mandolin.

Sam is one of the instrument's great rhythm players, and he shows the essentials of damping, chopping and strumming for bluegrass, reggae and other styles. You'll also get detailed instruction in pick technique, scales, speed building, warm-up exercises, tremolo, improvised soloing and much more.

As a bonus, Sam provides an up-close look at his 1937 "F5" and his new "Sam Bush Model" Gibson mandolins, explaining the differences between them. He also talks about his equipment, favorite strings, fret sizes, pick gauges, electronics and the ways that his instruments have been set up to suit his exacting requirements.

This Homespun video series is an invaluable and important addition to any mandolin player's instructional library, and is highly recommended.

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