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The Real Merle Travis Guitar

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    Tutorial 1

    Guitar Rag


    This tutorial starts with an introduction by Thom Bresh, son of musician Merle Travis, and a break down of the song Guitar Rag in the style of Merle.

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    Tutorial 2

    Cannonball Rag


    Next Thom goes over one of the most popular Merle Travis songs, Cannonball Rag

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    Tutorial 3

    Walkin' the Strings


    The fast picking song, Walkin' the Strings is covered along with a discussion on string types.

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    Tutorial 4

    I'll See You in My Dreams


    Here, Thom goes over the easy picking song, I'll See You in My Dreams

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    Tutorial 5

    Bugle Call Rag


    A song from the famous Merle Travis Yellow Album, Bugle Call Rag is broken down.

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    Tutorial 6

    Farewell, My Bluebell


    The old Civil War song Farewell, My Bluebell is shown and discussed.

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    Tutorial 7

    Hangin' With the Girls I Know


    In this last video, Thom plays and breaks down a song he wrote in the style of Merle Travis.

This Homespun video series is a must for all fans of Merle Travis! The only son of the legendary guitarist gives us an in-depth look at the famous technique that changed the course of guitar history.

When Merle Travis passed away in 1983, we lost one of our most innovative and distinctive musical voices. Fortunately, his songs and fingerpicking style live on in the hands of his son, Thom Bresh, a talented and dynamic guitarist who learned the real Travis-style guitar right from the source.

Thom Bresh grew up listening to, and later playing with, his famous father, and his skilled hands bear a haunting resemblance to his father's. He takes you step-by-step through Merle's timeless techniques, playing the famous 1938 Martin D-28 with the custom Bigsby neck that was passed on to him by Travis.

By the time this powerful lesson is over, you'll have gained an understanding of the real Travis sound, and will be playing such guitar instrumental standards as "Guitar Rag," "Cannonball Rag," "Walking The Strings," "I'll See You In My Dreams," "Bugle Call Rag," "Farewell My Blue Belle," "Hangin' With The Girls I Know."

Homespun is proud to present this lesson to the growing number of Travis enthusiasts and fingerstyle guitarists worldwide. It will make a valuable addition to the collections of all serious guitar students and historians, as it offers a rare opportunity to see and learn from the real-life continuance of a musical legacy, Travis, the next generation.

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Thom Bresh is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, TV personality and one of the world's greatest thumbpickers. His style, although uniquely his own, was inspired by Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and his father, Merle Travis.

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    tutorial video

    The Real Merle Travis Guitar

    This Homespun video series is a must for all fans of Merle Travis! The only son of the legendary guitarist gives us an in-depth look at the famous technique that changed the course of guitar history.

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