Drums Tutorial

The Moeller Method

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Chapter 1 : Moeller Method Mechanics

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    The Moeller Technique

    Luke explains his approach to the Moeller Method and why it's a valuable and important technique to learn.

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    Moeller Technique Exercises Pt. 1

    A series of exercises that focus on the foundational Moeller Method motions.

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    Moeller Technique Exercises Pt. 2

    Additional exercises designed to develop the Moeller Method technique.

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    Moeller Technique Recap

    Luke recaps the important points of the Moeller Method Mechanics lessons.

Chapter 2 : Moeller Method Accent Variations

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    Moeller Accent Variations

    How to play 2, 3 and 4-note accent patterns using the Moeller Method.

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    Moeller One Hand Accent Exercises

    Luke provides a series of one-handed exercises designed to build your ability to play various Moeller accents.

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    Moeller Ghost Note Drop-ins

    Explore additional exercises where the opposite hand plays ghost note drop-ins for more creative grooves and colors.

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    Moeller Accent Variations Recap

    Luke summarizes the finer points of the Moeller Accent Variations lessons.

Chapter 3 : Mixing Moeller Accent Patterns

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    Mixing Moeller Accents - Introduction

    How to mix various Moeller accents to create new musical accent patterns and ideas.

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    Moeller Single Hand Accent Exercises

    A series of one-handed exercises that utilize different accent patterns played against changing rhythmic rates.

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    Mixing Moeller Accents

    Learn additional exercises in which the accent pattern changes within a fixed rhythmic rate.

  • image description 3:25

    Mixing Moeller Ghost Note Drop-ins

    A series of exercises where the opposite hand plays ghost note drop-ins against the mixed Moeller accent pattern.

  • image description 1:05

    Mixing Moeller Accents Recap

    Luke recaps the Mixing Moeller Accents lessons.

Chapter 4 : Two-Hand Moeller Accents

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    Two-Hand Moeller Accents

    How to use Moeller accents with both hands simultaneously to create new, more complex rhythmic ideas.

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    Two-Hand Moeller Accents Triplet Patterns

    Discover how to play accent patterns with both hands played against triplets.

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    Two-Hand Moeller Accents 16th & 32nd Notes

    See how to play accent patterns with both hands played against 16th and 32nd notes.

  • image description 0:52

    Two-Hand Moeller Accents Recap

    Luke recaps the techniques and important points of the two-hand Moeller Accents lessons.

Chapter 5 : Moeller Push-Throw Accent Techniques

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    Moeller Push-Throw Accents

    An introduction to the "Push/Throw" Moeller techniques and how they can be used to play fast single-strokes.

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    Moeller Push-Throw Exercises Pt. 1

    A series of exercises designed to develop the Push/Throw technique with one hand.

  • image description 10:36

    Moeller Push-Throw Exercises Pt. 2

    Learn additional exercises where the opposite hand plays ghost note drop-ins in order to play fast single-strokes.

  • image description 1:26

    Moeller Push-Throw Exercises Recap

    Luke recaps all the finer points of the "Push/throw" Moeller Accents lessons.

Product Overview

In this Drumstroke tutorial series, master drum instructor Luke Oswald teaches you the secrets of the challenging, but extremely effective, percussive stroke technique called the Moeller Method.

Luke begins by explaining his approach to the Moeller Method, and why it’s a valuable technique for any drummer to learn. He then jumps right in, showing you exercises that cover the foundational Moeller Method motions in-detail.

Once the fundamentals are covered, Luke demonstrates how to play accent variations, both with one-hand accents, and ghost note drop-ins. Then he explores some accent patterns, teaching you how to mix Moeller Accents to create brand new patterns and ideas.

The final videos lead to a series of exercises covering two-handed Moeller Accents, and finally Moeller Push/Throw accent techniques. If you’ve heard of the Moeller Technique and have always wanted to learn it or are up for a new challenge in your drum technique, don’t miss Drumstroke “The Moeller Method”!

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