Tal-U-No-LX Tutorial

Tal-U-No-LX: Making a Track from Scratch

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15 Videos | Length: 2hr 36min 38sec
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Chapter 1 : Intro

  • Introduction 2:38


    In this first video, Thomas introduces the course and plays the song that will be created exclusively using the Tal-U-No-LX synthesizer.

Chapter 2 : Starting The Track

  • Bright Keys 15:28

    Bright Keys

    Thomas starts off the track by creating a bright keyboard patch that will be used as the basis for the whole song. This video also shows how to make simple, yet interesting chord progressions.

  • The Drums 14:12

    The Drums

    This video covers how to make a drum machine inspired set that can be used to provide the rhythmic foundation for the track, as well as covers basic processing to make the drums sit right in the mix.

  • The Bass 9:21

    The Bass

    Lean how to create a classic Juno 60 inspired pluck bass sound, and how to fashion more interesting baseline patterns by using rhythmic variation.

Chapter 3 : Adding Layers

  • Soft Keys 8:06

    Soft Keys

    See how layering synthesizer keyboard patches can make dynamic song structures. This synth patch also utilizes some interesting modulations to make more interesting key patches.

  • Portamento Pad 7:01

    Portamento Pad

    Thomas shows how to make a pitching bending pad sound that will be used to fill out some of the empty space in the song. This patch utilizes the portamento controls to create an interesting sliding effect.

  • Brass Lead 13:47

    Brass Lead

    Learn how to use the envelope to control the pulse width of the square wave to create dynamic brass stab sounds. This is a quick way to make more convincing horn patches.

  • Long Pad 5:21

    Long Pad

    Thomas goes step by step on how to make a classic pad sound that will be used to fill out some of the empty space in the song.

Chapter 4 : Fill Elements

  • The Arp 12:14

    The Arp

    Learn how Tal-U-No-LX can used to create cool, ear catching arpeggio patterns that will be used as fill elements for the track.

  • GTR Pluck 10:16

    GTR Pluck

    Thomas now shows you how to make a synth patch inspired by an electric guitar pluck. This synth will provide additional bounce and melodic variation to the song.

  • Fill Arp 9:30

    Fill Arp

    This video covers how to make a lead arp fill for the different sections of the song. This stacked sound utilizes oscillator layering and modulation to create a simple, yet dynamic, arp patch.

  • Dark Arp 14:02

    Dark Arp

    Learn how to make a plucked synth patch that will be used to fill out the final chorus, providing a bit of bounce to the section.

  • Reverb Clap & Hats 13:58

    Reverb Clap & Hats

    Thomas reveals how to make a simple reverb clap sound and also a hi-hat from scratch. Hi-hats can easily be made on the Tal-U-N-LX using the envelopes and some clever eq processing. See how!

Chapter 5 : Song Arrangement

  • The Arrangement 6:53

    The Arrangement

    This video shows how to craft the basic arrangement and song structure of the track.

  • More Fills 13:51

    More Fills

    To wrap up the course, Thomas demonstrates how to make some dynamic fills and automation moves that will make the track more interesting and fun to listen to!

Product Overview

Synth wiz Thomas Cochran presents comprehensive Tal-U-No-LX video tutorials! See how to make a complete song from scratch, step-by-step using only Tal-U-No-LX and some drum samples (Included along with the Tal-U-No-LX presets, Ableton Live Session, and MIDI tracks used in the videos). This is a great way to see what Tal-U-No-LX is capable of, while learning how to craft an electronic track from scratch. This course is for those who are already familiar with Tal-U-No-LX, but want to learn sound design and production techniques using it.

Thomas greets you and starts with a play-through of the chillwave inspired track you'll be creating together, and then jumps right in, showing you how to design and program the bright keyboard patch that will be used for the chord progressions for the whole song. Then, see how to make and program the drum sounds using both Tal-U-No-LX and drum samples (Included via the Course Extras download link on the product page).

Moving on you'll watch how to design and program a classic Juno 60 inspired pluck bass sound, layer synthesizer keyboard patches with interesting modulations, beautiful Portamento Pad and Long Pad patches to fill out some of the empty space in the track, undulating Arpeggio parts to catch the listener's ear, and a Guitar Pluck preset to add some bounce to the track's feel, and much more.

To see and hear what these detailed Tal-U-No-LX tutorials show you, and how they'll allow you to design and program your own sounds and songs quickly and easily, see the individual Tal-U-No-LX video tutorial descriptions on this page. See why this virtual recreation of the Roland Juno 60 is held in such high regard by both producers and beatmakers... Watch "Tal-U-No-LX: Making a Track from Scratch" today.

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