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Take a Solo - The Secrets to Blues & Country Guitar Improvisation

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13 Videos | Length: 1hr 33min 1sec
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  • Chapter 1 3:10

    Chapter 1

    Toby and Happy give us a nice performance before describing what we'll be learning in this series.

  • Chapter 2 5:52

    Chapter 2

    In this video, Toby starts off with a common chord progression, the "12 bar blues".

  • Chapter 3 2:52

    Chapter 3

    Toby emphasises the different changes between his soloing and Happy's rhythm parts. They switch things up by playing each others parts and showing you how to learn these parts with some great examples.

  • Chapter 4 8:50

    Chapter 4

    In this video, Toby adds in the major third and takes this progression to a new level. Toby and Happy give more examples to follow along with.

  • Chapter 5 5:47

    Chapter 5

    Toby talks about hammer-ons and how to approach these for the first time. Toby talks about rhythmic attitude, and how to get that "feeling" in your playing styles.

  • Chapter 6 4:45

    Chapter 6

    So far, we've been in the key of A. In this video, Toby moves the same licks we've been practicing into the key of G.

  • Chapter 7 10:03

    Chapter 7

    Toby talks about "Lightning Hopkins" and the "Shuffle Beat" in the key of E. Toby and Happy keeps things slow so that you can follow along.

  • Chapter 8 11:41

    Chapter 8

    In this video, Toby shows you what a "C Box" and a "B.B. King Box" is. Toby shows you a few B.B. King licks that you can take home for your collection.

  • Chapter 9 8:25

    Chapter 9

    Toby shows you how to move from one "shape" to another, and then gets you comfortable with moving from box to box.

  • Chapter 10 13:11

    Chapter 10

    In this video, Toby teaches you a lick in the minor pentatonic scale, and plays it against a few different scales showing the contrasting sounds the scale can have depending on what it's being played over.

  • Chapter 11 5:52

    Chapter 11

    Toby and Happy move things up a few frets to the key of D. After a nice performance, they take the lick down to each part and show you how to do it!

  • Chapter 12 7:17

    Chapter 12

    Toby and Happy move across some different chords and show what boxes he's using and then shows you how to follow along.

  • Chapter 13 5:16

    Chapter 13

    Toby talks about some guitar pick options, then shows you how they sound with different styles of playing. Toby ends things with some final words for the road.

Product Overview

Homespun and guitar great Toby Walker shows you how a blues or country guitarist creates a great solo, thrilling the audience and getting nods of approval from fellow musicians. How does this happen? How do you even start figuring out which notes to play in the midst of a song or jam session? Just watch and see!

Toby Walker has the perfect key to unlocking those mysteries. He shows you how to come up with powerful and compelling improvisations in any key and in any position on the fretboard, using a flat pick or fingers. Concentrating mainly on blues soloing, he eliminates robotic scales and patterns and shows you the "language" of a musical conversation.

You'll learn how to think in shapes, or "boxes", in 12-bar blues, finding the root note and then adding the right intervals to come up with licks and solos. Once you start moving from one shape to the next, your playing will flow up and down the fretboard with ease.

Then see how to add in the "wasabi" - vibrato, bends, B. B. King-style licks, Lightnin' Hopkins shuffle beats, and other techniques that will add really hot spice to your playing.

Once you've got the blues ideas under your fingertips, you'll discover that you can apply the same licks to country songs, like Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad. After watching this Homespun video series you'll be stepping into the spotlight in no time!

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